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Jacquelyn Bulao
Jacquelyn Bulao

Updated · Aug 03, 2022

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Many Freshdesk reviews show this help desk software’s versatility, but they haven’t scratched the surface of all that is possible with this industry-leading platform. In our review, we provide the most in-depth assessment of the software yet.



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Best for: SME customer service and technical support

Strengths Supports gamification
Strengths Has a decent free plan
Strengths Painless ticket management
Strengths Generates digestible, automated reports
Weaknesses Limited dashboard customization
Weaknesses Has fewer integrations than Zendesk
Weaknesses Unable to downgrade from Omnichannel to regular plans

What Is Freshdesk?

Freshdesk is a powerful, versatile help desk platform. Its parent company, Freshworks, used to share the same name until it rebranded in 2017 to signify its evolution as a software developer.

Founded in Chennai, India, and headquartered in San Mateo, California, Freshdesk has an astounding collection of ticketing, self-service, and reporting features. Its capability has expanded so much over the years, and it shows no sign of stagnating. In 2020 alone, the company introduced 31 new features.

Many Freshdesk reviews show that it’s a better solution for small- and medium-sized companies. But Freshdesk is also included in two bundles to cater to large enterprises.

The brand services more than one billion API calls per day and handles 3.5 billion ticket interactions. No less than 450,000 agents use this cloud help desk software to serve over 330 million customers across 150 countries. And with offices in 12 countries across four continents, Freshdesk is deployable wherever you are.

Freshdesk Features

With a tool this versatile, it’s impossible to cover everything this help desk ticket software can do in one Freshdesk review. That’s why we focused on the main functionalities to help you compare it to other SME and enterprise ticketing systems. Let’s dive right in.


Freshworks has improved its help desk software countless times throughout its history. But one of its most notable innovations is Freddy, a bot powered by artificial intelligence. This technology automates tasks and shortens the customer process of finding the right answer. But Freddy doesn’t compromise on human elements, as it only handles the job’s mundane parts.

Another activity where Freddy shines is assisting human representatives in prioritizing incoming tickets. This intelligent bot helps agents use their time and energy wisely, ensuring that they never run out of bandwidth to deal with complicated or pressing issues.

Ticketing and Collaboration Tools

One of Freshdesk’s key functionalities is to simplify the ticketing process and allow agents to collaborate. The tools that can help you with this include:

Team Inbox

The Freshdesk ticketing system is designed with seamless collaboration and increased agent productivity in mind. That’s why all support tickets go to a shared inbox.

You can assign ownership of the tickets, categorize them, and prioritize them based on keywords. You can also use specific properties to filter support tickets to ensure agents know which ones need immediate attention.

Ticket Field Suggester

This feature automatically proposes fields for categorizing, prioritizing, and routing incoming tickets.

Shared Ownership

With the Freshdesk helpdesk, agents sharing ownership of a ticket get notified of what progress is made toward resolving the issue.

Agent Collision Detection

Agents can see who’s replying to which ticket. This way, you can prevent multiple agents from working on the same tickets by accident.

Service-Level Agreement (SLA) Management

Paid Freshdesk subscribers can craft SLA policies to honor their responsibilities to their customers. 

You can develop sensible targets, set up ticket and reply resolution deadlines, create reminders and escalation hierarchies, create timezone-adjusted timestamps, and trigger SLAs based on your agents’ local business hours.

With Freshdesk SLA management features, you can simplify remote work for your teams and ensure that no ticket is missed.

Custom Ticket Statuses

Custom statuses show you the stage of each ticket. Since they’re customizable, you can create groups that make sense to your workflow.

Parent-Child Ticketing

Freshdesk lets you split multi-stage tickets into smaller and more manageable parts.

Team Huddle

The customer support ticket software enables agents to consult other experts within the organization. They can put their heads together to resolve an issue in a timely and effective manner.

Linked Tickets

You can link related tickets to keep tabs on trending issues and provide consistent answers.

Canned Responses

Freshdesk gives you the option to save popular replies for reuse. With these pre-formatted responses, agents can provide answers to common queries fast and consistently.

Scenario Automation

With this customer service ticketing software, you can automatically carry out multiple actions on a ticket.

Thank You Detector

The AI-driven Thank You functionality can sense when customers say “thank you.” This way, your agents will be able to identify finished conversations and avoid reopening tickets.


Freshdesk lends itself to gamification. You can set your agents on different quests in exchange for points, creating healthy competition that will drive up productivity.

You can give out rewards, recognizing agents who scored the highest overall, recorded the most customer satisfaction points, resolved the most tickets the first time, and tallied the fastest resolution time.

Most Freshdesk reviews show that this feature sets the helpdesk service apart from the competition.

Field Service Management

Apart from tickets and agent collaboration, Freshdesk focuses on field service management. Many tools help you with it, including:

Service Tasks

This tool can highlight tickets that require field team assistance and help you monitor the process of the issue from beginning to end.

Scheduling Dashboard

This help desk program allows you to assign service tasks to field technicians, change appointments, and see a complete view of your field team’s workload.

Service Groups

Freshdesk enables you to group field technicians based on various factors, like location or priority, to reduce customer waiting times and increase your first-time fix rates.

Mobile Field Service

This help desk platform empowers your field technicians to take service tasks, supply updated information, and resolve problems on the go.

Customer Signature

Using the mobile Freshdesk apps for iOS and Android, you can capture signatures with one swipe and attach them to service tasks.

Time Tracking

Every Freshdesk app can auto-record the time your field team spends on the field. This way, you can accurately and quickly log your billable hours.


It’s important not to waste valuable time when it’s possible to automate tasks. Freshdesk helps y you do this with the following features:

Ticket Dispatch

This support desk software makes it possible to assign tickets to agents or groups of agents by keyword, requester, or property.

Intelligent Ticket Assignment

Using an AI-powered cloud ticketing system like Freshdesk allows you to perform ticket assignment activities with great insight. You can use the round-robin method or give agents tickets based on their skill or workload for maximum productivity.

Time-Triggered Automations

It’s possible to implement maintenance duties on tickets. Freshdesk tells you which ones need attention based on the time elapsed since an event transpired.

Auto Email Notification

With this customer help desk software, you can notify customers and agents about any change in the ticket.


Freshdesk automatically assigns emails, calls, and chats to agents using available bandwidth to deliver swift support to customers.


To save time and resources, Freshdesk puts a heavy focus on self-service tools for your customers. This way, your agents can spend more time on complex issues and tickets.

Freddy-Powered Chatbots

With Freddy Answers’ help, your customers won’t have to wait to get the information they need. This intelligent chatbot can provide instant and precise resolutions, so your agents can focus on more complex issues.

Using Freddy Self-Service, you can provide personalized assistance to customers in 42 languages with a live agent intervention.

These AI-driven bots require zero coding skills. So, you can have Freddy Answers and Freddy Self-service up and running in no time.

Help Widget

Help Widgets can help customers be more self-reliant. This also takes a lot of pressure off your support team.

Automatic Solution Suggestions

Freddy can recommend helpful articles to your agents, so they can better assist customers. Likewise, you can let this service desk software pop up relevant solutions for customers.

Email-to-Knowledge Base Conversion

Using this feature, your agents can turn their resolutions into entries to the Freshdesk knowledge base. If customers can find the answers, they need on their own, you’ll reduce the volume of duplicate support tickets.

Feedback Mechanism

This feature enables readers to leave feedback on articles, making it easy to see where adjustments are needed.

Forum Topic-to-Ticket Conversion

With Freshdesk, it’s possible to convert community questions into tickets, bringing them to the attention of your agents.

Forum Moderation

The Freshdesk software lets you moderate forum topics, helping you prevent posts that violate your community standards from getting published.

Analytics and Reporting

Keeping track of progress is vital for any company. That’s why Freshdesk comes with great analytics and reporting tools, including:

Solution Article Analytics

You can track the performance of each of your articles. It monitors views, dislikes, and other key metrics that can reveal whether more work is necessary. Armed with actionable information, you can give each underperforming post a facelift and reset the metrics to repeat the monitoring process repeatedly.

Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Freshdesk can help you measure customer sentiment by collecting data about your support performance. The Freshdesk help desk software generates digestible customer satisfaction reports to crunch your numbers more easily.

Report Curation

Compile multiple reports into one in-depth file to see all relevant information at a glance. With a 360-view of your help desk metrics, you can learn about the strengths and weaknesses in performance.

Report Scheduling

You can receive standard and custom reports in your inbox regularly.


Critical metrics are front and center on Freshdesk’s Dashboards. Seeing everything in real-time enables you to spot small issues before they turn into more significant problems.


To make sure you get the most out of Freshdesk, there are multiple customization options, including:

Support Portal

With professional-looking themes and CSS customization, this web-based help desk software provides you with options for your support portal’s layout.


Your support portal can exude professionalism and boost your brand awareness by using a vanity URL.

Agent Roles

Like other small business and enterprise ticketing systems, Freshdesk gives you control over your agents’ access based on their roles and responsibilities.

Ticket Forms

Freshdesk’s customizable ticket forms let you add and modify specific fields to gather all information needed to assist your customers to the highest level.


With this personalization feature, you can group customers with similar needs and fine-tune the support.

Custom Reports

Create reports from scratch and tailor them to the unique needs of your business. You can drag-and-drop widgets to access almost any report-building function you need.

Since we all learn differently, this help desk software lets you style your customized reports. Using eye-catching visualizations like charts, you can present and interpret your numbers in the most sensible way for intended readers. With elegant interactive options, viewing granular data is a piece of cake.


With Freshdesk’s vast widget library, you can manipulate key design elements to render your custom reports unmistakable extensions of your brand.


There are 330+ apps in the Freshworks Marketplace. You can use the business tools you’re already familiar with without leaving the help desk platform.

Ease of Use and Interface

Freshdesk uses blue and gray colors, so it’s easy on the eyes. The navigation is straightforward, even for first-time users, and it has a familiar vertical toolbar with a hamburger menu. The “new” button at the top can be used to create tickets, emails, and contacts.

Freshdesk offers obligatory onboarding support, but it isn’t an extensive tour of the app. It’s just a brief four-slide presentation about its Omnichannel functionality. If you require additional guidance, the Freshdesk knowledge base is a more helpful resource.

Once you get the hang of navigating the platform and decide to start connecting apps into it, using the Freshworks Marketplace is a delight. The simple layout consists of segmented integrations blocks, helping you search by category, popularity, collection, novelty, and trendiness.

Another highlight is the Freshworks Switcher, which lets you switch between multiple Freshdesk accounts or different Freshworks products.

Freshdesk has a polyglot site. While American English is the default, you can translate its content to 17 languages. When it comes to payment options, you can purchase a Freshdesk software subscription via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover. If you don’t want to pay in US dollars, you can use Australian dollar, British pound, Euro, Indian rupee, or South African rand instead.

Freshdesk Support

Since Freshdesk is an enterprise helpdesk software, we had high expectations for its customer support. For the most part, this app didn’t let us down.

The Freshdesk knowledge base consists of 23 categories of how-to articles teaching you to use the platform. The company’s FAQ section is equally expansive. If you prefer visuals, Freshdesk has a library of nine video tutorials on select topics.

Alternatively, you can find answers and post questions on Freshdesk’s forum. It’s possible to enable alerts to stay current with the app’s operational stats and feature rollouts.

If you want to speak with a Freshdesk representative, you can do so via phone, email, or live chat. The company has dedicated local numbers in the US, India, Australia, and ten European countries. If you want to reach them via phone in other countries, you can use their 866 number.

Email support is available 24/5 only. Live chat representatives are online during business hours. Although its chatbot reached out to us, it’s limited to recommending relevant literature and advising us about live agents being offline.

If you want your agents to undergo hands-on training, you could enroll them into the Freshworks Academy. Your team can take three courses, lasting 10 to 30 minutes each. In the end, your agents can take a test to get certified.

Freshdesk Pricing

There is a Freshdesk free plan. But to unlock extra features, you can opt for one of the four paid options. If you want to roll Freshdesk, Freshchat, and Freshcaller into one, you can choose from two Omnichannel packages and enjoy a 40% discount. All Freshdesk plans are available in monthly and annual billing options.



Email and social ticketing, ticket dispatch, access to the knowledge base, ticket trend report, and datacenter location.



From $15/agent/month): Everything in Sprout, automation, collision detection, marketplace apps, helpdesk report, SLA management, and the ability to define your business hours.



Everything in Growth, time tracking, CSAT surveys, performance reports, multilingual knowledge base, and custom apps.


From $79/аgent/month

Everything in Pro, round-robin routing, custom roles, portal rebrand, custom reports and dashboards, custom segments, versioning in the knowledge base, multiple products, and dynamic ticket forms.

Pro Omnichannel

From $59/agent/month

Everything in Pro of Freshdesk, Freshchat, Freshcaller, email/social/chat/phone channels, messaging, omnichannel customer timeline, roles and permissions, custom reports, co-browsing, and multilingual support.

Enterprise Omnichannel

From $99/agent/month

Everything in Enterprise of Freshdesk, Freshchat, Freshcaller, agent scripts, email bot, auto-triage, Omniroute, chatbot for answers & flows, voice bot, speech-enabled IVR, abandoned call metrics, IP whitelisting, and includes 6,000 Freddy sessions/month.

This help desk ticketing software comes with a 21-day free trial.

Thanks to Freshdesk’s scalability, you can expand the feature set with a second subscription. Here are the three add-on plans:

  • Field Service Management: $29/field employee/month
  • Freddy Self-Service: $100/1,000 Freddy sessions/month
  • Freddy Ultimate: $75/agent/month or $500/5,000 Freddy sessions/month

Further, each regular paid plan comes with three day passes for occasional agents. These agents could be subject matter experts that log into the platform to handle specific queries if they must. Once activated, each pass expires by midnight.

You can buy additional passes at an extra cost:

  • Growth: $2
  • Pro: $7
  • Enterprise: $12

As a pay-as-you-go service, this help desk software doesn’t charge a fee for cancellation. However, it won’t happen until the end of your current term. Paid fees are non-refundable. You must give Freshdesk a written notice of non-renewal no later than 60 days before the expiration of your subscription.

Freshdesk vs. Zendesk

While the industry has no shortage of help desk ticketing systems, it’s evident that two brands fight for the first spot. Freshdesk and Zendesk are almost equal across all categories. Launched just three years apart, both boast tens of thousands of clients, including world-renowned brands.

Freshdesk is used by UNICEF, Cisco, Honda, Hugo Boss, Toshiba, and Goodreads. Zendesk, on the other hand, powers the customer support capabilities of tech titans Shopify, Uber, Airbnb, and Slack.

Judging by the impressive clientele of each brand, either is a safe bet. A good way to decide between the two is to compare critical departments.

In terms of pricing, Zendesk is the costlier choice. But we agree with most Freshdesk reviews that Zendesk has the upper hand in customization. With it, you can explore more dashboard views, although Freshdesk makes it easier to tailor fields and forms.

Freshdesk does a better job at streamlining ticket management than its rival. It’s harder to collaborate and solve problems together on Zendesk.

While Freshdesk can’t match Zendesk’s automation and integrations, it’s unbeatable in self-service and reporting.

Freshdesk Reviews - Verdict

Ours isn’t the only Freshdesk review to state that businesses of all sizes will gravitate toward this software. Arguably, Zendesk is more appealing to enterprises with its slightly more extensive features, but Freshdesk’s clientele shows differently.

What’s indisputable is the fact that Freshdesk’s plans make sense to most SMEs. If this helpdesk supports the third-party business tools you like, it can be a cost-efficient choice to manage your tickets and agents.


Is Freshdesk really free?

Freshdesk has a free plan. Although you can only access Freshdesk’s stripped-down feature set with it, you can use it at no cost for as long as you like.

How much does Freshdesk cost?

The Sprout plan is entirely free of charge. To unlock more features, you can upgrade to one of their paid plans. The Freshdesk cost can range from $15 to $169 per month.

Is Freshdesk a CRM?

No, it’s not. But it supports third-party integrations with CRM tools from Hubspot, Zoho, Capsules, Infusionsoft, Highrise, Insightly, and many more. If you use Freshworks CRM, a standalone subscription, you can connect it to Freshdesk and view customer data without leaving the platform.

Is Freshdesk safe?

Yes, Freshdesk is safe to use. With custom SSL certificates, dedicated IP and network restrictions, single sign-on authentication, and EU Safe Harbor–compliant data centers, this helpdesk platform covers the basics to deter unauthorized access and combat cyberattacks. Many other Freshdesk reviews show that it’s completely safe to use.


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