Hack on Okta May Have Impacted Customers

Daniel Attoe
Daniel Attoe

Updated · Mar 25, 2022


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The hacking group behind the cyberattack Lapsus$ released “embarrassing” screenshots showing its compromise of the firm’s internal systems.

Authentication Leader Breached

San Francisco-based Identity as a Service firm Okta was hit with a security breach on its authentication platform that may have affected its customers. The hack, admitted by the company on Tuesday, may have impacted hundreds of organizations that rely on its services.

Okta handles authentications services for thousands of companies, including the likes of FedEx. It identifies as “the identity provider for the internet” and claims more than 15,000 clients. 

The company’s Chief Security Officer David Bradbury revealed details about the incident. According to Bradbury, the hackers breached the computer of a customer support engineer working for a third-party contractor. They had access for five days in the middle of January, inputting commands with the help of a remote desktop protocol.

Hacking group Lapsus$ has claimed responsibility for the hack. It released screenshots that showed Okta’s internal systems. The images showed that the group also hacked Big Tech giant Microsoft.

“The sharing of these screenshots is an embarrassment for myself and the entire Okta team,” Bradbury said in a press call.

Lapsus$, which first appeared just months ago, has already made a name for itself on the ransomware scene. The gang is behind incidents like a system breach on Samsung and the leak of source code belonging to chipmaker Nvidia. Typically, the gang threatens to release sensitive information it has stolen if demands are not met.




Daniel Attoe

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