US Cellular Presents Tailor-Made Parent-Child Agreement for Online Use


Updated · Aug 26, 2022


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The US Cellular has shared some resources for online protection on its website. They cover smartphones, websites, social media, and connected devices. 

June is the official internet safety month, according to a resolution that the United States Senate passed in 2005. 

The move couldn’t have come at a better time. Worrying statistics show that 34% of kids in the US have experienced cyberbullying at least once. Even worse - nearly 70% of those kids report suffering from mental health issues like anxiety, depression, panic attacks, etc.

There are also other dangers lurking - phishing, scams, predators, malware. Internet safety is to be taken seriously.

What to Expect

The corporation has created a customizable agreement between parents and their children. It has inbuilt choices, so that users can create suitable documents for different households.

They can include rules, such as:

  • Not engaging in online bullying 
  • Not answering calls from unknown/private numbers 
  • Reporting confusing text messages, calls or sites
  • Never driving while using the phone 
  • Only visiting parent-approved sites

There’s also an option to create preferred choices for those that would like a unique contract.

Aside from online agreements such as the US Cellular’s, there are more ways to ensure online protection. Using parental control software, for instance, covers all the bases, such as location tracking, web filtering, app/site blocking, alerts, screenshots, еtc.  




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