Meta Won’t Allow Calls for Putin Assassination

Daniel Attoe
Daniel Attoe

Updated · Mar 15, 2022


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The social media giant relaxed its hate speech policies with regard to violence over the invasion in Ukraine. However, it has now clarified that the update does not cover calls for assassinations of heads of state.

Assassination Calls Not Allowed

Facebook parent company Meta says that it will not allow users to call for the death of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. 

Meta had announced that it would permit calls for violence against Russian military personnel in Ukraine. Previously, the terms of use banned this. 

However, intense scrutiny has followed that move, with criticism coming from many quarters. This is in spite of that clarification that it would not allow calls for violence against Russian civilians.

In an internal memo circulated to employees, the tech giant provided insights into the scope of the guidelines.

“We are now narrowing the focus to make it explicitly clear in the guidance that t is never to be interpreted as condoning violence against Russians in general,” Meta’s Global Affairs chief Nick Clegg said in the post obtained by Bloomberg. “We also do not permit calls to assassinate a head of state.” The memo did not specifically mention Putin.

Meta set its policy update on hate speech to temporary. However, it has angered Russia and led to the ban of Instagram in the country. Russian communications regulators had previously blocked access to Facebook and Twitter for restrictions placed on state-owned media.



Daniel Attoe

Daniel Attoe

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