Instagram Rolls Out Its Fresh “Remix for Reels” Feature

Nero Peña
Nero Peña

Updated · Feb 21, 2022


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Instagram junkies can now enjoy a new video editing feature. The social media platform announced on March 31 the launch of Remix – a tool that offers a new spin on recording 30-second Reels.

With this feature, users will be able to record their videos side-by-side with existing ones. Whether it’s a reaction video, quick sing-along, or short comedy skit, Remix will allow users to interact with the videos posted by other creators on the app.

Seeing how Instagram stories and live sessions became a huge hit, the app had recognized the potential in adding this new feature to enhance user engagement. 

Instagram representative Devi Narasimhan said that the addition of Remix would give users a new way to connect with a bigger community and get creative with the way they interact with their followers. On top of that, it would also motivate users to push their content further into the app’s Explore page, where a global audience awaits. 

Instagram statistics show that the platform now has over 1 billion users worldwide. That’s a massive pool of potential Reel creators. 

"We’re excited to bring that collaborative magic to Reels, and give people more ways to create and engage with the trends, songs and creators that are making culture on Instagram with Remix,” Narasimhan added.

If you’ve caught up with the latest TikTok trends, it’ll be quick to notice that Remix is quite similar to the app’s Duets feature. TikTok popularized this video format, which is one of the things that made the app so popular. So, it’s no surprise that Instagram was quick to adopt this feature. 

In fact, several social media platforms have started taking their own spin on TikTok’s video editing and sharing perks. Snapchat has Spotlight, and YouTube has Shorts. But Instagram’s Remix for Reels is the closest thing users can get to recording videos like Duets.

To start using this new Instagram feature, all you have to do is find a Reel you’d like to use for your video. Then, tap the three dots to access the drop-down menu and select "Remix this Reel." 

You can record your scene on the spot, or choose an existing video from your gallery. On a split screen, you will see your chosen Reel and your recording. From there, you can adjust the volume of both videos to your liking. Plus you can tap the microphone if you wish to add a voiceover. Once done, just hit the Post button, and your Remix will enter the Reels timeline.


Nero Peña

Nero Peña

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