TikTok Launches Music Promotion and Distribution Platform

Daniel Attoe
Daniel Attoe

Updated · Mar 10, 2022


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Artists on the new platform will get to keep all accrued royalties in the first year. Subsequently, TikTok will take a 10% cut.


TikTok has debuted an all-in-one platform that it hopes will help artists grow their fan bases while making money. 

The new platform SoundOn will let new and undiscovered artists upload and license their music directly on TikTok and Resso, its sister streaming service. They can also distribute their music to other platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, and Instagram.

Music distribution is completely free, with the social media service waiving transaction fees. Creators will earn 100% of royalties on platforms owned by parent company BryteDance. These include TikTok as well as Resso and video editing app CapCut.

On other global platforms, SoundOn artists will also take 100% of royalties in their first year. However, that figure will drop to 90% in subsequent years. Additionally, all artists will retain their masters.

SoundOn will provide marketing, promotional, development, and analytical tools to those who hop on the platform. They will also enjoy perks like TikTok verification, expert advice from a dedicated team, and the TikTok song tab.

TikTok’s popularity is constantly rising, and the company aims for independent artists to harness that to reach a global audience.

“SoundOn is designed to support them as they take the first steps in their career,” said Ole Obermann, global head of music at TikTok. 

It is available in the US, UK, Brazil, and Indonesia.



Daniel Attoe

Daniel Attoe

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