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Jacquelyn Bulao
Jacquelyn Bulao

Updated · Sep 27, 2022

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HappyFox is an efficient ticketing and customer help desk software. Unlike many other HappyFox reviews, we’ll be diving into the specifics of its features, integrations, support, and pricing plans.



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Minimum Price $39/month

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Best for: Small to medium-sized businesses looking for easy to use customer service software.

Strengths Easy to use
Strengths Customization options
Strengths Wide selection of integrations
Strengths Superb ticket management capabilities
Weaknesses No free trial
Weaknesses Additional fees for SMS and chat
Weaknesses More expensive than competitors

What Is HappyFox?

If your business has customer service, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of HappyFox. This comprehensive application has transformed the way customer service agents work.

The tools in this service desk software help the support teams of smaller businesses compete with those of larger organizations. Customer support can generate, manage, and resolve tickets from various platforms, including emails, social media, voice calls, and live chats. HappyFox also offers content management features, reports, analytics, and self-service portals.

HappyFox Features

HappyFox help desk comes with some impressive features that make customer support much easier, including:

All-in-One Channel

HappyFox can act as an omnichannel for requests. By syncing your support email address, the software automatically converts all incoming emails into actionable tickets. Even social media mentions and messages can be converted into tickets. HappyFox conveniently tracks, prioritizes, and follows up on requests.

Additionally, you can add a live chat plugin to your support center. This way, you’ll be able to record all customer conversations.

HappyFox also enables you to create tickets and receive notifications directly from internal communications platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Ticket Management

The software has an efficient ticket management system that has earned great praise in many HappyFox reviews. With the provided templates, the software lets you create tickets with custom fields and properties. HappyFox also comes with the option to create custom templates.

You can separate your incoming tickets into categories and look at them in a card, table, or Kanban view.

HappyFox also simplifies the process of dealing with customers who have multiple tickets. You can clone, relate, merge, or split tickets to manage complex requests. The software lets you break them into smaller tasks

If you need any help solving a request, the help desk platform makes it easy to send private notes to your team. This way, you can discuss tickets confidentially with subject matter experts.

Self Service

The HappyFox self-service is one of the most user-oriented features. This software allows you to build and manage a knowledge base and FAQ for your customers, so they don’t have to reach out to the support team. You can create articles in multiple languages to cater to a global customer base.

The knowledge base is organized in categories, searchable, shows what articles are popular, and allows customers to mark them as helpful. You’ll be able to identify areas where additional information is needed to reduce customer service calls even further.

This service ticketing software gives you the option to create an internal knowledge base available to only your staff. But it’s also possible to build a contact portal for your customers, enabling them to log in and track the progress of their requests whenever they want.


The ability to provide valuable insights from the data captured in tickets is a feature any customer help desk program needs. HappyFox can do just that.

This service desk system allows you to monitor ticket inflow, observe trends, identify peak hours, change agent availability, and optimize support strategy.

You can also use the software to carry out performance reports, measuring first contact resolution, response times, and closure times. You can track your agents’ activity reports and performance to identify top-performing employees.

Other types of reports can also be created and viewed directly from this platform. Some of them include distribution, satisfaction surveys, customer reports, and more.


A tech support ticket system like HappyFox has to put security as a top priority.

All HappyFox accounts come with an in-built SSL customization module that encrypts your communication between browsers and servers. This software also features IP restrictions that allow you to whitelist the IP addresses of which your customer service agents can access their portal.

The session-based security feature automatically logs out whenever an agent leaves their computer unattended to protect sensitive data.

You can set up a single-sign-on script to authenticate agents and customers on your HappyFox account. You can include an additional security level using two-factor authentication.


HappyFox help desk allows you to customize your help desk to personalize the customer experience. It also lets you assign roles to agents, showing the software who can access data and important actions.

You can create customized knowledge bases and customer portals to ensure your support is personalized and unique.

Other aspects that can be customized include work schedules, personal workflows, ticket queues, and ticket custom fields.

HappyFox Integrations

HappyFox integrates with various software that helps make ticket management, workflow, and customer support much easier. Some integrations include:

Ease of Use and Interface

HappyFox’s user interface has earned it a big thumbs up in this HappyFox review. The interface is clean and attractive, making navigating this platform an effortless task.

Every menu or button is easy to find. HappyFox is ideal for tech novices, as functions don’t require much work, and the learning curve is almost non-existent. For example, creating tickets is as simple as clicking a ‘+’ button and entering the relevant details. 

The ticket management system is organized and color-coded. However, if you don’t like the way it looks, you can customize it to suit your brand’s style. It’s even possible to change ticket fields, categories, statuses, and priorities.

HappyFox Support

While HappyFox is incredibly easy to use, the software provides a wide selection of support options.

With your subscription, you gain access to video guides, ebooks, webinars, product guides, a product blog, and case studies. If you need additional support, this services desk software also offers live chat, email support, and phone support. 

The HappyFox support agents are helpful, timely, and can provide you with the answers you require.

HappyFox Pricing

HappyFox offers four different pricing plans:


$29/User/Month (annual subscription)

Or $39/user/month including canned actions, SLA management, access to the knowledge base, SSO (Google Apps/SALM), SSL certificate hosting, and migration assistance.


$49/User/Month (annual subscription)

Or $59/user/month including everything in the Mighty plan, multi-brand helpdesk, SLA breach notifications, custom ticket queues, 24/7 email support, and optional EU data center.


$69/User/Month (annual subscription)

Or $79/user/month including everything in the Fantastic plan, proactive agent collision, task management, asset management, 24/7 email/chat support, and uptime SLA.

Enterprise plus

$89/User/Month (annual subscription)

Or $99/user/month including everything in the Enterprise plan, agent scripting, 2 TB attachment store, all-time reporting history, 24/7 email/chat/phone support, and customer success manager.

This service desk application does not have a free subscription. That said, HappyFox offers users an initial 30-minute demo. This involves speaking to a HappyFox representative who gives you a tour of the help desk software.

HappyFox vs Freshdesk

Freshdesk offers similar services and is a well-known HappyFox competitor. In the next part of our HappyFox review, we’ll be comparing the two.

When it comes to system design, HappyFox and Freshdesk are quite similar. They both have sleek and user-friendly interfaces, with buttons and menu bars conveniently located on their pages.

HappyFox comes with two unique features that streamline your workflow. The Auto Assignments assigns tickets to agents based on their availability, and Canned Actions recommends solutions to agents to reduce the time spent on common issues.

Freshdesk also offers two unique features that help solve customer requests. The Help Widget is an interactive live chat designed to help customers solve their problems to avoid new ticket creations. The Freddy AI is a customer support system that allows customers and agents to solve issues to deflect a ticket.

Both help desk applications support customization identically. However, Freshdesk goes the extra mile by allowing users to customize themes and page layouts.

The services are pretty much the same when it comes to customer support. Agents can be reached via social media, email, and live chat for HappyFox and Freshdesk. Both companies offer in-depth support and detailed answers to questions and issues.

Many other user-written HappyFox reviews are disappointed by the high price tag, especially since Freshdesk’s plans are more affordable.

HappyFox Review - Verdict

HappyFox is one of the most impressive services of its kind. That said, our HappyFox review found strengths and weaknesses. 

It is hard to ignore the cost of this service. HappyFox plans are at least $10/user/month more expensive than its major competitors, Freshdesk and Zendesk. Considering that HappyFox intentionally raised its prices to be more costly, one has to wonder if the higher cost is worth it.

Another issue is that many of the features that make this tech support software stand out are only available for an enterprise-level plan and above. Users on the Mighty and Fantastic plans cannot access these impressive features without upgrading their subscription.

The lack of a free trial is also disappointing, considering that most users would want to try out the services before fully committing financially.

But besides those downsides, it’s almost impossible to use HappyFox and not love its sleek user interface. This service ticketing software has one of the cleanest and sophisticated designs we’ve come across.

The ticket management system is also impressive. Creating, managing, and resolving tickets has been made much more manageable. Plus, its extensive customization options allow you to adjust the layout of your tickets, help desk, schedules, and more.

Besides, this HappyFox review wouldn’t be incomplete without mentioning its wide selection of integration options. You get to integrate the software with your favorite platforms for more efficient ticket management and streamlined workflow.

All in all, we think HappyFox is a fantastic service with many benefits. While it’s pricey, you do get value for your money.


What is HappyFox?

HappyFox is a help desk platform that helps manage customer support via a ticket management system. Tickets can be generated via email, social media, voice call, or live chat. Other features include task management, self-service, knowledge base, and an issue tracking system.

How much does HappyFox cost?

HappyFox has four pricing plans. It starts at $39/user/month or $348/user/year and goes up to $99/user/month or $1068/user/year, depending on what features you want. While many HappyFox reviews find it on the more expensive side, we think it provides value for money.

What is a help desk ticket?

A help desk ticket is an interaction between a customer service agent and a customer covering an issue or question about the company’s product or service.


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