Windows 11 Live Event Key Takeaways


Updated · Feb 21, 2022


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Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 during an online live event on 24th June 2021. The technology company showcased its remarkable features and announced that it would be out later this year.

Enhancing What Users Already Love

Microsoft’s chief product officer Panos Panay said that this Operating System (OS) would be a better version of Windows 10. Its updates will be 40% smaller than its predecessor’s, and will only happen once instead of twice per year. 

Satya Nadella, the Microsoft CEO, also added that the launch was an important milestone in the company’s history.


Panay advised users to either buy Windows 11-ready personal computers or upgrade their existing machines’ hardware. Internet connection and a Microsoft account will also be necessary for setup. 

Ease of  Use

The new design will have an uncluttered, fresh look. In addition, it will have a new wallpaper, fonts, sounds, and a spruced-up Windows icon. The Start button will now be at the center. 

It will also utilize Microsoft 365 and cloud technology to give users access to files from other devices, including iOS and Android. In other words, it will remember the gadgets that owners were using before connecting to them.

The new Windows version will have Snap Groups, Desktop, and Snap Layouts to provide seamless screen optimization for multitaskers. It will also make it possible to configure different screens for different purposes, i.e., work, family, school, friends, etc.

People using keyboardless machines will be able to adjust their app windows. Windows 11 will have haptic feedback for stylus users as well.

News and Information

Microsoft Edge and artificial intelligence will power the new OS’s widgets to deliver news and weather. Additionally, desktops will provide the content via personalized feeds.

Stress-Free Connection

Microsoft Teams will be at the taskbar. And it won’t matter whether personal contacts are on Android, Windows, or iOS. In addition, it will have two-way SMS for those without the Teams app.

New Microsoft Store

The fresh Microsoft Store will be a one-stop-shop for work, learn, play, content, creation, and apps. It will have a new design whose layout will enable hassle-free searching. In the future, it will incorporate third-party apps like Zoom, Disney+, Canva, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Visual Studio.

Better Ecosystem for Creators and Developers

Software vendors and developers will showcase their apps even if they created them on different frameworks. Even better, they won’t have to pay a commission to Microsoft.

Top-Notch Gaming Experience

Windows 11 will be a paradise for the two billion+ gamers on the globe. It will incorporate the latest technology in the industry, such as DirectX 12 Ultimate for immersive gaming.

The load times will also be quicker with DirectStorage, not to mention the stunning colors via Auto HDR.

Users with Ultimate or Xbox Game Pass will also get to enjoy over 100 high-quality games.

As for hardware, users will still be able to use their favorite peripherals and gaming accessories.




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