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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Nov 27, 2022

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Updates external devices


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Best for: Everyone who wants to keep their PC up to date.

Strengths One-click download and update
Strengths Smart drive scans
Strengths Operates automatically
Strengths Offline driver update
Weaknesses Language translation issues
Weaknesses Supports Windows devices only
Weaknesses Warnings are annoying

Let’s kick-start our Driver Booster review by explaining what it is.

Driver Booster can be best described as a program that is designed predominantly to help PC users and businesses update drivers for videos, audio, USB, and other smoothly and efficiently. It is an updater tool exclusively for Windows. The best part is it's compatible with all Windows versions from 10 to 8.1, 8, and 7 down to Windows XP and Vista. It guarantees an updated and stable system. In other words, you can update slow drivers before they cause problems and affect your computer’s performance.

Simply put, Driver Booster is a driver update software that helps you search for and identify outdated drivers. Moreover, it also automatically downloads the updated version of the drivers that your PC might be missing.  

Driver Booster Features

Here are some prominent features of Driver Booster’s latest version. We’ll discuss them in detail in this Driver Booster review.

A Large Online Database

One of the top requirements for any program is the database. And let’s just say Driver Booster doesn’t fail to impress. IObit Driver Booster Pro has an amazingly large online database. Regardless of which version you may be using, this driver updater by iObit is a powerhouse. It supports more than 4.5 million device drivers. It gives you automatic recommendations and updates for your hardware, making sure that you have the correct and newest version of drivers that always work correctly.

Driver Booster enables users to update all types of drivers without any limitations. This includes but is not limited to: video and audio devices, motherboards, mice, keyboards, and graphics cards. It also can update the Nvidia graphics driver. This protects it against Spectre-meltdown CPU attacks.

Now let’s talk about the one-click feature in our Driver Booster Pro review.

One-Click Download and Install

This feature truly makes Driver Booster stand out from the crowd. The one-click download and install feature gives users the power to perform most of the functions and installs with just a click of a button. It is most certainly an excellent feature for busy PC users.

With this iObit driver updater, everything runs automatically so you can focus on other things. With just one click, you can ensure that your drivers are updated to the newest version without system compromise.

System Restore Point or Rescue Center

The System Restore Point provides you with the option to check device driver backup versions and then restore them if required. This feature gives you peace of mind that updates are carried safely. The downloading process is HTTPS secured, and all drivers in the database first pass Microsoft’s rigorous WHQL test. It further ensures that they are secure, and your system will not be impacted negatively.

This driver update software automatically creates backups of the previous copy and creates a restore point before the driver is updated. This helps in case of a mishap. For example, if the driver update stops working or causes any problem, you can immediately restore the previous version with the help of the system restore point.

Automatic Scan and Update

This feature spares you from extra work such as searching over the web for new driver versions, then downloading and installing them on your devices. Driver Booster is built with ease of use in mind. The software scans your system automatically searching for outdated, inconsistent, and missing drivers then download and install the right drivers. The software also supports batch updates saving you time, energy, and efforts.

It definitely became a favorite of ours when testing for this Driver Booster review.

Game Boost

Driver Booster is more than just a PC booster. It also delivers the ultimate gaming experience. It does this by keeping graphics and game ready drivers up-to-date. This ensures the best hardware performance and takes the gaming experience to a whole new level. Moreover, with Driver Booster, you can tap the full potential of your favorite PC game because it responsively shuts down unnecessary Windows services and background processes.

In fact, for the game boost, you can also create an icon for the IObit game boost on your computer screen and access it directly.

Repair Game Components

In addition to all of this, Driver Booster repairs game components like Adobe Flash Player ActiveX, Microsoft DirectX Runtime, and Visual C*** redistributables. It is a great feature, especially for those who like to play computer games and take their gaming experience to the next level. 

We believe a Driver Booster review is incomplete without mentioning the prioritization feature. Take a look to see what it is:


At times we often forget to assign priority to important tasks. Thus, we end up making things problematic. But with IObit Driver Booster, you don’t have to worry about that. This automatic driver updater prioritizes important tasks immediately. Driver Booster prioritizes new gaming devices.

Special Exclusion

As the name suggests, the unique exclusion feature of Driver Booster allows you to choose the drivers that you want to give special attention to. So, they are updated first. This is just like prioritization; however, it also lets you choose to remove the extra data installation data as soon as the updated versions are installed, keeping your hard drive clutter-free and organized.

Silent Mode

Driver Booster features a silent mode. You can enable it if you don’t want to get notifications from it all the time. 

Now let's discuss ease of use.

Interface and Ease of Use

When it comes to interface and ease of use, we will rate this driver updater a 9/10 for all the right reasons.  We didn’t encounter any difficulties while using IObit Driver Booster to write this review

You can download and install this driver software on your Windows system with one click. Apart from that, Driver Booster also offers a one-click troubleshooter. It is designed to fix frequently encountered driver-related problems. It features a variety of handy tools that enable users to fix all kinds of issues with one click. 

Driver Booster automatically scans and updates graphic drivers to fix the wrong resolution using its light tool. If your computer has a wrong or low resolution, then the chances are that there is a problem with your graphics driver. It can be outdated, corrupt, or missing. But with Driver Booster installed on your PC, you don’t have to worry about that.

Also, when you unplug devices like your USB from your PC, it tends to leave some data in the system. This data may include junk files, registry files, and logins. This can take up a lot of space on your system and cause system instability. However, Driver Booster makes sure that all such files are cleaned immediately.

Driver Booster collects all the software and hardware-related information on the system sparing you from searching around separately. You can get all the details regarding the operation system, motherboard, memories, processor, networks, displays, and other computer devices. The majority of user-written Driver Booster reviews in 2021 agree that this is a great feature.

Moreover, Driver Booster is incredibly efficient. Its fast driver update feature helps detect as well as update obsolete drivers super fast. In addition to this, its scanning speed is impressive. This helps save you a great deal of time to acquire your driver's status. All this helps improve PC performance and keep your system running efficiently at all times.

Customer Support

We’ve come to a vital part of our Driver Booster review - customer support. Driver Booster offers free 24x7 customer support on demand. So, no matter what and when you may experience an issue with your software, you can reach out to their customer representative right away and get your problem resolved ASAP. You don't have to worry about contact hours or wait on the holidays before you can get the issue fixed. Simply reach out to them whenever you need support, and their technical team will provide you with quality and satisfactory assistance.

You can get in touch with their support team online. Also, they have a forum where you can discuss issues with other users.

Apart from that, Driver Booster also has a great FAQ web page. You can easily find the answer to your query on this page without having to call their representative.

Driver Booster Pricing

In terms of pricing, we have great news.

It's free.

Of course, there are premium options. But if Driver Booster user reviews are to be trusted, you'll be fine with the free one if you don't need much.
Here's the breakdown:

Driver Booster Free

Free Plan

Driver database of 6,000,000+, basic download speed

Driver Booster PRO

$21.35 or $24.56/annually

1 or 3 PCs, driver database of 8,000,000+, 100% faster download speed, auto update, backup and restore, premium tech support, priority updates, etc.

Driver Booster Review - Verdict

Driver Booster is perhaps the best driver updater in the market. It helps users to quickly and safely update obsolete and problematic drivers in just a single click. Its intuitive interface scans for outdated drivers, automatically protecting your system from problems like frequent system freezing and crashing, dropping off the network connection occasionally, and poor game performance even before they occur.

Did you know that it supports updating drivers from more than 500 leading brands across industries such as Microsoft, HP, Canon, Dell, NVIDIA, LG, AMDA, and Samsung? Why not join the club?

Hopefully, our Driver Booster review, helped you develop a clear and comprehensive understanding of how this software works and functions.


Is Driver Booster Safe?

All drivers recommended by or included in their database first pass the intricate testing by Microsoft WHQL and IObit review. Also, in case if you think any driver update is not safe, you can always roll back the changes in just a click.

Is Driver Booster any good?

Most certainly, it is worth every dollar spent.

Its automatic and speedy scans allow you to identity obsolete, outdated, mismatched, and missing drivers instantly before problems occur. Moreover, such problematic drivers are updated right away. Apart from automatic scans and updates, it provides gaming optimization and quick error fixes.

Is Driver Booster Free?


There is a free version available. However, it offers limited features as mentioned earlier in our Driver Booster review.

Is Driver Booster a Virus?


It is a driver updater that helps keep drivers integrated into your Windows system updated by detecting outdated drivers through automatic scans. It helps remove unnecessary files, keeping drivers updated, and optimizing system performance.

Who Makes Driver Booster?

IObit makes Driver Booster.

The company continues to roll updated and advanced versions of Driver Booster, helping users keep their systems and drivers updated and running at optimal levels.


Deyan Georgiev

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