UK To Change Data Regulations and Remove Cookie Pop-Ups

Yesterday, the UK government named John Edwards preferred new Information Commissioner. He will be the one to oversee the changes in data regulations.


In the light of Brexit, the UK government aims to build “data adequacy” partnerships with the US, Korea, Australia, Columbia, and more. Relationships with India, Indonesia, Kenya, and Brazil are also on the list of priorities. Those will be subjected to assessments to make sure the highest data protection standards are in place.

Data adequacy relationships and the data protection standards enable the countries to not implement compliance measures for sharing sensitive information with each other.

The new partnerships will build on the £80 billion of data-enabled service exports from the United Kingdom to the said locations yearly. Also, they will help develop the existing 42 adequacy arrangements.

According to the government, £11 billion worth of trade “goes unrealised around the world due to barriers associated with data transfers”.

In addition, the existing agreement with the EU will be renewed.

New Data Protection Regime

The authorities also plan to make the data protection regime more innovation-friendly. Improved data sharing terms will in theory equal more efficient public services. It will also make the UK “a science and technology superpower.”

One option is to make the NHSX’s database of chest X-Rays and images available to researchers and those studying COVID-19. They will help develop technologies and a cure faster, which will save lives.

The Shake-Up

The British Government is also considering scrapping cookie pop-ups.

UK’s Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden said the government is planning to remove the cookie pop-ups. Those are most commonly present on large websites. “High risk” websites, however, will still need to include some sort of note of compliance with GDPR.

In June this year, Google promised to involve the British consumer privacy and antitrust regulatory agencies – ICO and CMA to deprecate cookies in Chrome. The watered-down regulations on the cookie use or the allowed targeted advertising might ruin the search giant’s plans, however.

The New Information Commissioner

John Edwards is the preferred candidate to take the role of head of data regulator the ICO. He is the current New Zealand Privacy Commissioner.

“I look forward to the challenge of steering the organisation and the British economy into a position of international leadership in the safe and trusted use of data for the benefit of all,” Edwards said.


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