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123HelpMe takes pride in offering thousands of essays and papers to students, professionals, and writers across multiple industries.

In this 123HelpMe review, we’ll take a look at everything the platform has to offer.

Available papers

About 400,000

Advanced plagiarism checker


Grammar checker


Synonym suggestions


Citation suggestion


Integrated file storage (Google Docs)


Topic list


Affordable prices



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Best for: University students and academic writers and researchers

Strengths Largest database of essays
Strengths Affordable subscription costs
Strengths Grammar checker
Strengths Writing inspiration
Weaknesses No quality guarantee
Weaknesses Customer complaints
Weaknesses No money-back guarantee

What Is 123HelpMe?

123HelpMe is a writing platform that offers about 400,000 essays in a ready-to-use database. There is also topic selection help and a few more features packed in an easy-to-use UI.

The platform has been around for almost a decade. Some papers are free to access, so you can read a few samples before committing to a subscription.

123HelpMe Features and Services

The platform offers several tools and resources worth checking out.

Academic Papers Database

One of the main perks of 123HelpMe is the database of free and premium essays — a total of 400,000.

Free texts are marked in gray, highly limited, but unsuitable for researchers. 

Still, there are many other types of 123HelpMe papers available. For example:

  1. Essays
  2. Science
  3. Business
  4. Social issues
  5. Humanities
  6. Literature
  7. Financial

Researchers and students need to pay a membership to access the resources fully. What’s more, essays are also ranked based on their quality:

  • Satisfactory
  • Good
  • Better
  • Powerful
  • Best

123HelpMe Grammar Checker/Editor

Once you select a paper, you can use the editor to check for:

  • Grammar mistakes
  • Writing issues
  • Score
  • Spelling
  • Word suggestion
  • Punctuation, etc

Keep in mind that not all functions of the editor are entirely free. For example, you’d have to upgrade your plan to access the Score and Writing issues tools.

However, many users complain the editor isn’t as efficient as advertised, so you should check your texts in another program just in case.

123HelpMe Plagiarism Checker

Every researcher and academic should avoid plagiarism at all costs to successfully pass exams and publish their work.

This checker allows users to compare their pieces with other texts online and see the score.

Unfortunately, the free version compares the sample against a limited number of sources, so the results are incomplete.

So, if you need to be sure of the originality of your text, you’ll have to upgrade your account or head over to another platform for better results.

How It Works

While researching for our 123helpme review, we found out the site offers diverse essay samples to its users.

That includes narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive pieces. Moreover, it covers every topic someone might need for college classes or academic jobs.

Additionally, 123HelpMe gives access to thesis and dissertations, which can be helpful when obtaining professional qualifications. You’ll be amazed by how many niches exist.

You may also come across reports, research papers, annotated bibliographies, and literature reviews, but these aren’t that common.

However, you shouldn’t take an essay and present it as your own. 123HelpMe reviews note that the available pieces only serve as an inspiration to help you get through the writer’s block and compose your own.

Unlike some of its competitors, 123HelpMe doesn’t offer direct essay writer’s services. Many users are unsatisfied with the available papers and consider them to provide predominantly general information.

Plus, no one knows what sources used are and whether an industry expert wrote the essays, so the quality remains questionable.

Regarding the delivery methods, the site states you can download the files or use Google Docs, but we haven’t seen this option for integration.

The platform guarantees high-quality service and legit essays, although that’s not always the case.

Quality of the Service

123HelpMe reviews state that the texts tend to be poorly written and packed with errors and plagiarism. Additionally, the grammar checker and the accompanying tools don't seem to do any good in correcting them.

Moreover, as there’s virtually no quality check, and it’s unclear when the papers were written, you should keep an eye out for outdated information.

123HelpMe got plenty of poor reviews over the years and turned out to be one of the least-efficient essay writing services.

The service cost partially justifies the low-quality essays you’ll get.

Nonetheless, the sample texts often don’t meet the expectations and are just walls of text containing unreliable data.

123HelpMe Customer Service

Overall, users don’t complain about the platform’s support. Subscribers can reach out to a representative via the “Contact us” form at the homepage’s footer.

Alternatively, the customer service team responds to TrustPilot reviews and, sometimes, to social media comments.

Finally, you may also reach out via email. The working hours aren’t specified, so you’ll have to remain patient if you face an issue.

123HelpMe Pricing

While some free essays are available on the site, you’d have to upgrade for the whole experience. 

There’s no free trial, but you can pay $7 and test the services for a week.

Subscription fees are automatically renewed at the end of the original term. You’ll have to notify the platform seven days before the following payment cycle if you want to cancel.  

The fees are non-refundable if you terminate your membership.

The pricing plans for 123HelpMe services are as follows:

Special offer

$7 for seven days

With this plan, you’ll get access to grammar and spelling checks, citation assistance, and some plagiarism checks. It’s automatically renewed at $29.95 a month.


$9.95/month for a 12-month subscription

This subscription gives you full access to essays, grammar and spelling checkers, citation assistance, and some plagiarism checks. It’s billed $119.40 a year.


$19.95/month for a three-month subscription

This plan gives you full access to documents, plus all of the above. Renews at $59.85 every three months.



Same as the above. The subscription renews every month until you terminate your membership.

123HelpMe Review — Verdict

123HelpMe is a good choice for people looking for inspiration when they get stuck writing their academic papers. The site offers about 400,000 essays on any topic you could think of.

The pricing plans are also affordable, plus you get the first seven days for only $7 to test out the platform.

There are also free grammar and plagiarism checkers, but these aren’t that functional.

Additionally, 123HelpMe doesn’t state whether the essay writer had the necessary qualifications.

Overall, the texts are often unsatisfactory and contain unreliable data.


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Bobby Chernev

Bobby Chernev is a highly accomplished individual with a background in history and political science, holding a PhD in the field. From 2019, he joined the TechJury team at their Bulgarian office, bringing his expertise and meticulous attention to detail to the table till 2021. Bobby made significant contributions to the team by providing exceptional editing services, ensuring that every piece of content published on TechJury was not only factually accurate but also grammatically correct. With his extensive knowledge in historical and political matters, Bobby's keen eye for accuracy and precision played a crucial role in maintaining the high standards of quality that TechJury upholds. His dedication to fact-checking and grammatical excellence ensured that readers received reliable information and a seamless reading experience.

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