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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Aug 03, 2022

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That fact that your antivirus can fail to arrest some threats is a scary thought. But I want you to know that you can mitigate that risk. The key is using GlassWire. We also have you covered with a GlassWire coupon - "tj20" to get 20% off. 

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GlassWire Review


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Best for: Android and Windows.

Strengths IoT security
Strengths User-friendly
Strengths Lightweight application
Strengths Monitoring notifications
Weaknesses No Mac version
Weaknesses Scanty router management info
Weaknesses No auto update option

GlassWire is an easy-to-use visual network management platform to help monitor your network's usage. This tool gives you more control over your security, privacy, and activity. 

This next-generation firewall analyses your network's current and past events and displays its findings in a graph. To date, GlassWire free downloads amount to 20+ million. 


Now, let's have a look at this security solution's main features.

Internet of Things Security

IoT presents an unsurpassed user experience. However, internet-connected devices can also expose you to numerous security challenges if they don't have the right form of threat protection

Luckily, when doing this GlassWire review, I found out that the tool has a "Things" feature to show you a list of IoT devices connected to your network. If a strange device suddenly joins your system, this feature will take note. 

You might need to scan your machine for the tool to bring up IoTs. It's best to configure your device to scan for "Things" periodically to ensure you never miss a report.

“Things” will show you if any of your devices are wasting your bandwidth. From the list, you can eliminate any suspicious device that may intend to hack your gadget. 

Note that GlassWire's free plan only gives you the number of devices that it found. The premium plans provide much more details, such as:

  • Device name
  • The gadget's network
  • MAC and IP addresses of the device

Firewall Control

GlassWire gives you different profiles for your firewalls. For instance, you might have different firewalls for different environments, such as work, home, or public Wi-Fi use. This platform allows you to switch between them easily.  

GlassWire control service interacts with your preexisting Windows firewall and takes control to bring up reports. Using this feature, you can block programs or networks without affecting those you've allowed interactions with your PC.

Now, it's possible to accidentally block useful apps that you might suspect to be malware. But, you can separate the wheat from the chaff using VirusTotal, another great tool that I discovered while writing this GlassWire review. Once you submit the file in question, the service will check it against antivirus sites and let you know if they have listed it as a malicious program.  

Visual Network Monitoring

This tool uses beautiful graphs to show your network's present and past activities. 

Aesthetic appeal in data presentation might seem misplaced, but it has a crucial purpose, and here it is: 

Attractive graphs ensure that you look at them: hence you'll never miss suspicious activities that may have grave repercussions in the long run. 

From the graph, you'll be able to view your network's going's ons regarding issues like:

  • Your incoming and outgoing communication
  • Network bandwidth usage
  • The apps initiating connections, their hosts, and even country of origin

You can also change your skins (color) to help you distinctively identify different graph metrics quickly. 


A firewall is no good if it can't alert you on your network's suspicious activities, right?

When doing this GlassWire review, I discovered that this platform would never let anything questionable slide without notifying you. This tool does the job diligently, by informing you on things like:

  • When any of your apps connect to a dubious host
  • New/unknown devices on your network
  • Devices leaving your network
  • Any remote sessions
  • Host file, application proxy server, or network driver changes 

This solution's alerts quickly fade into the background. In other words, the notifications appear on your screen for milliseconds then disappear. 

Sometimes, you might be doing something that doesn't need contact interruptions, such as taking screenshots. If you don't want to see notifications at all, GlassWire understands. 

You can tweak your settings to enable the "snooze" mode. That way, the alerts will stop trickling in now and then for a solid 24 hours, allowing you to focus on your work.

Since there could be some crucial information in the pop-ups, the software moves them to the background and stores info on the "alerts" tab. From here, you can check the alert in detail whenever you get a chance. 

Bandwidth Monitoring

The GlassWire network monitor feature allows you to keep track of your bandwidth usage. This feature is especially useful if your data suddenly starts getting depleted fast, while your usage remains the same. That would be a strong indicator that a suspicious program could be interfering with your network privacy and security. Another thing could be that some of your apps may continue to consume your data even when not in use. 

When that happens, your network becomes slow, which can be frustrating. In addition, you end up using too much money on bandwidth, yet your consumption doesn't match up to usage reports.

This feature allows you to set weekly or monthly data limits. The system then sends you alerts whenever you go overboard. That way, you can analyze your usage to identify any suspicious apps/devices that may be freeloading on your network. 

Advanced Features

Now, let's have a look at the advanced features that come with a GlassWire download.

Remote Server Monitoring

If you run a business, monitoring your remote servers can help you identify issues before they mess up user experience. That way, it becomes easier and faster to troubleshoot.

GlassWire software's "remote server" allows you to monitor traffic on your local computer. With the feature, you can see things like new app activity or security alerts. 

Wi-Fi Evil Twin Detection

Hackers use rogue wireless connections to create access points into devices using Wi-Fis. A cybercriminal can use any internet-connected PC or smartphone to create evil twins that appear legitimate.

The illegitimate connections' goal is to harvest organizational or personal data. GlassWire can alert you when it spots any of the following:

  • Any new hardware with a similar Wi-Fi name as yours
  • Sudden Wi-Fi password loss

Internet Security and Privacy

This platform's main agenda is to detect malicious activities, and most GlassWire reviews focus on it. However, you can rely on it to protect your privacy on the internet as well.

Visiting different websites might seem harmless. But you might be surprised at how many servers that have no relation to your trusted site attempt to make connections.

Such servers aim to collect data on your browsing history or IP address

Luckily, GlassWire can help you maintain privacy as you surf the internet.

GlassWire app has a toolbox that conducts security checks to show you if your gadget is communicating with untrustworthy IP addresses. Some of the details that you can find out using this feature include:

  • ARP spoof monitoring
  • System file changes
  • Changes in your apps' information

Network Time Machine

This software allows you to go back in time, using sliders. From here, you can compare your bandwidth usage by day, week, and month to identify any issues.

RPD connection detection

Hackers can see everything that you're doing on your desktop in real-time. 

One of the reasons why it’s crucial to read GlassWire Reviews for 2021 is to equip yourself with knowledge surrounding this issue. 

This tool’s RPD detection connection feature can protect you from prying eyes. 

This platform can detect any new remote desktop connections and notify you immediately so that you can shut down any hacking attempts.

Ask to Connect

Smart apps/software can connect with your device without detection, even as you use your machine. GlassWire sends you alerts every time a new network attempts to connect with your device. This system gives you the liberty to either accept or decline such requests. 

Lockdown Mode

One of GlassWire’s benefits is the ability to block all network connectivity while you're away. Therefore, you can rest assured that no programs will take advantage of your absence to launch attacks or consume your bandwidth.  

Who's on Your Network or Wi-Fi?

If your network is suddenly sluggish, the chances are that unknown devices might be consuming your data. This software can alert you every time a new device joins your list of known gadgets.

In case of any hacking, this feature will notify you of any gadgets that have left your network. 

Incognito Mode

If you wish to access apps or websites that you don't want the software to log, you can use GlassWire's incognito mode. However, you have to turn this feature on; otherwise, it doesn't work by default. 

Once you enable it, the software stops recording incoming and outgoing traffic, until you turn it off. 

This feature is of absolute necessity because there are forms of malware that execute once they detect a user's absence. Note that you won't discover their activity once you resume because they quickly shut down and wait for the next window of opportunity. 

Do You Need Glasswire?

Most people that have installed antivirus programs on their devices often wonder whether GlassWire is necessary. 

Here's the answer:

Antiviruses can miss some threats. 

Therefore, if you want to place your network's activity under a microscope, then you need GlassWire. The network monitoring tool will help you identify any suspicious activity before hackers launch attacks or install malware.

Now that you know that this tool is necessary, there's another crucial element that you have to know. 

There's no GlassWire firewall for free. Therefore, if you need access to this feature, you should opt for one of the premium plans. 

Ease of Use

When experimenting with this software's interface to prepare this GlassWire reviewI loved how incredibly easy it was to use it. Most things were self-explanatory.

However, some things might require a bit of network savvy, for instance, graph interpretation. The good news is that you can get things going by seeking help from the company’s responsive support. 

At the top of my dashboard were the different features, such as usage, things (IoT), graphs, alerts, and firewall

Clicking on any icon on the toolbar brought forth the information that was easy for me to interpret and digest. The graph broke down data in terms of traffic and apps, of which I had a choice to view each separately. 

The system color-coded each item on the graph when I chose a combined view for differentiation. My dashboard wasn't cluttered; hence, everything was easy to locate.

Customer Support

When doing this GlassWire review, I needed to give you a picture of how the company support will be for you after purchase. 

This is what I found out:

You can get help through either of the following options:

  • Email (four options)
  • Community/forum
  • Start and user guides
  • Android help
  • Alert dictionary
  • Bug bounty

I tried out the email support option, and I loved the response time. It took less than 2 minutes to hear back from one of the company's customer representatives.  

I got all the information that I needed after asking a series of questions. The company's customer service representative was knowledgeable, articulate, and professional. 

GlassWire Pricing

This platform has a 7-day trial for you to try out all its premium features. You can continue using the solution for free once your trial period is over with GlassWire Lifetime.

But there's the catch:

The free version will be a limited edition that you can only use on one PC. Note that this plan doesn't have a firewall, and lacks essential security features like:

  • Mini graph
  • Lockdown mode
  • Ask to connect
  • Mic or Webcam detection
  • Hide app activity.

Here are the software's pricing packages:

  • Basic - $29.00 (one device, six-month history, and three remote connections.
  • Pro - $50.00 (Three devices, one-year history, and ten remote connections)
  • GlassWire Elite - $75.00 (10 devices, unlimited history, and remote connections)

Here's another piece of crucial information.

This software doesn't need any credit card information for the Windows trial sign-up. However, downloading the tool on Google Play for Android requires payment details. 

GlassWire Review - Verdict

GlassWire is great. It has lots of useful features which include, discreet alerts, mini graphs, evil twin detection, ask to connect, lockdown mode, who's on your network, multiple server monitoring, etc. 

Even though it is rich in features, GlassWire is not confusing at all, and using it is a breeze. It doesn't require a lot of processing power or RAM, which could otherwise slow down your machine.  

GlassWire charges per device, and not by any other parameters. Therefore, all the plans get to have to access the same premium features. 


This software doesn't have a phone or chat customer service option, which can be a bit off-putting. However, I was thoroughly impressed by its email support. The speed at which I got responses was unmatched. It felt like we had a face-to-face conversation with the contact person. 

The only truly bad news is that there is no GlassWire for Mac. The company is working on it, though. Once it’s available, we’ll update you.

Although it doesn’t counter every single threat that it comes across, GlassWire is most definitely worth the attention. The tool presents all its findings in the form of alerts and graphs, of which it does an outstanding job. The bottom line is it's up to you to ensure that you go through each one of them and take action.


How good is GlassWire?

GlassWire is an excellent and useful software to monitor your network. The tool is easy to use and gives information regarding your connections in real-time, helping you identify issues before it’s too late.  

How much does GlassWire cost?

GlassWire has four packages, and their costs are as follows:

  • Free version- $0.00
  • Basic - $29.00
  • Elite - $50.00
  • GlassWire Pro download -$75.00

What is the use of GlassWire?

GlassWire's purpose is to visualize your current and past network to identify threats. The platform also monitors your remote servers, manages firewalls, and sends you alerts in case of an issue. 

Is GlassWire Firewall free?

GlassWire firewall is not free. 

However, there’s a free version of GlassWire. 

But note that it does not have firewall functionality, and this is one of the core differences between the GlassWire free vs. the paid version.

There's also a trial period that allows you to use all premium functionalities for free for seven days. Beware that the software will disable this feature once the trial period is over. For more info, read my GlassWire review.

Is GlassWire a subscription?

Yes, GlassWire is a subscription service. The software is track and ad-free, so it's paramount for it to sell subscriptions to enable it to take care of its running costs. 


Deyan Georgiev

Deyan Georgiev

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