Revopoint Launches an Affordable MINI Blue Light 3D Scanner

Daniel Attoe
Daniel Attoe

Updated · Jun 01, 2022


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Revopoint, a renowned 3D scanning technology provider,  announced the release of the Revopoint MINI Blue Light 3D Scanner today. This is the first in the company’s new series of pocket-friendly yet high-precision blue light scanners. It comes with a precision of up to 0.02mm and provides top-of-the-line accuracy for professional needs.

Learn more about this innovative product on Kickstarter.

Revopoint has sprinted up the leaderboard since launching in 2014. A demonstrable capacity for creating cutting-edge products has made them a force in the industry. As a result, they are the most highly-backed 3D scanning brand on Kickstarter, receiving funding of over five million USD. Now, the team behind the highly-rated POP2 scanner has introduced their first Blue Light 3D scanner, the Revopoint MINI. It offers the power and precision of industrial-level scanners in a smaller, more cost-effective package.

Blue light is the leading technology for optical scanning. Ahead of other traditional methods, it offers high-resolution point spacing, very high accuracy, less distortion, and fast scan times. Revopoint’s new MINI scanner is designed for professional and personal use in a host of areas. Those include:

  • industrial measurement 
  • professional 3D printing 
  • medical modeling
  • 3D animation production 
  • jewelry design
  • reverse engineering 

The MINI is an excellent choice because it features single-frame precision of 0.02mm, 0.05 mm point distance, and scan speeds of up to 10 FPS.

The company’s CEO Vivian Lee said: "At Revopoint, we have a long history of innovations in the field of optical scanners. Makers and hobbyists appreciate our scanners for their ease of use and high-quality results. With our latest product, the Revopoint MINI, our goal was to do something revolutionary – to utilize the power and precision of blue light scanning so that consumers can realize the high resolution and incredible detail of this technique for their 3D modeling projects. With an accuracy of 0.02mm, Revopoint MINI is capable of advanced applications such as reverse engineering, quality control, traceable 3D measurement, relic digitalization, and medical applications. Now, everyone has an affordable, portable, and reliable option for user-friendly optical scanning.” 

The Revopoint MINI uses a class 1 blue light, which means it is harmless to the human skin. Even with the industrial-grade features on offer, the 3D scanner only weighs 160g. This lessens the scanning workload and makes it easy to move around. Three powerful software come along for use in different stages:

  • one for the scanning process 
  • another for high-quality model editing 
  • a third for calibration

Revopoint has cross-platform compatibility with the major design and engineering software.

Revopoint MINI: Budget-friendly, lightweight Blue Light 3D Scanner with high-level precision and accuracy for application in a wide range of industries by professionals and consumers.

This powerful new scanner is available now on Kickstarter with discounts for early adopters.


Daniel Attoe

Daniel Attoe

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Lior Barzilay
3 months ago
Terrible experience with Revopoint. I ordered the Mini 12 days ago, since then no tracking number, and absolutely no responses to my emails regarding shipping status- avoid at all costs!!!