TikTok Introduces New Features

On the 16th of December, the social media platform rolled out updates to the camera and editing tools.

Videos in 1080p HD

TikTok-ers will now be able to upload videos in up to 1080p HD.

Creators can record or upload a video, click on “More options” and choose “Upload in HD” to get the best results.

This feature is, however, only available in selected countries. 

Visual Enhancement Button

The one-tap visual enhancement button will help improve exposure, produce better videos in low light, and correct colors.

All users need to do is record or upload a video and then tap “Enhance” on the right panel. If they wish to undo the changes, they can tap the button again.

tiktok video enchantment

Green Screen GIFs

Creators are really fond of the green screen effect. Now, their favorite feature is getting a neat new update – GIFs. 

TikTok announced its partnership with GIPHY, which aims to unlock new levels of creativity. Users will be able to choose from a vast library of GIFs and add them to their green screen.

tiktok green screen

New Sound Effects

In addition, TikTok has improved its sound effects. 

Creators can choose sounds from their videos and turn them into animal calls or musical instruments. For example, the sound can mimic a cat, a flute, or suona’s melody. 

After recording their video, users should go to the Editing page, tap on “Voice effects” and choose from the available sounds.

tiktok sound effects

TikTok is famous for dancing videos, AR effects, and life hacks and is rapidly rising in popularity. It currently has 689 million monthly active users. It’s also leading the charts when it comes to in-app revenue – it hit $128 million in January 2021.



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