Google Joins Other Platforms in Limiting Russian State Media

Daniel Attoe
Daniel Attoe

Updated · Feb 28, 2022


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Following a similar move by Meta, Google blocked Russian state media from receiving ad revenue.

Pausing Monetization

Google has joined the list of tech giants that have restricted Russian state-owned media from earning money on its platform. 

“In response to the war in Ukraine, we are pausing Google monetization of Russia state-funded media across our platforms,” Google said in a statement on Saturday.

The company also hinted at increasing the consequences in the future. “We’re actively monitoring new developments and will take further steps if necessary,” it added.

Google’s actions follow earlier restrictions from its YouTube arm. The video-sharing platform announced that it would block RT, Simonyan, and other Russia-affiliated channels from monetizing their content. Additionally, it would “significantly” limit recommending those channels.

Russian state media outlets receive several million dollars in YouTube ad revenue each year.

Restrictions from Other Platforms

On Friday, Facebook parent company Meta said that it would block the running of ads and monetizing content by Russian state media. The constraint applies in all countries where Facebook is available.

“We are now prohibiting Russian state media from running ads or monetizing on our platform anywhere in the world. We also continue to apply labels to additional Russian state media. These changes have already begun rolling out and will continue into the weekend.”

Twitter already restricts state media ads. In relation to the Ukrainian invasion by Russia, the company announced that it is “temporarily pausing advertisements in Ukraine and Russia”. Twitter’s actions are in a bid to cut down on propaganda and false information.



Daniel Attoe

Daniel Attoe

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