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Daniel Wabuge
Daniel Wabuge

Updated · Aug 03, 2022

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Creating a WordPress website can be super easy. You only need the right tools. This Elegant Themes review will introduce you to one of the best.

Drag-and-drop builder


Professional templates


Custom layouts


Lead collection tools


Supports third-party extensions


Free stock image library


Social media sharing tools


Customer support

Yes, 24/7

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Minimum Price $89/year

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Best for: Agencies

Strengths Lifetime pricing plan
Strengths Unlimited website usage
Strengths 100+ custom modules
Weaknesses Works on WordPress only
Weaknesses Steep learning curve
Weaknesses Premium extensions cost extra

Building a WordPress site is nowadays as easy as pie. There are tons of tools on the market that can help. Elegant Themes is one such solution. It provides cutting-edge features for creating professional websites. 

The Divi and Extra templates are its flagship products. These have endless customization options thanks to the 1,100+ layouts. Likewise, you can stand apart by using the visual builder. It supports drag-and-drop for making quick edits to pages. 

The company also maintains a simple pricing policy. It offers yearly subscriptions and one-time plans to customers. Regardless of your choice, you’ll have access to all toolkits. Apart from that, you can purchase premium extensions from the marketplace

That’s just the start. In this Elegant Themes review, I will examine its: 

  • Features
  • Themes and plugins
  • Pricing
  • Customer support

Let’s dive right in. 

What Is Elegant Themes?

Elegant Themes Inc. is a one-stop-shop for WordPress resources. Nick Roach founded it in 2008 while still in college. It first began operating as a theme club. Back then, customizable website templates were its only products. 

In 2013, it introduced the Divi Builder to the industry. The product enables designers to create web pages with no coding. It later added layouts and widgets to its inventory. These allow you to build outstanding designs for your websites. 

Elegant Themes plugins also became part of the portfolio. These include Monarch and Bloom for increasing user engagement. You can use them to drive traffic to your website hassle-free. 

The company currently serves 760,000+ customers worldwide. Offering quality products at a low cost was the formula that led to success. Another thing is the exceptional support it gives customers. And so, it enjoys a perfect 5-star rating from Elegant Themes reviews online. 

Elegant Themes Features

You can expect: 

Divi Layouts

Elegant Themes layouts offer a quick way to create websites. They comprise prebuilt templates for achieving various designs. These cover areas such as the home, post, product, and also blog pages. 

There are 1,100+ layout packs from the marketplace, spread across fifteen categories. You can use the search tool to filter the designs using keywords, popularity, and price, too. 

Once you find the perfect option, import it to your website. Of course, you can customize it using the Divi Builder. It gives you more opportunities to stand out. But it doesn’t stop there. You can swap to other templates without limits. 

The company updates its library with new designs frequently. On the downside, Elegant Themes only provides fifteen free layouts. Unfortunately, the rest cost extra. You can preview any design, however, before making a purchase. 

Divi Mega Menu

Elegant Themes mega menu takes your website’s navigation to the next level. It best suits larger websites. You can use it to organize essential links in one place. 

You can create accordion-style menus with striking looks.  Likewise, dropdowns are the best alternative for dynamic submenus. These options enhance the experience of mobile users. 

Pro tip - use images. They blend well with titles to provide post previews. The tool also lets you add videos, image sliders, descriptions, etc. It makes your site easier to navigate.

Divi Modules

Unleash your creativity using Elegant Themes modules. You can use them to add eye-catching features to your pages - products, testimonials, personal profiles, etc. 

There are 100+ different extensions from the marketplace. Each comes with its library of premade templates. While that’s exciting, it deepens the learning curve. It will take you time to get used to all the features. 

The case is the same with the Elegant Themes layouts pricing. There are five free modules for a start. You’ll, however, need to purchase the rest. But that shouldn’t worry. Most range from $4.00 to $10.00 each.  

Divi Child Themes

Elegant Themes has child theme options. You can use custom codes to modify your website with confidence. The tool saves changes even when you update your template.

Child themes usually inherit the layouts of the parent templates. They provide a safe area for modifying the main files. So, you can use this opportunity to introduce new features, styles, and designs. 

Creating one can be a challenge for beginners. That’s why Elegant Themes for WordPress offers 160+ layouts. Unfortunately, you’ll need to buy them from the marketplace. 

But wait. Here’s a better option:

WordPress’s Child Theme Generator is free. It has a toolkit for duplicating your Divi’s template. That way you can make necessary changes safely. 

Divi Leads

Convert every visitor to a customer using Divi Leads. You can use opt-in forms to build email lists. Call-to-action (CTA) buttons can provoke immediate responses from your audience. 

The feature supports A/B split testing for optimizing campaigns. You can experiment with different layouts. It additionally suggests the goals, which you need to set. From here, it will randomly show the different versions to your visitors. 

That’s not all.

Its analytical tool repeatedly features in Elegant Thrives user reviews. It has a powerful dashboard for tracking performance. The results are based on conversion rates, sales, bounce rates, and others. 

Free Stock Image Library

Images increase user engagement by 650%. Another study shows they generate 94% more views than text-only pages. The only challenge is finding a platform with high-quality photos.

The good news is Elegant Themes offers stock images for free. These include custom graphics and icon sets as well. The best part – they have a creative commons license that allows modifications. Furthermore, you can use them for marketing purposes. 

You can showcase your photographs using sliders, carrousels, and blocks.  An image editor is, however, missing. Overlays are the option you have for adding text layers over photos.

Customization Options

You can easily modify content using the styling tool. Change theme colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc. The design toolkit also helps adjust elements of the layout. You’ll find it ideal for adding animations, shadows, and transforming shapes.

I also tested the advanced options for this Elegant Themes review. I found it helpful in optimizing the user experience of mobile visitors. You can show or hide items from display on small screen devices. 

And here’s the exciting part. 

I managed to split large body layouts into multiple tabs. Then, I rearranged the new blocks to enhance responsiveness. I additionally made good use of CSS scripts to reduce clutter. It makes the pages’ contents snap into place perfectly. 

You can modify other web page elements to your liking, including headers, footers, and navigation. Just the important stuff to boost engagement.   

Elegant Themes WordPress Themes

Elegant built its brand by selling WordPress themes. It released a new theme every week back in the day. In 2019, it retired its entire offerings in a change of strategy. All 80+ of them! Now, it has a portfolio of two templates only. Namely: 

Divi All-in-one Theme

Divi theme by Elegant Themes is the company’s cash cow. It’s a multipurpose template. that suits blogs, company websites, ecommerce sites, and so forth. 

Divi Builder gives you complete creative control. You can use it to adjust the layout to fit your taste. Its ease of use makes it a popular choice among beginners. The best part – you can track and undo the changes.

The template is compatible with the WordPress block editor as well. You’ll need to, however, enable it from the template’s settings. It will extend your customization options beyond Divi’s built-in features. 

That’s not all.

This Elegant WordPress theme integrates with the modules. You can add forms for building email lists. A contact widget is also available for one-on-one engagement with visitors. Another impressive option is the countdown timer for launching products.  

Do you wish to reuse a design? 

No worries. 

Use the save function to create a library of your templates. Next, clone any layout of choice when the need arises. Easy-peasy. 

Extra Magazine Theme

Create a unique website using Extra Theme by Elegant Themes. Unlike the all-purpose Divi, it suits tabloids, entertainment sites, and blogs. It has an attractive homepage for previewing trending posts. It uses a 5-star rating system for your readers. The more stars a post receives, the higher it ranks. 

A category builder helps arrange articles under topics of interest. Once done, you can hide them under the mega menu. Another way is by adjusting the layout to display the categories of choice. And there are unlimited patterns that are available for use. Some include: 

  • Post sliders
  • Tabbed posts
  • Post feed
  • Carousel
  • Masonry 

Make money through advertising while using your Elegant Themes websites. You’ll find slots for displaying ads in the post feed. There’s also room for showing banners using third-party codes. 

Support for layout packs is worth your attention. You can integrate landing pages, product posts, and forms into your websites. These provide more opportunities for boosting your income. 

Elegant Themes Plugins 

The Elegant Themes plugin collection is small. It includes the following: 

Divi Page Builder

The Elegant Themes Divi Builder is a visual composer for websites. It has a drag-and-drop tool for customizing web pages. Unlike the previous versions, this one features a live editor. You can design and preview content before publishing.

The plugin offers 100+ modules for enhancing pages using elements. Each block that you add can be modified. You can change theme colors, edit text, slot in buttons, and so forth. 

Just as with the Elegant Themes Extra template, you can save layouts. The feature helps run future projects without breaking a sweat. When you make edits, you can apply them selectively or to all templates.

You can clone content to other pages using the duplicate tool. Each element inherits the looks of the parent widget only. That means changes on one won’t affect the rest.  

Developers can also rejoice using the Divi Code Module. It enables Elegant Themes to support shortcodes. These are for importing features from other WordPress plugins hassle-free. You can also slot in HTML scripts to optimize the layouts. 

Bloom Plugin 

Grow your subscriber list using Bloom by Elegant Themes. The plugin displays opt-in forms on strategic areas of your website. It offers fifteen plus templates for a start. They’re easy to modify and use. 

You can use triggers to display the form widgets, like pop up that shows up at a certain time. Another way is by using the fly-ins during page scroll. Others on that lineup include inline, lock screen, and below content. 

Elegant Themes Bloom plugin lets you control where your forms appear. You can showcasе them across the entire site. The other alternative is by activating them on specific pages. 

You can use the dashboard for tracking conversions. It displays the performance of the opt-ins in real-time. You can take advantage of this to also perform split tests. 

Monarch Social Media Plugin

Over 3 billion people use social media to interact. The platforms provide a goldmine for boosting your website’s traffic. And that’s where the Elegant Themes Monarch plugin comes into the picture. It’s a stylish solution for encouraging visitors to share your content.

The tool supports over 35 social networks. Popular mail providers, RSS feeds, and Facebook’s like button top the list. 

There are seven different locations where you can place the icons: 

  • A floating sidebar
  • Above or below content
  • Fly-ins
  • Pop-ups
  • On images and videos

The Divi Monarch tool lets you change colors, add animations, and increase icon spacing.

Elegant Themes Support 

Elegant Themes has amazing support. You can seek help round the clock. You’ll find the agents welcoming and fast at all times.

I did test their efficiency via live chat. The staff provided detailed answers to my queries. At times, the personnel will direct you to the knowledge base. Technical issues may require you to open a ticket. These need time to investigate and solve.

Elegant Themes even has a support plugin. You can turn on remote access to receive high-level assistance. The company’s employees will be able to access your site and fix problems.

It has a Safe mode that deactivates trouble-causing plugins. These also include custom scripts that you’re running. It’s a quick way to identify the cause of the issues. 

It’s a user-favorite, judging by Elegant Themes reviews.

Elegant Themes vs Elementor

Both tools have drag-and-drop editors. With Elementor, the widget drawer is on the left side of the window. In contrast, its peer hides all toolkits under a tiny floating button. 

The styling options are endless on both solutions. You can customize colors, add animations, and optimize layouts. Likewise, there are widgets for playing around with custom scripts. 

You can hide elements from display on Elegant Themes’ WordPress templates. Elementor also has this feature. Funny enough, it is hidden under submenus on both tools. 

And the differences? 

Divi Themes has a built-in A/B testing tool. You can use it to optimize your campaigns on the fly. Likewise, its resource library outnumbers Elementor’s by far. For example, it offers 140+ templates alongside 1,100+ layouts.  

On the other hand, Elementor has a free version. The Elegant Themes prices start at $89/year. Elementor’s pro plan is $49/year pro plan. Despite the differences, both are excellent choices for designing professional websites.

Elegant Themes vs Thrive Themes

There are frequent mentions of Thrive Themes in Elegant Themes reviews. Both solutions provide excellent toolkits for WordPress. They offer templates, plugins, and lead collection features. 

You’ll find tons of styling tools regardless of your choice. For example, Elegant Themes templates support the splitting of layouts. Elementor does, too. It helps optimize web pages to fit perfectly across different devices.

You can boost engagement using a wide range of features. Pricing tables are ideal for comparing products. Opt-in forms can assist you in building subscriber lists. You’ll also find sliders for improving content delivery to your audience. 

The Elegant Themes ecommerce integration outshines Thrive’s. You can post products for sale on your online shop. Thrive requires third-party plugins.  

Elegant’s marketplace is like no other. You’ll find incredible assets for building your websites. These include widgets, modules, and custom layouts. In comparison,  Thrive’s over ten core plugins outnumber its competitor three times.   

Elegant Themes has flexible pricing plans. You can pay monthly or opt for the on-time plan. The purchase additionally supports an unlimited number of websites. On the other hand, Thrive costs $120/year. And there’s no lifetime option. Moreover, you can use its products on 25 sites only. 

Elegant Themes vs Wix

Elegant Themes and Wix are website builders that target beginners. You can create a site in minutes, thanks to the drag-and-drop editors. Just as with other solutions, you get templates, widgets, and tools for styling. 

That’s where the similarities end. 

Wix doubles up as a hosting platform. You can use its plans to power your website at no extra cost. When it comes to Divi, you’ll need to dig deeper to find a host. But, don’t panic yet. Some WordPress hosts charge as little as $3.95/month.

You can start an online shop from scratch with Wix’s business plan. You’ll get access to a shopping widget, multi-currency support, and a tax calculator. Abandoned cart recovery is also an option. 

That’s unlike the Elegant Themes WooCommerce module. You’ll need to install other plugins to enjoy the capabilities of Wix. In doing so, you risk slowing down your website by bloating the code.

Divi’s marketplace has affordable ready-made solutions for your website. Wix’s approach is different because you need to hire an expert for your projects. And it doesn’t come cheap!  

Elegant also provides live chat support to all customers. As for its competitor, you’ll need to depend on tickets to request help. Apart from that, you can request a callback. The downside is it’s only available during business hours. 

Elegant Themes Pricing

If you decide to invest in Elegant themes, you have two options:

Yearly Access


You’ll get access to free templates, plugins, and the stock image library. You can also use the products on unlimited websites. 

Lifetime Access

$249 One-time

You need to pay once and access all tools under the yearly plan forever.

The second one is better in the long run, while the first is great for those on a budget.

Elegant Themes Review – Verdict

Elegant Themes for websites has a wide variety of tools for creating great sites. Apart from Divi builder, you get a wide variety of prebuilt templates, suitable for beginners.

The pricing is affordable. You can pay yearly or opt for the lifetime plan. Regardless of your choice, you’ll have access to all tools under these plans. On the flip side, most premium assets on the marketplace cost extra. Some are free, but it’s the basic ones only.

I suggest testing the waters with the 30-day free trial. Remember, it comes risk-free. If you’re not happy, the company will gladly refund you.


How much does Elegant Themes cost?

Elegant Themes has two membership plans:

  • Yearly Access – $89/Year. You’ll get access to free templates, plugins, and the stock image library. You can also use the products on unlimited websites. 
  • Lifetime Access – $249 One-time. You need to pay once and access all tools under the yearly plan forever.

Who owns Elegant Themes?

Nick Roach is the founder and the owner of Theme Themes Inc. The technophile set up the company in 2008 while still in college. Since then, it has grown into a multimillion-dollar platform. It now serves over 760,000 customers globally.

How do I get rid of Designed by Elegant Themes?

You can remove Designed by Elegant Themes in six easy steps: 

  1. Log into your WordPress.
  2. Go to theme Customizer.
  3. Select Footer.
  4. Click on Bottom Bar.
  5. Then, choose Disable Footer Credits.
  6. Publish and exit.

How do I change the footer in Elegant Themes?

Changing the footer in Elegant Themes is simple. Here’s how: 

  1. Log in WordPress.
  2. Choose Customize on the menu bar.
  3. Locate Footer.
  4. Select Bottom Bar.
  5. Jump to Edit Footer Credits.
  6. Type anything on the text box.
  7. Publish to exit.

Read more about the features in this Elegant Themes review article.


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