Twitch Streamers Plan One-day Strike


Updated · Feb 21, 2022


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Twitch streamers will put down their tools on 1st September 2021 to protest against a series of harassment incidents. The #TwitchDoBetter inspired Lucia Ever Black, ShineyPen, and RekitRaven to create #ADayOffTwitch after a series of online attacks.

Hate Raids Explosion

Streamers on Twitch have repeatedly dealt with hostile raids during the last few weeks. Trolls have been spamming streamer chats with racist, sexist, transphobic, and general insults via bots.

In an interview, the strike’s organizers said Twitch has been too slow with taking action. Therefore, they had no choice but to step up by creating hashtags and a strike to urge the company to take measures.

They have also clarified that the walkout is all about solidarity than anything else. 

Many are already considering taking their business to other platforms if Twitch doesn’t handle the problem. 

Creator Demands

The streamers have clearly outlined demands. They want Twitch to:

  • Immediately implement protective measures
  • Involve affected parties in coming up with the right tools sets
  • Disable the opening of over one account with a single email address
  • Be transparent on what it plans to do to counter the problem, and also provide a timeframe for it.

Hard Sell

The responses to the movement have been so-so since the majority of streamers depend on the platform for their income. That’s especially the case for smaller creators.

As a result, they propose a middle ground - users are to utilize the platform to speak out against cyberbullying and everyone gets to keep working.

Larger streamers like Asmongold have weighed in on the matter, saying he believes in the “power of numbers.”

Twitch’s Response

The company has promised to find a way to eliminate the issue. 

“We support our streamers’ rights to express themselves and bring attention to important issues across our service. No one should have to experience malicious and hateful attacks based on who they are or what they stand for, and we are working hard on improved channel-level ban evasion detection and additional account improvements to help make Twitch a safer place for creators,” a spokesperson announced.





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