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Do you need another phone number? A second line is helpful in many ways. Today, several apps help with that, but maybe Hush’s the one. Stick around as I tell you all you need to know about it in my Hushed app review.




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Best for: The Hushed app is best for international calls using WiFi.

Strengths Free trial available
Strengths 30-day money-back guarantee on all paid plans
Strengths Available on Android and iOS
Strengths Unlimited texting and calls
Weaknesses Plans are slightly expensive
Weaknesses Complaints on non-WiFi connectivity
Weaknesses Average support

What Is Hushed? 

It is a virtual telephone number app that gives you access to calls in the same way as your carrier. You can use it from anywhere, without a SIM card. All you need to do is have the Hushed calling app installed on your device. 

Upon initial installation, you get three days to try out the app for free, after which you have to pay. The app assigns you a virtual telephone number to make VoIP calls and send and receive SMS

Hushed offers a ton of local telephone numbers from hundreds of area codes across the UK, Canada, and the USA. You can manage multiple lines at your discretion and securely dispose of each number after use. 

It’s a useful tool to have if you find yourself needing multiple phone numbers for business and other purposes.  Just as well, the Hushed VoIP solution appeals to travelers and people who live and work on the move. Due to the anonymity and security it offers, it’s also excellent for online dating and classified ads.

Hushed is available on iOS and Android. Here’s what you get, if you download it:


The Hushed private phone line has a lot the offer. Here’s what made a positive impression: 

Virtual Phone Numbers

Gone are the days when you had to get another telephone line if you had to travel. Technology has evolved up to VoIP tech software, with Hush one of the best around. 

You don’t need another device or SIM card. After completing the required registration, you will be assigned a secure line to make calls and send texts. When you’re roaming, you can stay perpetually reachable

You can make international and local calls and enjoy unlimited texting and calling

Calls are end-to-end encrypted, with other next-gen cyber protocols further strengthening its telecommunications network.  

You can access several free local UK, USA, and Canada lines with the software. 

One-App, Many Lines

Hushed allows you to add more than one line, all managed from one app. Although this is not a unique feature, it’s still a great one.

Having a Hushed second phone number can help you manage your personal life and business better. 

Unlimited Media Access

Use your Hushed-assigned number the way you would your regular carrier. The app allows you to send media, in addition to its VoIP services. There’s no limit on how much you can send, either.

In some Hushed app reviews, however, users have expressed disappointment at speed and message deliverability. 

Just as well, this particular feature is not very unique, as other apps do the same thing. 

Third-Party Integrations

Sending and receiving media takes a whole new dimension with new integrations with Slack and Dropbox.

The messages are automatically deleted after they are read. You can speed up your workflow by uploading directly from your Dropbox cloud storage. 

You can also collaborate professionally on Slack, managing contacts, personal messages, and customer feedback from one interface. 

Voice Mail Customization

Using a Hushed free number, you can leave customized replies for whenever you’re unavailable.

You can also set auto-replies to batches of messages

Call Forwarding

You can also set a telephone number to forward an incoming call on to. This allows a great deal of flexibility. 

The function is convenient for owners of multiple devices or those who want to reduce their dependency on multiple mobile gadgets for work. 

Call Routing 

With a Hushed line, you can make calls with WiFi/data. In addition, you can use regular voice minutes to make calls.

How Does Hushed Work?

Basically, it works by turning your mobile phone into a contact and business hub. 

Although there are many apps like Hushed, it stands out for its ease of use. Installation is a one-time matter. After subscribing to any of the plans, you can simply go through the options dashboard to set things up.

The app allows you to take control of your phone calls with a single tap. However, it can be difficult to make certain remote ones. There may be cases where you lose connectivity briefly.

Overall, Wi-Fi calls work admirably well, with clear calls and quick-delivery texts recorded. 

The Hushed calling app gives you access to a virtual line that you can dispose of after use. 

Customer Support

Hush has several articles on the most frequently asked questions about the software. But for customers seeking prompt solutions to connectivity issues, this may not be enough.

You can log complaints related to calling, texting, and contacts at the support center. On your Hushed line, you can also access the customer support in-app. Although the replies often take longer than 24 hours, the resolution is not always satisfactory. 

The only support channel available on the Hushed phone app is email.

You can log your complaints by creating a ticket with your account information and the nature of the problem. 

Hushed Pricing

The app comes with a 3-day free trial, so you can sample its features and enjoy one virtual number. You can choose a US, UK number, or a random area code. 

Other than the Hushed free trial, there are three subscription-based plans:

Prepaid Plans

From $1.99

Users can enjoy bundled minutes or SMS to make local calls and send texts. Each plan lasts for 7, 30, 90, and 365 days. You can also make one-time payments and use the software for as long as you want.

Unlimited Subscriptions

From $3.99

This plan features unlimited texting and calling. It is available in the UK, Canada, and US numbers. You can make payments on a monthly or yearly basis, with a 20% discount on the latter.

Pay-as-you-go International Plans

From $4.99

On this plan, you can make international calls on any Hushed number. It comes with $1 worth of Hushed credits for you to use. You can also text internationally with Canada and US numbers.

However, you should note that Hushed may not be available for verification texts and SMS shortcode, and 911 services. 

Hushed Vs Google Voice 

Google Voice is one of Hushed’s biggest competitors for very good reason. Both platforms provide a telephone management solution.

Hushed provides a private virtual number from the US, Canada, and the UK. Google Voice doesn’t. 

With Hushed, you can make international calls on the go, with no nationality limit. Presently, Google Voice supports international calls to only 11 countries. As you can see from my Hush app review, it has the edge here. 

Both platforms share a number of similar features, such as call forwarding and unlimited SMS. Being a part of the G-Suite, Google Voice allows synchronization and integration with other apps like Drive, Calendar, Meet, and Hangouts. 

While Hushed is available on just Android and iOS, Google Voice also has a Chrome extension. 

Overall, Google Voice seems to be the better solution if you want a business VoIP tool. On the other hand, Hushed is better placed as a second telephone number with its versatility. 

Hushed Vs Burner

Burner is another one of Hushed’s fiercest competitors, offering users an alternative telephone line. Both platforms are big on security and unlimited texting.

One of the main differences between the two platforms is geographical spread. You can use Hushed virtually anywhere in the world. On the other hand, Burner is limited to Canada and the USA. 

Both platforms share Slack and Dropbox integrations, with Burner offering G-Drive as well. The latter also has several advanced features that are lacking in Hushed, such as robocall blocking.

In addition, you can take 3rd-party integrations further with Burner’s API. It also offers pin lock, do not disturb, and the ability to mute certain contacts. 

Using Burner’s MMS, you can add emojis and gifs to your messages.

Another edge that it has is call quality. Many Hushed app user reviews feature complaints about that part.

So, if you require a second telephone number with basic features and international calling, Hushed is a great choice. If you’re into big business and need a lot of integrations, Burner might just be the better option. They cost pretty much the same, too!


Hushed provides a lifetime number alternative. Of course, the software’s usefulness goes beyond using virtual lines for anonymous operations. It allows business flexibility, and you can use it for classified ads, as well as dating sites

If your primary line is being bombarded to the point of inconvenience, then it’s time to look for a secondary number. 

And if you travel a lot, you will find that many of its inherent features will come in handy.


Is Hushed app safe?

Yes, the app is perfectly safe and legitimate. Your calls will be encrypted end-to-end and there are next-gen cyber protocols further strengthening the security.

Why do people use Hushed app?

People use the Hushed app as a secondary telephone number. You can use it from any device if you have the software installed. It comes in handy for traveling, business flexibility, and more.

Is Hushed app anonymous?

Yes, it is. After using it, you can easily discard it without compromising any of your personal information.

Does Hushed work with WhatsApp?

The service does not support SMS verification services, unfortunately, so no WhatsApp.

For more information, check my Hushed app review.


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Is Hushed app anonymous? Yes, it is. After using it, you can easily discard it without compromising any of your personal information. Could you please explain this?