Fresh Features on Chrome to Help Boost your Productivity


Updated · Feb 21, 2022


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Google has some goodies in store for its users. The company has rolled out a few productivity features for stress-free working. 

This couldn’t have come at a better time, given that nearly 50% of workers report feeling overwhelmed. 

One of the features that the search engine is introducing is tab freezing for hidden tabs and collapsed groups. It will limit the consumption of CPU power by tabs that you’re not using. That way, you will be able to go to your previous research if need be, instead of re-starting the process from scratch. 

As a great addition to the tab grouping, you can now also name windows. To navigate between different windows, all you’ll need to do is either right-click or press Alt+Tab. 

Another great time-saving feature - you’ll be able to highlight certain areas of text you want to share with your co-workers. 

PDF has improved, too, with new reader features. It will allow you to switch to Presentation Mode to limit distractions. The thumbnails will also neatly appear on a sidebar for easy access. Expect also updates to the top toolbar, document properties, and two-page view.

But that’s not all!  

Say goodbye to awkward messages during presentations! Chrome will now allow you to also mute notifications. As soon as you finish working, they will resume. 

If you’ve ever used productivity apps then you know that they can help you manage your time better as well as focus on your tasks. The good news is that they can still be able to work whilst using your browser for maximum performance improvement. 




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