REvil’s $50 Мillion Ransomware Attack on Apple

Revile, aka Sodinokibi – a Russian hacking group – hit Quanta Computer Inc, Apple’s supplier, with ransomware on 20th April 2021. That was the same day that Apple unveiled its newest and re-defined products to the world.

On 18th April 2021, “Unknown” REvil’s face announced on XSS, a cyber crime forum, that it was about to launch its most significant attack yet. 

The hackers stole a bunch of engineering and manufacturing semantics from the Taiwan-based company which assembles Apple’s products. They planned to extort $50 million, similar to what they asked Acer to pay in 2020.

If the company didn’t honor making the payment, the hackers would leak Apple’s current and future product information on the dark web. 

The group posted a message on “Happy Blog,” a dark web portal. It said that since Qanta had not obliged to pay, it would focus on Apple. 

It followed through with its threat and started by posting screenshots on 21 semantics for:

  • Apple MacBook Pro
  • ThinkPad Z6om
  • Apple MacBook Air
  • Apple watch

REvil also claimed that it was in the middle of holding negotiations to sell personal Gigabyte data and lots of confidential drawings from the multinational. It gave Apple a deadline – May 1st, 2021, to pay up and get its proprietary blueprints and related data back. If not, the cartel promised to post new files daily.

Qanta has since acknowledged the attack and shared that it had reported the crime to data protection and law enforcement agencies. Apple has already assured its stakeholders that it’s looking into the issue. 

Both companies have declined to comment on the extent of compromised data.

Qantas has said that going forward, it would upgrade its cyber-crime systems to ward off similar attacks in the future.  

And more companies should follow suit. If you want up your game, but don’t know where to begin – get a suitable antivirus. It’s also essential to use backup software to create copies of your files so that your business doesn’t come to a halt during attacks. 


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