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Romj Amon
Romj Amon

Updated · Aug 03, 2022

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Is this subscription really as cost-effective as intended? Read this Envato Elements review to determine if it’s worth your cash.

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MINIMUM PRICE $10.75/month/member

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Best for: Professional content creators

Strengths Large, diverse media library
Strengths Uniform commercial license
Strengths Unlimited downloads
Strengths Free trial
Weaknesses Cumbersome relicensing
Weaknesses Pricey subscription fees
Weaknesses Limited indemnity
Weaknesses Unresponsive help desk

What Is Envato Elements?

Elements is a subscription service that provides access to millions of digital assets for personal and commercial projects.

Launched in 2016, it has easy-to-understand licensing terms, unlimited downloads, indemnity, and more. Its primary beneficiaries include graphic designers, vloggers, web designers, podcasters, and audio producers.

Despite being an established brand, the scarcity of reliable Envato Elements reviews on the internet is mind-boggling. It has no testimonials on Capterra and zero presence on G2, Trustpilot, and TrustRadius.

To fill this void, here are some insights.

What’s Included in Envato Elements?

Its catalog boasts 14 categories. Of which 96% of the platform’s total creative assets are in the following ten types:

  1. Photos (54,000,000+ items) - Other than Envato Elements royalty-free stock images, an active subscription gives you access to original photos from Twenty20.
  2. Stock Video (2,400,000+) - These high-definition stock videos range from B-roll footage to nature-themed recordings.
  3. Sound Effects (580,000+) - This digital asset collection includes game sounds and transitions. You can find looped ones too. 
  4. Graphic Templates (180,000+) - Envato Elements has templates for print, product mock-ups, logos, infographics, and more. Optimized for Figma, Sketch, and Adobe apps like InDesign, these assets are available in landscape, portrait, or square.
  5. 3D (113,000+) - These PSD and PNG files enable you to create still images at any angle.
  6. Music (111,000+) - Envato Elements audio tracks come in dozens of genres, moods, and instruments. Many have vocals too.
  7. Graphics (78,000+) - You’ll find icons, illustrations, patterns, and textures among these assets. Envato Elements graphics are compatible with five applications, including Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Designer.
  8. Presentation Templates (69,000+) - Envato Elements has PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote themes. The non-Keynote templates work on Instagram too.
  9. Video Templates (48,000+) - Openers, logo stings, video displays, and titles represent the majority of these creative assets. The video templates on Envato Elements are best for After Effects, Premier Pro, Apple Motion, Final Cut Pro, and Da Vinci Resolve.
  10. Fonts (23,000+) - You can choose serif, sans serif, decorative, and handwritten fonts with many spacing variations. Some of them have optimum sizes for posters, magazines, and books.

Rounding out Elements’ asset categories are Add-ons, WordPress, Web Templates, and CMS Templates.

Ease of Use

Signing up has no email address verification requirement. So, you can start exploring Elements’ library after creating your account.

Envato rejects masked email addresses. You may have to use your personal or business email. This can be bad news for privacy reasons.

Furthermore, browsing Elements’ library is painless. Each category is well defined and has filters.

Envato Elements Filters

Even its search bar effectively filters out irrelevant results and returns accurate matches to your queries.

Envato Elements -search bar

Regarding the Envato Elements dashboard, it couldn’t be simpler. All tabs have abundant white space - making them easy on the eyes.

Envato Elements Dashboard

If you like to save items without downloading them, you can bookmark them for future use.

Envato Elements is multilingual. Its default language is English, but you can switch to a few other popular languages. 

How the Licensing Works

Envato Elements applies the same licensing terms on all its items, granting you broad commercial rights. However, some assets may have unique guidelines or be subject to certain restrictions.

Here are the key takeaways from Elements’ 26-clause agreement:

An Active Subscription is Required

You can create a free account on Envato Elements. But its only real use is to explore the different items up for grabs.

To download any assets with no limit or transfer rights, you need to purchase a plan first.

By signing up, you only receive access to monthly free files. You can use these freebies for just one project.

Each Item Is for Single Use Only

To reuse the same item in multiple projects, you need to register it each time. Relicensing ensures the item’s author gets paid accordingly, and you or your client can legally use it.

Item Customization is a Must

Envato Elements images, videos, audio tracks, etc., must be the supporting cast. 

In other words, you must modify any assets or incorporate them into a larger design. Otherwise, you can’t publicly display, communicate, broadcast, and reproduce the end product.

Redistributing any items as-is will violate Elements’ license terms. An example violation is to use a graphic asset with no alterations as the main feature on a t-shirt.

Sublicensing Is Permitted

Rights to use Envato Elements music, footage, or other assets within an end product are transferable.

This sublicensing feature doesn’t permit the third party to depart from the item’s terms of use specified during registration. Nor can the sublicense holder extract the component from the end product.

As the account holder, you must inform the other party about such restrictions.

Items for Open-Source Platforms are Subject to Split Licensing

Some components of the themes and plugins on Envato Elements for WordPress fall under the General Public License. The same is true about some of the templates for Joomla, Drupal, etc.

Because of this, Elements’ license covers only the components its contributors create. Hence, the term “split license.”

Unlimited End-Product Distribution 

You can produce the end product as many times as needed and distribute it in any media format.

Items are Off-Limits for On-Demand Services

You can’t include Envato Elements icons, fonts, and other assets to “made to order” or “build your own” apps. It doesn’t matter if the end product is digital or physical.

Claiming Ownership is Prohibited

You can’t trademark any digital assets on Elements, even if part of an end product. Ownership of an item stays with the author. So, you should exclude any from your trademarks or service mark rights.

Installation of Envato Elements Fonts or Add-Ons is Limited to two Devices 

The licensing of these assets begins when you install them on a device. You can use them in as many projects as you like, just don’t download them onto more than two pieces of hardware.

When you cancel your subscription, you lose your rights of use and must delete them.

Registered items are Futureproof

Unsubscribing doesn’t discontinue your rights to use the Envato Elements video, image, or other registered items before canceling your account. Therefore, you can still use your finished products with an inactive subscription.

Customer Support

Primarily, Envato’s help desk is reachable through email. However, you must submit a support ticket instead of sending them a direct message.

During testing, I sent an inquiry and waited for more than 48 hours for an answer to no avail.

Fortunately, the company maintains a decent knowledge base. Its Help Center features articles about various product-related topics. And the Envato Blog publishes general tips and trends about creative projects.

Mind you - the Help Center is outdated. Case in point, take a look at this short piece about the Envato Elements free trial.

Envato Elements free trial

Its on-site FAQ sections are the most useful of all the self-help options.

And if all else fails, you can consult the company’s online community, Envato Forums. This is where admins make announcements, authors hang out, and subscribers post questions.

Moreover, Envato is active on social media. You can find and engage the brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

When writing this Envato Elements review, the company didn’t offer live chat support through Messenger.

Envato Elements - live chat support

Although it’s challenging to get in touch with any Envato representatives, its Enterprise subscribers receive VIP treatment

Envato Elements Pricing

Elements is available in three premium plans: Individual, Teams, and Enterprise.

Here’s what to expect from each:

Envato Elements Individual

From $16.50/month (billed annually)

Unlimited downloads Simple commercial license 7-day free trial 30% student discount

Envato Elements Individual - Monthly billing


Envato Elements Teams

From $10.75/month/member

Up to 5 users Scalable Single location for downloads of all users

Envato Elements Teams - Monthly billing


2 members

Envato Elements Teams - Monthly billing


3 member

Envato Elements Teams - Monthly billing


4 members

Envato Elements Teams - Monthly billing


5 members

Envato Elements Teams - Annual billing


2 members

Envato Elements Teams - Annual billing


3 members

Envato Elements Teams - Annual billing


4 members

Envato Elements Teams - Annual billing


5 members

Envato Elements Enterprise


Custom licensing Tailored indemnification Dedicated account management support

You can use Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or PayPal for payment. Irrespective of which Envato Elements subscription, there’s no money-back guarantee.

With that said, you might receive a refund if it unilaterally makes any changes to its user terms. Otherwise, the company has no obligation to grant such. 

Envato Elements vs Canva

The latter mostly rivals the entire Envato ecosystem, of which Elements is only one of the many components.

Canva’s library is 73% bigger than Element’s (100.6+ million vs. 58 million).

Even better, hundreds of thousands of Canva’s photos, graphics, and templates are free. Whereas, save for a few random freebies, 100% of Elements’ assets are exclusive to premium subscribers.

In terms of asset diversity, it’s a toss-up.

Elements offers a few additional types of items like Photoshop actions and presets. Canva, on the other hand, has more template variety with over 100 designs.

Elements is one-dimensional, as you can only download digital assets from it.

On the contrary, Canva is a browser-based image editor and a video maker rolled into one. It’s probably why one of the few Envato Elements reviews ever published doesn’t recognize it as an alternative.

Nevertheless, Elements and Canva licenses have some similarities. Neither permits you to distribute unaltered assets. And trademarking non-altered items is forbidden.

The most notable difference between the two is the use of watermarks. All premium media on Canva have watermarks for free account holders. But even without a paid subscription, you can get rid of it for just $1.

The cheapest Envato Elements subscription is more expensive than its Canva counterpart.

When billed annually, the cost of Elements’ Teams plan for 5 users can reach $645/year. This is 81% more expensive than Canva’s Pro package for 1–5 users at $119.99/year.

Envato Elements vs. Storyblocks

Elements and Storyblocks have more parallels than differences.

Storyblocks pools together its more than one million assets from 150,000+ creators. This is a relatively small number for an 11-year-old company. And while it plans to increase them fourfold in 2022, it won’t be enough to match the collective amount of Envato Elements plugin, photo, and video collections.

So far, Storyblocks’ content is limited to high-definition animated backgrounds, stock photos, illustrations, vectors, royalty-free audio tracks, and sound effects. It has After Effects, Premier Pro, and Apple Motion templates too.

In contrast, Elements has over a dozen content categories for a broader range of creative projects. Storyblocks has no answer to Envato Elements Shopify themes, 3D objects, and decorative fonts, to name a few.

With either subscription, you receive unlimited downloads.

Outside of this, there’s nothing else you can do on the former. But on the latter, you can use its video maker to create fresh content.

This tool fully integrates with Storyblocks’ library. And it accepts external files like Envato images.

For the most part, the licenses of both Elements and Storyblocks share the same spirit. But the latter includes indemnity language in its terms.

The latter covers up to $20,000 and $1 million for individuals and businesses, respectively.

Envato bases its liability coverage on the total amount you’ve paid six months before any intellectual property claim. If you want more, you need to go with its Enterprise package and negotiate for better coverage.

Elements’ Individual plan is more affordable than Storyblocks’ Unlimited All Access package.

The former costs 49% less monthly than the latter ($33 vs. $65/month). Your annual savings will be 45% ($198 vs. $360/year).

Envato Elements vs. Creative Market

If you prefer buying digital assets à la carte rather than through a subscription service, choose Creative Market over Envato Elements.

Creative Market has more than four million items for sale, including graphics, fonts, web themes, and templates. Sold separately by independent creators, you must check them individually to know their prices. But the type of license is a major determinant.

On Creative Market, there are three types of licenses: personal, commercial, and extended commercial.

The personal license limits an asset’s usage to non-commercial projects. The commercial variety allows an asset to appear in up to 5,000 physical and digital end products. The extended commercial license increases the cap to 250,000 products. 

Elements is entirely different. It allows limitless downloads for a single fee. And its commercial license is the same for all items in its library. To get maximum savings, Envato Elements will cost you $10.75/month/member.

Indemnity is the one common denominator in Elements and Creative Market. Either’s terms of use state that you must protect the company in the event of a claim. In other words, you’ll be liable for any losses, expenses, or fees that they may incur in cases of contract infringement.  


Undoubtedly, Elements’ rich library, lifetime commercial license, and no download cap address most creators’ pain points.

However, its relatively costly plans and limited standard indemnity are definite drawbacks. The need to relicense every item you want to reuse can also be frustrating. For me, its unresponsive help desk is likewise a cause for concern.

Fortunately, Envato Elements now has a trial period. Take full advantage of it to avoid paying a dime until satisfied. 


What is Envato Elements for?

Envato Elements is a subscription service that gives you access to around 58 million digital assets for your creative projects. Its library features 14 asset types.

Envato Elements has simple licensing terms that apply to all items.

Is Envato Elements free?

No, it’s not.

Signup has no cost. But you need to either start an Envato Elements trial or buy a premium subscription to begin downloading assets.

Is Envato Elements safe to use?

Envato’s liability to you is equivalent to your subscription fees during the six months preceding the claim.

No matter how you slice it, it’s not much. But if you subscribe to the Elements Enterprise plan, you’ll be able to tailor your indemnification and reduce your risk.

Is Envato Elements worth it?

Yes, if you regularly need royalty-free digital assets for your personal and professional projects.

This premium service is rich in content. And while its license has restrictions, you’re free to be creative.

Plus, it has a flexible pricing model. And if you’re an eligible student, you’ll be entitled to a significant discount.

Read our complete Envato Elements review to learn more about its assets, do’s and don’ts, and plans.


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4 months ago
Hi there, Thank you for this article. As an Envato subscriber, I'm wondering if there is any copyright risk using an Envato photograph for example. Let's say I'm using a photograph of a "protected" building for example, and I get into trouble because it's not allowed. What would happen in this case ? Is the responsibility completely covered by Envato ? It's something I'm wondering since they don't offer indemnification in their contracts and I might have seen suspicious photographs that shouldn't be allowed for commercial use on the site.

3 months ago
Hi Benoit, It will be best to talk to Envato's customer support about this. You can also try using royalty-free images from a third-party site.