The Washington Police Department Under Siege From Cybercriminals


Updated · Sep 07, 2022


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Cybercrime statistics show that malicious attacks have gone up by 400% since the pandemic began. 

The Washington DC Police Department became part of the stats. On Monday the 26th of April 2021, Russian hackers - Babuk breached its computer network. 

The group first came into McAfee's radar early in February 2021. It has launched attacks on corporations across Hongkong, Sweden, and Germany.

It managed to download 250 gigabytes worth of data. The criminals posted some screenshots on their dark web for proof.

The evidence showed that the hackers managed to breach four computers. The data includes informant details, intelligence reports, jail census, gang conflicts. 

Babuk gave the police three days to pay a ransom of an undisclosed amount. Otherwise, it intends to share it with criminals. 

One of the documents had the title ”How to Restore Your Files.”

Usually, hackers write details on how the victim can reach them for negotiations or payments on such files. 

It’s still unclear whether the criminals locked out the police out of their network or the full extent of the damage.

The District of Columbia Metropolitan Police said that it had briefed the FBI on the unauthorized access to its sensitive information to investigate the matter. 

At the beginning of April, Babuk also attacked Houston Rockets, an American basketball team. The gang got a hold of salary and contract details. It failed to install ransomware, however, because the NBA franchise had top-notch security systems in places.

You should follow the example.

Start by installing backup software so that you can access your record in case you ever become a target. Additionally, protect your systems in real-time by using antivirus software or encryption software





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