Twitch Introduces Threaded Replies

Twitch is a streaming platform that attracts close to 4 million broadcasters. With that many users, it can be difficult to follow discussions – replies are often jumbled up.

In a bid to solve the problem, Twitch has now created “Chat Replies.” The company has already been testing its implementation since August 2020 with half its channels.

The result is a workable solution, that’s very easy to use. All you have to do is hover your mouse on a chat that you want to respond to, and voila!

An arrow appears, and once you click on it, you can type away. Now it’s easy to know who’s talking to whom instead of combing through a messy waterfall, trying to follow discussions. There’s more on how it’s supposed to work on Twitch’s support page. 

The full release will give you the liberty to customize your replies, which the company is yet to expound on. It will also have keyboard shortcuts to improve your experience. 

And if you consider starting broadcasting, we’ve ranked the best streaming software for you. So get your gaming gear and jump on the bandwagon, because Twitch is far from dead.


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