Project Starline Will Give Users Real-life Like Experience


Updated · Feb 21, 2022


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Google’s Project Starline will revolutionize online video meetings by introducing video sessions with three dimensions.

In a blog post, the company said that it had been working on the project for a few years. The tool will make participants feel like they’re in one physical location by utilizing a couple of technologies.

The Starline will also fuse spatial audio, machine learning, real-time compression, and computer vision to deliver an outstanding solution.

No Need for Headsets or Goggles 

Users won’t need to wear any special equipment to use it. The tool will incorporate a light field display system to create depth and volume. In addition, the technology will use a 65-inch screen to engage a person in a different location for an in-person-like experience.

Clay Bavor, Google‘s Vice President and originator of Project Starline, likened the experience to that of looking through a magic window. Users will be able to see a life-sized video in three dimensions. Additionally, the person on the other end will be able to see their gesture just like they would if they were together. 

Lauren Goode, a senior writer at Wired, tested the prototypes. She reported: “These sensors capture photo-realistic, three-dimensional imagery; the system, then compresses and transmits the data to each light field display, on both ends of the video conversation, with seemingly little latency.”

She also added that Google adjusts shadows and lighting during video calls, resulting in a hyper-real representation.

Not Yet Available for Purchase

The product is not available to the mainstream market yet. A couple of Google offices in Seattle, the Bay Area, and New York, however, have had the pleasure of experimenting with it. Also, the company plans to consult a handful of its media and health enterprise partners for feedback later this year. 

Although prototypes are already in a few of its offices, they’re still far from ready. They’re using custom-built hardware for testing, which currently isn’t affordable for the average consumer.

No doubt, the Starline has a long way to go before it can be available for the public. Luckily, there are tons of collaboration and web conferencing software in the market today for companies looking for solutions.  




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