Google Will End Photos Limitless Free Cloud Storage in 3 Days


Updated · Feb 21, 2022


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Google Photos users have until 1st June 2021 to enjoy unlimited storage space unless uploaded from a Pixel 1-5. After that, storing over 15GB in Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive will require a premium subscription.

In November 2020, Google announced that it would put a cap on the storage space it gave its users. In a blog post, the company explained that it receives around 28 billion images every week. Luckily, none of the high-quality videos and photos uploaded before 1st June will be affected by the 15GB limit.

These changes will ensure Google continues to meet the growing demand, offering everyone a great space to store their memories.

The new feature that previously allowed users to save high-quality photos is now called Storage Saver. The giant search engine assures everyone that although it now has a different label, its functionality will not change.

How Will People Know They’ve Exhausted Their Storage?

Google will send notifications on email and through the app when storage spaces approach the 15GB limit.  

Next Step

To stay within the reduced storage limits, users can download Google One for Android or Apple One for iOS. They can log in using the same account as they use for Google Photos.

Once logged in, they can delete unwanted images like duplicates or bad photos using Free Up Account Storage. It will offer different tips on how to stay within the limit. 

If in need of more cloud storage space, there are various options available. 

Both Google One and Apple One have subscriptions available. Alternatively, there are other cloud storage solutions with outstanding features.




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