Meta is Testing New Creator Tools on Horizon Worlds

Daniel Attoe
Daniel Attoe

Updated · Apr 12, 2022


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Creators will soon be able to sell in-world items in Horizon Worlds. The company will get a 25% cut after platform costs.

In-World Purchases

Meta has announced that it is testing new features that will let creators monetize their efforts in Horizon Worlds. The company is experimenting “with a handful of creators” to get their feedback. That said, considers the move a step toward achieving its metaverse vision.

Horizon Worlds is an online experience for the Quest VR headset that lets users build and explore virtual worlds. It is a play at the metaverse, a future network of immersive 3D digital environments expected to embody a new era of the internet.

With this new update, Meta is looking to create a missing aspect for Horizon Worlds - an economy. Creators will now be able to sell virtual items and effects within their worlds. Those can range from attachable accessories for a fashion world to paid access to locked environments, Meta said.

There is an important distinction between the new features and the metaverse. Unlike what is expected in the latter, users won’t be able to move purchased items between worlds, at least for now. 

Horizon Worlds officially launched late last year and crossed the 300,000 user milestone in February. It is currently available to people in the US and Canada.

Bonus Programs

In-world purchases aside, Meta is also testing a Creator Bonus program for Horizon Worlds users in the United States. 

This incentive comes in form of “goal-oriented monthly programs”, rewarding creators for making progress on set targets. For its limited testing, people will receive bonuses for building worlds where users spend the most time, the company said. However, it will expand the goals as more features and tools roll out.

Creator bonuses will not attract any fees.



Daniel Attoe

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