Twitch Introduces 350+ Tags For Streamers


Updated · Feb 21, 2022


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The video streaming platform Twitch plans to introduce more than 350 new tags. They will relate to race, religion, sexual orientation, mental health, gender, ability, and nationality.

In a blog post on its website, Twitch said that it would also create a unique tag for “ally” instead of having it on the LGBTQIA tag where it has always been. In the article, the company thanked streamers who had pushed for some of the tags.

Cyberbullying Concerns

When Twitch launched the program in 2018, it aimed to help users discover content based on what it’s about rather than who posted it. And that’s about to change.

Statistics show that over 40% of the people in LGBTQI experience harassment online. Twitch admitted having concerns over targeted cyberbullying, the reason it had delayed the move.

The organization disclosed that it used the help of experts from GLAAD, Special Able Gamers,  and The Trevor Project to develop the appropriate tags.

Moving Forward

The streaming company hopes that the tags will give streamers in minority groups more exposure. Visitors will no longer have to comb through a list of categories to look for their favorite streamers via Twitch-provided keywords. They will be able to find them through tags that describe who they are.

Of course, it’s normal for every parent to worry if the new tags will attract bullying.

Luckily, there’s software that can help detect what kids do online. With the solutions, one can block URLs and receive reports and screenshots to help pick up any anomalies.




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