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Daniel Wabuge
Daniel Wabuge

Updated · Aug 03, 2022

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Are you looking to harvest data anonymously? Froxy has your back! It offers residential and mobile proxies backed by over 8 million auto-rotating IPs. And there’s more to explore in this Froxy review. 



IP pool size

Over 8 million

Mobile proxies

3G, 4G


Geotargeting, ISP-level


Auto-rotate, Sticky



IP leak protection


Customer support

Live Chat, Ticket


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MINIMUM PRICE: $40/month

Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: Data harvesting

Strengths User-friendly dashboard
Strengths 99.9% uptime guarantee
Strengths Global coverage
Strengths Multiple payment methods
Weaknesses Metered bandwidth allocation
Weaknesses No free trial
Weaknesses No knowledge base
Weaknesses Average download speeds

If you're a data harvesting enthusiast, you've surely noticed that there's a big problem. You risk encountering challenging anti-scraping systems that slow down your activities. The good news is Froxy proxy service is here to help. 

The platform utilizes high-quality whitelisted IPs to assist you in evading web filters. You can conduct research, scrape data, and unblock content online. Furthermore, it guarantees complete anonymity thanks to the network-side IP leak protection.

But that's not all.

In this review, you'll learn more about Froxy's;

  • Features
  • Services
  • Pricing plans
  • Customer support 

So here we go. 

What Is Froxy?

Froxy is one of the newest proxy service providers on the market. It was founded in September 2021 by Estonia's software developer, Wergames OU. At present, it's popular amongst users in Russia and the United States.

The vendor currently offers a wide range of products at competitive prices. These include both residential and mobile proxies that come with varying traffic allocations. Moreover, it has a 99.9% uptime guarantee to keep your tasks running all day long.

Froxy also provides customers with dedicated technical support. That's in addition to having an excellent proxy pool service with over 200 geolocations. Long story short, it's all you need to deploy online data harvesting projects.

As such, let’s take a closer look at what makes it tick.


For your better understanding, we considered the following Froxy features. 

Vast IP Pool

With over eight million whitelisted IPs, Froxy ensures you remain completely anonymous when gathering data. It sources them from premium ISPs and mobile networks worldwide.

IP Leak Protection

If you value your privacy, IP leak protection is a must-have. This feature prevents your real address from exposure. The good news is that it works perfectly even if your internet is shaky.

By default, Froxy’s IP leak protection is always active on its server proxies. It hides your real identity under the network's IPs to maximize protection. As such, it will be a challenge for anyone to track your activities. 

Session Control

There are frequent mentions of session control in Froxy reviews across the web. You have the choice of using auto-rotate and sticky IPs. With the first option, the system changes your addresses automatically. 

The latter swaps your IP only after a predefined period elapses. Sadly, the max duration of 1-hour can't come close to IPRoyal's 24-hour limit. With that said, it does reduce interruptions by switching to a new address when the active internet protocol goes offline.

Unlimited Sessions

Froxy has no limits to the number of connections that you can establish. This gives you access to all available IP addresses in the proxy pool and reduces your chances of  being banned, greatly due to the effective rotation policy. 

On the downside, the vendor offers limited bandwidth across all plans. That's where rivals such as KProxy shine with cheaper unmetered offerings. Still, Froxy's stable network is something of value.


Froxy has one of the best proxy services for running geo-targeted tasks. You can select any country and city from a choice of over 220 territories. From here, you'll receive randomized rotating proxies tied to the selected regions.  

But that's not all.

You can narrow your proxy choices down to the ISP level. Moreover, there's an option for switching ports and servers to optimize performance. As such, you'll be able to efficiently collect data from practically any place on the planet.


Froxy servers use HTTPS to encrypt traffic between your devices and web resources. Even if someone eavesdrops on you, there's technically little chance for them to read your data. As such, you'll feel more confident when handling sensitive information. 

SOCKS5 boosts your protection by requiring login details to access the proxy service. Additionally, the protocol streamlines your connectivity for reliable and consistent performance. This reduces packet loss that can affect data collection quality.  

You can also use IP-based whitelisting to create a list of trusted IPs. This option prevents unauthorized users and devices from using your proxies.

Proxy Speeds

The performance of this proxy provider is average at best. You’ll experience fast uploads with moderate download and latency speeds. Below are the results as at the time of testing:

  • Average download - 1.5Mbps
  • Upload - 6.0Mbps
  • Latency - 300ms

That works okay for web scraping, but handling large-sized files requires patience.

Proxy Services

You can expect quality proxy services from Froxy. There are two options currently available.  

Residential Proxies

Residential rotating proxies is Froxy's most popular product. It comprises of gateways sourced from internet service providers (ISPs). Traffic through these channels tends to route through everyday PCs and laptops.

The plan provides unique IPs attached to genuine worldwide networks. This gives you the freedom of pinging to any international location. Additionally, it supports unlimited concurrent connections right out of the box.

Froxy offers limited bandwidth that ranges from 3GB to 1TB monthly. Unfortunately, once your allocation runs out, you'll need to upgrade or renew your package to continue using residential proxies.    

Mobile Proxies

Mobile proxies are intermediaries that use portable devices like smartphones and tablets. They usually connect to the internet via cellular networks. As such, firewalls can often be bypassed, making it easy to access data or content. 

Similarly to residential proxies, traffic allocation varies between 1GB and 50GB. But you do get access to millions of verified international 3G and 4G proxies. Furthermore, you can use geo-targeting to access most websites.

The starting price of $40 is relatively steep, considering the limited resource allocation. Though, this is not surprising, as mobile data is generally expensive. What's more, most cell carriers offer limited bandwidth, even to proxy users.  

Let’s now take a closer look at the control panel and explore its user-friendliness.

Ease of Use

Froxy has a simple dashboard that's highly intuitive. With ease, you can locate the necessary tools required for proxy configurations.  Some options include server selection, ports configuration, and login details.

Froxy Final

At the center of the control panel, you'll see the geolocation feature. Here you can select countries, regions, cities, and preferred ISPs. Furthermore, IP rotation and whitelisting options are a stone's throw away.

Froxy screen tips

The screen tips are worth mentioning, judging from other Froxy user reviews. It provides short functionality descriptions of the main features. You may find this handy because the platform lacks a knowledge base.

Customer Support

Customer support is also a critical element of this Froxy review. You'll find a convenient pop-up widget for accessing live chat agents during the daytime. When offline, you can submit a ticket.  

Their availability is, however, limited at night and on weekends. Should you find them offline, feel free to submit a ticket.

Experience proved support came fast and was informatively helpful. Additionally, the personnel were understanding and professional.

Pricing Plans

Froxy pricing plans are as follows: 

  • Mobile proxies: from $40/month. 
  • Residential proxies: from $45/month.

The vendor lacks any straightforward money-back policy and has limited options for refund requests. Not exactly ideal, but wait, it also offers a $1.99 three-day trial to test drive the service. 

So if you like the way it rides, here's an irresistible deal.

You'll get 30% OFF! when you buy any monthly package using our link. All you have to do is add this code - techjury_froxy_30. This only applies to one-time purchases and not trials, annual, or enterprise plans. 

You can use a credit card, PayPal, and Webmoney to make payments. The proxy provider also accepts crypto, including Bitcoin and altcoins like Ether and Litecoin. 


Froxy proxy service has all the features you need for everyday web scraping tasks. It's easy to use and quick to configure on any device. While it stands no chance against bigwig rival services like NetNut and IPRoyal, it's worth a shot.

The company offers well-packaged services at competitive prices. Each plan gives you access to over eight million quality IPs. On the contrary, the metered traffic allocation is a deal-breaker for most heavy users.

As you've read in this Froxy review, customer support is decent. It would be nice to see the provider add a detailed knowledge base similar to what Smartproxy provides. Nevertheless, you can use the trial to take it for a spin and see if it's up to the task.


Daniel Wabuge

Daniel Wabuge

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