YouTube Expands Tipping Feature to All Monetized Channels

Daniel Attoe
Daniel Attoe

Updated · Apr 27, 2022


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The company announced on Tuesday that creators in 68 countries can now make use of the feature.

Super Thanks

YouTube announced a monetization feature last year dubbed Super Thanks to a limited audience. Now, the platform has said that it will expand the tool to all eligible creators following successful testing.

Super Thanks lets users appreciate YouTube creators for videos that they love. They can send in tips anywhere between $2 and $50 to express their support and gratitude. When a viewer clicks the Thanks button, they get a one-time GIF animation and can send in a colorful personalized comment.

YouTube also introduced a new tweak requested by users.

“We’re also thrilled to share that viewers can now customize their Super Thanks comment, which was the top request we hear since we kicked off the beta,” Samantha Stevens, a product manager at YouTube said in a blog post. “We hope that this will drive more meaningful interactions between creators and their (super) fans!”

On the creator side, it provides an additional revenue source. YouTube takes 30% of the donation and the creator gets to keep the rest. With more than 2 billion global users, the feature will present a significant boost to many creators.

Super Thanks joins other monetization features available to eligible creators, such as Super Stickers. The latter allows connects fans to creators in live streams with cartoon characters they can purchase.


Daniel Attoe

Daniel Attoe

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