YouTube Vanced Shutting Down Following Legal Threats

Daniel Attoe
Daniel Attoe

Updated · Mar 14, 2022


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The modded version of the official YouTube app will shut down after receiving a cease and desist letter from Google.

Discontinuing Vanced 

The popular modification of YouTube’s official Android app – YouTube Vanced – has announced its discontinuation. This move comes after receiving a legal threat from Google, the developer confirmed.

“Vanced has been discontinued,” Vanced’s developers posted on the app’s Telegram channel on Sunday. “We know this is not something you wanted to hear, but it’s something we need to do.” 

Later in the day, Vanced confirmed its discontinuation on Twitter, adding that download links for the app would subsequently go down.

The thread went on to assure current users that the app would continue to work fine for up to two years following its shut down.

While no reason was announced on Twitter or Telegram, YouTube Vanced replied to an inquiry from The Verge on Discord. According to the team, a Google cease and desist letter asking them to stop development and distribution influenced the decision. 

“We were asked to remove all references to ‘YouTube,’ change the logo, and remove all links related to YouTube products.”

 Vanced has not announced any specific timeline for the shutdown.

About Vanced

YouTube Vanced is a third-party alternative that offers modifications to the official YouTube app. Entirely free to use, it provides access to ad-free streaming, background play, and other functions only available on YouTube Premium – the video-sharing giant’s paid tier.

In addition, Vanced users get to enjoy features like downloading YouTube videos and customized user interfaces.



Daniel Attoe

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