Zoom’s Chat Feature Gets New Name and Extra Features

Daniel Attoe
Daniel Attoe

Updated · Sep 13, 2022


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The Slack and Teams rival is getting a handful of updates to boost its competitiveness.

Full Collaborative Hub

Zoom said on Monday that it has renamed its chatting platform and added some new features. This comes as the video-conferencing app takes steps to compete with rivals Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Formerly called Zoom Chat, the product will now be referred to as Zoom Team Chat. In a blog post, the company says it aims “to usher in the future of persistent messaging and further enhance teamwork and collaboration.”

The platform added the extra word because of the confusion arising over the difference between chats in Zoom Meetings and the separate feature. According to Head of Product Sharvari Nerurkar, the rename “helps make the distinction that it is a full collaborative hub product.”

Zoom’s idea makes it possible to collaborate through video/voice calls and text without having to switch apps.

“Our customers are telling us that [they] do not want the friction of jumping to multiple different products to collaborate with the same group of people,” Nerurkar said.

Zoom, which saw mercurial growth at the peak of the pandemic, is struggling to maintain that growth as more workers return to work full-time or in a hybrid model.

New Features Coming

The name change aside, Zoom Team Chat will receive a boost with some new features coming later in the month. 

For one, the platform’s users will be able to share conversations made during a Zoom meeting into the separate chat app. Furthermore, users will be able to schedule meetings on Zoom Team Chat.



Daniel Attoe

Daniel Attoe

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