Google Releases New Android Features

Yesterday, Google announced a set of new features for the world’s most popular operating system, designed to capture holiday memories and improve security.

Family Bell

This new tool lets users stay on track with their family’s schedules, no matter their location. All members of the family will receive notifications when their attention is needed throughout the day. For example, helping get the groceries inside, picking up the kids from school, going to bed on time, etc. 

Users can customize the feature in whatever way they see fit. It will be available for phones, home speakers, and smart displays.


Google is introducing three new Home Screen widgets.

Those who love reading eBooks, but can’t always carry their eReaders around, will appreciate the new Google Play Books widget. It displays a full library of books, with audiobooks also included.

Thanks to the YouTube Music widget, users will be able to see playback controls and recently played tracks on their home screens.

The Google Photos People & Pets widget will decorate screens with selected faces and animals, with appropriate frames.


In tune with the season, Google is rolling out new Memories in Google Photos. Images from holidays, birthdays, graduations, and other important events will appear in photo grids on anniversaries. 

Users will be able to rename, correct, personalize, and remove the photos.

Android Auto

The tool can launch automatically once a phone pairs with a compatible car and stay connected.

Android Auto features Google Assistant, which enables drivers to answer texts safely. They can also listen to music with just a tap, thanks to the new always-on play button. In addition, Google will soon introduce voice search for music.

Moreover, Android phones can now lock, unlock, and even start compatible cars. Currently, the digital car key is available in a few countries on Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, and Samsung Galaxy S21. It can be used for compatible BMW cars.

Emoji Kitchen

Emoji Kitchen now lets users combine stickers and emojis and share them with loved ones. 

New stickers have been rolling out since yesterday and will be available to all Gboard users in the coming weeks.

Privacy Boost

Android will now feature permissions auto-reset. 

To simplify, this means that devices will automatically turn off runtime permissions. As a result, apps that have not been used in a while won’t be allowed to access data or take action, until the user enables them to do so again. 

The feature will be available to all devices that run Android 6.0 or higher.



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