Nvidia Reveals New AI-Focused Chips and Technology

Daniel Attoe
Daniel Attoe

Updated · Mar 23, 2022


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Nvidia is banking on its new chips and architecture to provide the foundation for a new generation of computing applications.

The Rollout

Nvidia is ramping up its artificial intelligence efforts which chief executive Jensen Huang is certain will play vital roles in every industry. On Tuesday, Huang announced a new lineup of chips that will power the new generation of software products. The processors and technology debuted at GTC, Nvidia’s annual conference.

The new H100 AI chip is a successor to the A100 line that is behind a slew of AI systems. The older processor has found much success in its application to AI and machine learning. For example, human speech translation and self-driving cars.

The latest “mind-blowing” data center GPU will significantly reduce computing times for training AI models, according to Nvidia. It will work on the Hopper architecture, an homage to Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, a computing pioneer.

"Data centers are becoming AI factories — processing and refining mountains of data to produce intelligence," Nvidia’s chief executive said in a statement. It will power the Eos which the chipmaker says will be the world’s fastest AI supercomputer. Eos is set to begin operations later this year.

At the GTC event, Nvidia also debuted the Grace CPU Superchip, based on Arm technology, and the RTX A5500. The Superchip is the company’s first collaborative effort with Arm since its proposed $40 billion takeover of the chip designer fell through. It will consist of two connected chips and “serve giant-scale HPC and AI applications”.

RTX A5500 is the latest addition to its Ampere series of graphics processors. The GPU will replace the existing A5000 and power animation, product design, and visual data processing.


Daniel Attoe

Daniel Attoe

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