Nvidia to Move Ahead With Arm CPUs

Daniel Attoe
Daniel Attoe

Updated · Feb 18, 2022


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The chipmaker revealed that disrupted plans to buy the company will not stop it from developing Arm CPUs.

“Full Spectrum” Expansion

Its planned $40 billion acquisition of chip group Arm fell through. Nvidia, however, says that will not stop it from creating Arm-based CPUs. CEO Jensen Huang confirmed plans to create a full portfolio of Arm processors for a range of applications and industries.

Huang made this clear on Wednesday during the company’s earnings call. Nvidia has a 20-year license for Arm architectural technology and aims to make full use of it. He added that the release of Nvidia Grace in 2023 will be a launching pad for more Arm-based CPUs. 

“We are on track to launch our Arm-based Grace CPU targeting giant AI and HPC workloads in the first half of next year,” the chief executive said to investors and analysts. “Our 20-year architectural license for Arm’s IP allows us the full breadth and flexibility of options across technologies and markets.”

Grace CPU is Nvidia’s latest move into the CPU market that Intel dominates. The chipmaker is hoping that it can corner the data center segment of the market when the processor arrives. It is expected to happen in the first half of next year. It also hopes to take advantage of Arm’s entry into diverse industries.

“We love to see the expansion of CPU footprints, and we are just thrilled that Arm is now growing into robotics, autonomous vehicles, cloud computing, supercomputing. We intend to bring the full spectrum of Nvidia’s accelerated computing platform to Nvidia Arm CPUs.’



Daniel Attoe

Daniel Attoe

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