Ukraine Government Websites Hit By More Cyberattacks and Malware

Daniel Attoe
Daniel Attoe

Updated · Feb 24, 2022


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The Ukrainian Government has described the new cyberattacks as being “on a completely different level.”

Another Wave of Attacks

Ukrainian parliament and other government and bank websites fell victim to a series of DDoS cyberattacks and destructive malware. The attacks took place on Wednesday, before the Russian invasion. They follow an earlier wave of cyberattacks that buffetted the defence ministry and major bank websites a week ago.

NetBlocks, a cybersecurity watchdog organization tweeted: “The incident appears consistent with recent DDoS attacks.”

Ukraine’s Digital Transformation Minister Mykhaylo Fedorov confirmed the attacks on Telegram. 

“Another mass DDoS attack on our state has begun,” he posted. “We have relevant data from a number of banks.” The minister also confirmed that the parliament’s website fell victim to hackers.

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks use compromised computer systems to flood target websites with malicious traffic. According to NetBlocks, the attacks began on Wednesday morning and intensified as the day went on. While Russia has denied any involvement so far, it used similar tactics in previous incursions into Georgia and Crimea.

Furthermore, researchers at ESET reported that they detected data-wiping malware in hundreds of computers.

“With regards whether the malware was successful in its wiping capability, we assume that this indeed was the case and affected machines were wiped,” said research chief Jean-Ian Boutin.

On Tuesday, the European Union deployed a cyber rapid response team (CRRT) to assist Ukraine in battling further cyber attacks. The team comprised members from six European countries led by Lithuania. The White House has also pledged support or Ukrainian authorities in that area.


Daniel Attoe

Daniel Attoe

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