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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Feb 07, 2023

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ClickMeter is a comprehensive software tool for creating and managing online affiliate advertising campaigns. Our ClickMeter review will show you all about it and how it can benefit you.



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Marketing agencies, social media managers, small business owners


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Best for: Advertisers, marketing agencies, affiliate marketers, and website publishers.

Strengths Easy to use
Strengths Money-back guarantee (within first 30 days)
Strengths Bot detection/flagging
Strengths Can export raw data
Weaknesses No free trial
Weaknesses No phone customer support
Weaknesses Expensive
Weaknesses Data expires

What Is ClickMeter?

ClickMeter is an online service that lets you manage your affiliate marketing and social media links in one place. You can analyze clicks and conversions from your affiliate or social media marketing campaigns.

It’s one thing to create an online advertising campaign and another to track and monitor it for effectiveness. ClickMeter is here to help.

But how does ClickMeter work?

ClickMeter tracks links by overwriting them before redirecting whoever clicked it to their final destination. It collects important data such as:

  • Visitors' location 
  • Web browser 
  • Language 
  • Operating system. 

This data helps you organize the demographics of your website and optimize it with that in mind. 


ClickMeter has many features, making it a convenient tool for managing online campaigns. 

They include:


ClickMeter lets you target your visitors via various parameters such as country, language, and device type. It helps you optimize your web page to what’s best for users.


The tool offers multiple options for redirecting your campaign links for effective optimization. After targeting users with valid parameters, you can veer them to where they’d yield the best conversion rates. 

The Clickmeter redirect options are safe and secure. They include:

Simple Redirect

The default redirecting mode that sends a user to the main destination URL.

By Nation

Redirects a user based on their country of residence.

By Language

Redirects a user based on the web browser language. This feature is helpful when you have a multi-lingual website.

By Device Type

Redirects users to different pages based on their device type. 

Conversion Tracking

This feature made the best impression, while we were writing this ClickMeter Review. It lets you track and manage affiliate links all in one dashboard. 

To simplify, it shows you what happens after people click on your ads. For example, if they added items to their cart on an ecommerce site. 

You need to create a ClickMeter tracking link and conversion code. Afterward, the link will add a cookie to your visitors’ web browser. The conversion code will also monitor user activity and report back on your dashboard.

You can track multiple conversions at a time.


After tracking, you can analyze the generated data on your visitors to get insights. That way, you’ll know what works or not and how to optimize for better conversions.

ClickMeter Reporting

ClickMeter lets you display the data collected from people who clicked your online campaign links in various ways. It organizes the information into easily readable and presentable formats. This feature is handy if you have amarketing agency and want to show clients the results of your work. It also helps individual affiliate marketers display their work efforts for future reference.

ClickMeter lets you record and reports up to 35 individual data points. You can aggregate them over a certain period, such as daily, weekly, or monthly.

ClickMeter Export

After collecting visitors’ data and producing reports, ClickMeter lets you export the reports to external services. For example, you can download your report as a Microsoft Excel (.CSV) file, then upload it somewhere else. It comes in handy if you want to review your data outside the ClickMeter app.

Private/Public Sharing

The solution lets you share your reports online. You can publish them as a public webpage or require people to log in to view it. This feature fosters collaboration between people in an enterprise, especially marketing agencies. You can also share reports through email or create sub-accounts to read or edit information.

ClickMeter Email Tracking

With ClickMeter, you can include a tracking pixel in an e-mail and learn who or not opened it.

Create one, insert the code into your email, and see the dashboard results. It also lets you know how many people respond to your email campaigns.

This feature is great for direct email marketing campaigns.

ClickMeter URL Shortener

ClickMeter provides a URL shortener tool. Shortened links display better in emails and make your campaign look more presentable. Every marketer requires one in their line of work.

The tool inquestion is Rebrandly. With it, you can shorten links with a generic or custom domain name, then track and share them. Rebrandly has a free tier to create up to 500 branded links. Upwards, the paid subscription tiers allow you to create as many as 150,000.

Configurable Cookies

ClickMeter lets you use configurable cookies to track visitors’ data. You can even modify the parameters of browser cookies for effective tracking.

External Integrations

ClickMeter offers integrations with external web services such as Shopify (ecommerce) and WordPress. So, you can track the effectiveness of your campaign without going through the usual hoops and loops.

Click Fraud Protection

ClickMeter has tools to protect you from online click fraud in its advanced plans. It will tell you if the taps are from humans or bots. It also eliminates the fraudulent ones as much as possible.

Click fraud is rampant online, and it’s imperative to protect yourself from it. Hence, most ClickMeter reviews highlight this feature.

Interface and Ease of Use

ClickMeter has an intuitive graphical interface that makes it easy to use. At the center is a dashboard from which you can access all the functionalities.

ClickMeter Pricing

First of all, ClickMeter has no free trial. You have to buy a subscription before using the product, although there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee for every purchase.

The tool has three main pricing tiers; Medium, Large, and X-Large. Expectedly, the features you can access increase according to the plans. 

Here are your options:


$29 per month

Up to 25,000 trackable links each month 2,500 data points 1-year data storage One branded domain No sub-accounts


$39 per month

Up to 200,000 trackable links each month 20,000 data points Two years of data storage Ten branded domains Ten sub-accounts


$349 per month

Up to 2,000,000 trackable links each month 200,000 data points Three years of data storage 100 branded domains 100 sub-accounts

Furthermore, you can modify the plans according to the number of trackable links and data points you need each month. 

Here’s the cost for the modified ClickMeter plans:

  • Medium - You can upgrade the Medium package to 100,000 trackable links and 10,000 data points for $69/month. 
  • Large - Upgrade to 1,000,000 trackable links and 100,000 data points per month for $199.
  • X-Large - You can upgrade to 50,000,000 trackable links and 5,000,000 data points per month for $3,990.


ClickMeter offers customer support through email or live chat but no direct phone support. Also, you can leave questions on the Facebook and Twitter pages, and the company’s staff usually respond.

The support team responds to customer emails in under 24 hours during working days. If your issue is more urgent, you can use live chat. 

There’s also a Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ) page and video tutorials published on the internet by ClickMeter. 


The ClickMeter app scores well in many functions but lags in some, such as pricing. For example, the lack of a free trial can discourage newbie users. Also, the starting price of $29 per month is a bit steep for individual users.

You should go for ClickMeter if you're a blogger, affiliate marketer, entrepreneur, or small business owner. It’ll help you weigh the performance of your online ads and optimize for the best results. 

Going a step further, the solution is also ideal for large businesses running extensive online campaigns that they monitor closely. You can monitor them on all forms of social media (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on). It’s also helpful for monitoring search engine marketing campaigns.

We suggest you make use of the money-back guarantee and see for yourself.


Who owns ClickMeter?

ClickMeter is owned by a group of Italian entrepreneurs who launched the company in 2012. They first created it as an internal tool for their marketing agency.

What does ClickMeter do?

The tool manages your marketing links to increase your conversion rates.

Is ClickMeter easy to use?

Relatively, the solution is easy to use. If you enounter difficulties, you can always contact customer service or consult the ClickMeter Knowledge Base.

Is ClickMeter Free?

No, it doesn’t even have a free trial. You have to pay to use the service, but there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How much does ClickMeter cost?

ClickMeter costs from as low as $29/month to $3,990/month, depending on your package.

For more information, check our ClickMeter review above.


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