Meta is Testing End-to-End Encryption for Messenger on Quest

Daniel Attoe
Daniel Attoe

Updated · May 17, 2022


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The company rolled out other features for the VR headset in its new software upgrade released on Monday.

E2EE on VR

Meta has said that it has begun testing end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for the Messenger app on its VR headset, Quest. In a blog post released on Monday, the Big Tech company announced this alongside other features coming in a software upgrade.

“With v40 we’re testing optional end-to-end encryption for Messenger’s one-on-one messages and calls in VR,” the post said. 

“Whether you’re telling mom about your wedding plans, talking Echo VR strategy with friends, or discussing confidential work projects, you can add an extra layer of privacy and security to your personal chats with our industry-leading technology.”

So far, Meta has not revealed any details on the rollout. It did not say indicate the scope of the testing or how to enable or disable the feature.

E2EE first came to the chatting app in 2016 when it was still called Facebook Messenger. In January this year, the tech giant fully rolled out the feature, with options to enable it on private texts, group chats, and calls.

Other Features

As part of the v40 software upgrade, Meta introduced other features to Quest. From now on, headset owners can lock individual apps and games with a pattern. This is an upgrade to the feature released in v31 that allowed users to lock their headsets completely.

Furthermore, there are new audio accessibility options. This includes a Mono Audio option and the ability to adjust the balance of the left and right audio channels.

More keyboards and extra secure payment options round up the new upgrades to Quest.


Daniel Attoe

Daniel Attoe

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