Snapchat Releases Pixy Selfie Drone

Keelan Balderson
Keelan Balderson

Updated · May 02, 2022


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This tiny drone will follow you around and send snaps straight to the app.

Snap’s flying sidekick replaces selfie sticks

Snap, the parent company of the wildly popular photo-sharing app Snapchat, released a drone to take videos and photos without a selfie stick.

Colored in the familiar Snapchat yellow, the “free-flying sidekick”, called Pixy, is currently available in the United States and France. UK consumers will have to wait until the company overcomes the country’s drone regulations.

Once it’s set up, the Pixy functions autonomously, following its user and recording 20-seconds of video before gently landing in the palm of your hand. The footage is then sent to Snapchat’s Memories section, where users can decide whether to edit, save, or publish it as a story or direct snap.

There is also a float mode for a more standard selfie and an orbit mode for 360-style snaps. 

The device’s release coincides with several other social media giants expanding into hardware. Meta’s grand opening of its California store takes place next Monday and will showcase third-party hardware products to help users connect to the fledgling “metaverse.”

Snap’s Pixy aims at the app’s 300 million daily users and lets them take snaps at new heights and angles – far beyond the capabilities of phones and traditional selfie sticks. The video quality is 2.7k, while stills are 12 megapixels.

However, with relatively short battery life, users will probably only get about five to eight videos per session. Furthermore, at 101 grams and the size of a puck, its portability isn’t in question, though its success in windy conditions might be.

Snap first took its AR filters outside of the app in 2016 with Snap Spectacles – glasses with a built-in camera. The company hemorrhaged close to $40 million with the concept, but this is the first time it’s attempted to sell a drone to take snaps.

The Pixy is on sale now for just over $200.


Keelan Balderson

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