Hacker Puts Data From One Billion Chinese Citizens on Sale

Daniel Attoe
Daniel Attoe

Updated · Jul 05, 2022


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The cybercriminal has now offered to sell the stolen data for ten bitcoin.

23 Terabytes of Personal Data

A hacker has claimed to have stolen personal data relating to one billion Chinese citizens from a police database in Shanghai. This will be among the biggest data breaches in history if the claim is valid.

The wrongdoer goes by the pseudonym “ChinaDan” on the hacking forum Breach Forums. In a post on the platform that has now been widely shared on Telegram, the hacker disclosed information of its source and details.

“In 2022, the Shanghai National Police (SHGA) database was leaked. This database contains many TB of data and information on billions of Chinese citizens,” it said.

“Databases contain information on 1 billion Chinese national residents and several billion case records, including: name, address, birthplace, national ID number, mobile number, all crime/case details.”

The data is said to be around 23 terabytes in size. 

ChinaDan’s post sparked widespread concern in China over the weekend. It trended on the country’s most prominent social media platforms, including Weibo and WeChat.

Chinese-Canadian CEO of Binance Zhao Changpeng disclosed the development to his followers on Monday. 

Changpeng confirmed that the cryptocurrency exchange is stepping up verifications for users who may have been affected.


Daniel Attoe

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