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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Aug 03, 2022

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It’s easy enough to manage a website when you only have one. When there’s more, you need an all-in-one solution to save time. Read my CMS Commander review to see how this tool can help you.

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What Is CMS Commander?

Founded in 2011 by Thomas Hofter founded CMS Commander in 2011 with the goal to ease the managing of websites.

The tool allows you to: 

  • make post updates 
  • install and uninstall plugins 
  • clone entire sites, all in bulk

All in one place!

This makes it a useful solution for agencies and individuals who run different sites

Also, thanks to the tool, they won’t have to remember multiple site login details.

In addition, users can leave time-consuming tasks like theme updates, user management, and comment moderation to CMS Commander.

But how does the solution work?

CMS Commander Features

This software has quite a few outstanding features:

Single-click updates

The tool allows you to make WordPress updates to multiple sites with just one click. If you have several platforms, you should consider getting the solution for this very reason.

Bulk Posting 

The highly efficient content editor helps users create blog posts. Afterward, they can publish on various platforms at the same time. Same goes for pages.

You’ll see most of the WordPress dashboard on the tool. For example, categories and scheduling. However, there’s a noticeable absence of tags.

Bulk Plugin installations

With CMS Commander, you can install multiple plugins on your different websites, all in one go.

User Account Management

CMS Commander has numerous user management options like deleting and editing. From here, you can create new users in bulk, on all sites. 

If you’re doing anything related to auto blogging, then you’ll find this a handy tool. 

Content Curation

The platform supports over 20 sources that offer related media content and affiliate products from Yahoo, Amazon, Youtube, and Google. In addition, all of the content sources have their APIs.

For instance, the Google News integration allows you to curate content that is based on your selected keywords. Afterward, from the CMS Commander dashboard, you can embed it into your blog posts, or even edit them. 

Comments Management

This feature allows you to moderate post comments. Given that the equivalent WordPress tool is limited in scope, you’re sure to find this attribute very useful.

It also means that you don’t have to install an extra plugin for this purpose. 

Automatic Backups

From the CMS Commander dashboard, users can create several backup tasks. In addition, they can specify the backups to be effected for each site, and the times they are to run.

The software supports: 

  • backups to your web server 
  • an Amazon S3 account 
  • Google Drive 
  • Dropbox 
  • email
  • any FTP server 

Quite convenient, don’t you agree.

The tool offers more than just general backup options, as there is room for specificity. For example, you can exclude certain folders from the backup files. This way, you get to conserve space. 

In addition, you can include non-WordPress folders as part of your automatic backups. 

Seamless Restoring

The CMS Commander easy restore feature saves your website data with a single click. This way, you have double surety against malicious hacks. 

Website Cloning

With a handful of clicks, you can clone WordPress websites. You get to copy all of the existing site’s configurations and plugins to set up a new website.

For agencies that design websites for clients, this is a really handy feature as it saves time. After cloning, users can tweak different features based on the site’s purpose

Article Spinning and Rewriting 

One of the CMS Commander tools allows users to spin content and rewrite pieces. This is an additional way of posting content, reducing the time it takes to create it.

For this, you can use integrated software like: 

  • The Best Spinner 
  • Spin Rewriter 
  • Spinner Chief 
  • SpinRewriter 

Ads Insertion

With this feature CMS Commander monetization is possible. With it, you can search for products in any niche, and embed affiliate ads into your posts. 

You can also set up new categories to display the products and services on offer on your website. 

Monitoring and Analytics

With CMS Commander, users can track the backlinks for the sites, including statistics on nofollow and dofollow links

In addition, the software monitors other relevant statistics like uptime, showing the average responsitivity of connected websites. 


There’s also synchronization with Google Analytics so you can view your site’s stats and get alerts. On the dashboard, you get aggregated traffic for all of your sites. 

Some of the network integrations include: 

  • Amazon 
  • AvantLink 
  • Commission 
  • Junction 
  • eBay 
  • Shopzilla 

Secure SSL

The CMS Commander security toolbox comes with SSL encryption to keep your connection secure at all times. 

You can manage multiple websites without the risk of malicious hacking. 

Malware scanner

Although there are several malware scanner plugins for WordPress, CMS Commander has its own tool. 

From within your dashboard, you can run a quick scan of all your sites and be notified of threats. 

Ease of Use and Interface

Based on CMS Commander user reviews, ease of use is one of the main advantages of the tool. Although it lacks a number of e-commerce features, it’s still favored by many.

The dashboard is a bit different from WordPress’ native design, but the tabs and overall layout aren’t too complex.  With a single click, you can add different platforms and sift through them seamlessly.

The analytics dashboard is particularly impressive, as you’re afforded a comprehensive view of traffic.

All of the other features are available in separate tabs, are easily accessible, and highly intuitive. 

CMS Commander Pricing

The pricing is based on the number of sites you want to manage. 

On the brighter side, there’s a seven-day free trial without financial commitment so you can sample its main features.


$8/month - 5 sites

All of the software attributes are available on this plan, with a maximum of $30 per month for 50 sites. It also has maximum support for three users.


$30/month - 50 sites, $75/month - 200 sites

This plan is suitable for agencies that manage multiple websites for different clients and businesses. It also comes with maximum support for 20 users.

Customer Support 

Unlike many WordPress tools, the CMS Commander support channel does not include live chat. This can be a bit of discouragement for users who favor this direct means of communication.

However, there is email support, and the social media channels on Twitter and Facebook are fairly responsive. 

CMS Commander Review - Verdict 

It’s a pretty easy-to-use software, as many CMS Commander reviews from users have confirmed.

Also, the abundance of management options makes it attractive to WordPress users. Using them, you’re bound to save a lot of time. 

Why not give the free trial a test? I’m sure this CMS tool will surprise you.


Deyan Georgiev

Deyan Georgiev

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