Surfshark to Release Update After Security Flaw Call Out

Daniel Attoe
Daniel Attoe

Updated · Apr 20, 2022


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The provider faced criticism alongside five others for an issue that can negatively impact user security.

Poor Security Design

Surfshark announced on Tuesday that it will release updates for its apps following criticism by cyber security review company AppEsteem. 

The popular virtual private network was sounded out for reasons such as installing Trusted Root Certificate Authority security certification on its apps. It was not the only one - TurboVPN and VyprVPN are among those, that also faced criticism.

According to TechRadar, the security flaw can cause surveillance or man-in-the-middle attacks. A compromise can result in a hacker forging more certificates among other security concerns. Basically, it would put the data and communication security of the device it was installed on at risk. 

AppEsteem tanked the VPN for installing the cert even when a user cancels it. 

However, the provider allegedly uses its own root certificate “solely to connect to VPN servers using the IKEv2 protocol.”

Now the company says that it will remove the protocol option.

"When using the Surfshark root certificate, customers put their trust only in a VPN provider and not a third-party agency that can be compromised," Surfshark said in an email. "We've been working on turning off the no longer popular IKEv2 protocol and focusing all our efforts on supporting Wireguard and OpenVPN protocols. This will eliminate the need to install the certificate."



Daniel Attoe

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