New Reality Technology Headsets By Meta to Be Out by 2024


Updated · May 03, 2022


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According to a May 2nd exclusive by The Information, Meta, formerly Facebook, will deliver an ambitious mixed reality product between now and 2024. The multinational technology conglomerate plans to drop the first headset dubbed Project Cambria as early as September 2022. 

Meta’s Road Map

Cambria, a high-end VR and AR device, will be on the market by late 2022, with its updated version – Funston – coming out in 2024.

It will be a “laptop for the face” with a processing power akin to a Chromebook. 

Its standout features will be a bigger battery, full-color passthrough technology, and high-resolution video, which the Oculus Quest lacks. It will also have face and eye-movement tracking and be slimmer than its predecessors. 

The new headset will be compatible with some Quest apps and other web-based tools. Meta will deploy it on its own Android-based operating system.

Additionally, the tech giant will deliver improved versions of the Quest headsets, namely Stinton and Cardiff, between 2023 and 2024. 

The company also plans to release the Nazare AR glasses together with the cheaper Hypernova smart glasses in 2024. Not only that, but consumers should expect an electromyography wristband that will let them control both gadgets with their thoughts. 

Lately, VR and AR have been a hot topic, and experts predict their market values to grow by billions in the following years. For now, users look forward to Meta adding to the immersive technology bandwagon.




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