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Duplicate files can clog up your hard drive and reduce performance. Gemini 2 solves this problem by scanning your system and letting you delete the unneeded ones. In this Gemini 2 review, you’ll learn all about this important Mac maintenance app. 

Free Version

Clean 500MB

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Up to 5

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Find Similar Files


Regular Storage Cleaner


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Best for: Mac users with large file libraries

Strengths Fast scanning
Strengths Accurate results
Strengths Also finds near-duplicates
Strengths Learns from your choices
Weaknesses No extra cleaning features
Weaknesses Not completely automated
Weaknesses Limited free version

What Is Gemini 2?

Gemini 2 is a duplicate file finder for Mac, developed by MacPaw. The tool quickly scans your disk and finds copies of files you don’t need. Duplicates can be discovered in unknown and obscure locations, with the aim to keep the originals intact. Users can also pick which files to keep.

Moreover, the app spots files that are similar, giving you the option to choose one over the other. I.e., you may not wish to keep two similar photos of the same landmark.

Regularly using Gemini duplicate file finder will help maintain storage space on your machine.

Gemini 2 Features

The features will seem limited if you’ve used other file cleaners and system optimizers. Yet, it performs these tasks better than any other. 

Gemini Duplications

Gemini for Mac has two file distinctions. As you’d expect, the first is duplicate files. These are two or more files or folders that are identical in content. In some cases, there may be slight variations in filename, but the raw data matches. 

You can end up with duplicate files for many reasons. For example, accidentally downloading the same file twice, badly developed software not overwriting data, or being careless in your own file management.

What’s most surprising is the amount of data that you end up piling over time. It found several gigabytes of duplicate files on my system that are just a few years old and are already monitored for junk files. 

Similar Files

The second distinction is similar files. These have almost the same profiles in terms of name, size, and content, but aren’t exact copies. A common example is a similar photo. As seen in Gemini 2 reviews, people often take multiple photos seconds apart and pick the best one. Gemini reminds us to delete the unwanted versions. 

My scan found multiple versions of the same software installed side-by-side instead of being replaced. There were also a bunch of exported videos from the same project. 

Not every similar file will require deletion, which is why you can manually review everything.

Smart Algorithm

The main difference between the original Gemini Mac app and the latest release is a smart selection algorithm. It notices patterns in how you choose which files to keep and remove, and then applies similar behavior to future scans.  

It will take some time for you to notice this in action. Even if you don’t find it to be useful, it’s easy to mass select or manually select what to delete.   

Is Gemini 2 safe?

In the rare chance you remove duplicate or similar files by accident, Gemini first sends them to the Trash instead of permanently deleting them. You can simply restore the files as normal.

On the other hand, you can change the settings to remove duplicates permanently if you tire of the extra deletion step. Another option, perhaps if you’re pressed for time, is to move everything to a dedicated duplicate folder. Then you can inspect it more closely later.


If I had to criticize one feature, it’s the user Rank badges. Not because these hinder the software, but because they don’t do much at all. 

The more you scan, the higher your rank, with titles such as ‘Newbie Scanner’, ‘Commander’, and ‘Trooper’. You’re unlikely to become addicted to scanning for duplicate files like achievements in a video game. One can’t help but feel, however, there’s a cynical reason for this feature.  

Ease of Use and Interface

MacPaw is known for creating easy-to-use software and this one is no exception, judging by Gemini 2 reviews

All you must do to start is choose from the Home, Pictures, or Music folders to scan. Alternatively, you can add folders from any other location.

You can view the overall progress during a scan, along with the combined file size, and the current scanning location. If you press stop you can clean what has been found so far or resume later. This is good if you need to do a resource-intensive activity and scanning hasn’t finished.

Next, you get a summary of what it finds and can use ‘Smart Cleanup’ to automatically remove everything or ‘Review Results’ to dig deeper yourself. It’s after reviewing the results manually that the smart cleanup algorithm will change. 

You get an organized view of all duplicate and similar files, which you can manually select or deselect for removal. Find exactly what you’re looking for via categories, sorting, or using the search bar.

If you know how to use a Mac, there’s really no way you’ll struggle to use MacPaw Gemini 2

Customer Support

Gemini 2 software comes with 24/7 technical support. Users can send an email using the online form. Alternatively, they can access the live chat system by hitting the icon at the bottom of most pages on the site. Find the current average response time in this chat window, which is usually no longer than five minutes.

If you don’t require an immediate response, the MacPaw support center has a PDF user manual, FAQ, and quite an extensive knowledge base. There is also an option to ‘suggest a feature’ if you think the software would benefit from something new.

Overall, it’s a straightforward piece of software but there’s more than enough support should you need it. 

Gemini 2 Pricing

The Gemini 2 Mac software pricing is based on the number of separate machines you wish to use it on. You can also save in the long run by making a one-time purchase. All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Yearly Plans

  • One Mac / $19.95
  • Two Macs / $29.95
  • Five Macs / $44.95

Lifetime Plans

  • One Mac / $44.95
  • Two Macs / $66.95
  • Five Macs / $99.95

Due to its lack of an unlimited plan, it’s not an ideal solution for medium to large businesses running many Macs on site.

Gemini 2 Review – Verdict

Cleaning and system optimization is nothing new to Mac users, but most software aims to do everything at once. Gemini duplicate finder does one task: finding and removing duplicate and similar files. It does this faster and more accurately than any other software on the market. 

If you have a particularly large file library, then the Gemini 2 app is ideal for freeing up space. You’ll have even better results if you use it in conjunction with MacPaw’s CleanMyMac X app. 

If you’re on a tight budget, however, it makes more sense to go with a broader file cleaner that targets lots of ‘junk’, not just duplicates.


How do I use Gemini 2 duplicate finder?

To use Gemini 2, simply open the app, choose where to scan for duplicates, and check the removal options once complete. It’s about as straightforward as you can get.

Is Gemini 2 for Mac free?

Users can fully scan their system and delete up to 500MB of duplicate data for free. However, you need a premium license to delete everything that’s found. The free version isn’t practical over the long term.

What is Macpaw Gemini2?

Gemini 2 is MacPaw’s second major release of its duplicate file cleaning software. The Mac-only app supports the finding and removal of exact copies and similar files to save space and keep your system running efficiently.

Is Gemini 2 a Scam?

No, MacPaw is a respected Mac software developer. During this Gemini 2 review, I was personally able to locate a lot of duplicate files and didn’t run into any trouble.

Nonetheless, the amount of data you can remove depends on your usage habits and how long you have ignored the issue of duplicate files. Careful users may not have many duplicates at all, but the free version of the software allows you to check without committing to a premium license. 


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