Microsoft Announces Launch of Loop App

Microsoft unveiled its newest collaborative app, MS Office Loop, during its virtual Ignite conference on Tuesday.

Microsoft Bets on Collaboration

This new addition to MS Office 365 enables improved simultaneous collaboration capabilities to meet the needs of the modern hybrid work environment. 

Drawing from and expanding upon MS Fluid, Loop integrates MS’s creative and communication capabilities with an intuitive interface and advanced features allowing for greater efficiencies between multiple parties.

Given the growing stiff competition of collaborative software, it is no wonder Microsoft is looking to improve upon its established Office package and ensure it remains competitive within today’s changing workplace environment.   

Loop’s pandemic-friendly hub-based approach towards hybrid work environments accommodates and enhances remote work experiences through three primary features:

  • Loop Components — a live, multi-application hub for the development of content, which allows for current integration of content from Office Teams, Outlook, and Onenote. 
  • Loop Pages — a flexible canvas which allows for simultaneous interfaces to share and create in a single location.   
  • Loop Workspaces — a single hub that enables greater organization of materials and workflow processes, and shares similarities with an enhanced File Explorer. 

Unknowns Remain 

With only a few Loop Components currently available, there are still many unknowns about how it will perform. With that said, when all features go live, expectations are high that Loop will deliver a frictionless hybrid work environment that could make it a top project management app.  



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