Hypefury Review - Worth Your Time?

Romj Amon
Romj Amon

Updated · Aug 03, 2022

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Is this the best scheduling app for Twitter thread creation and posting? If so, how come it only has 1,000+ paying users? Read this Hypefury review till the end to see if it’s all just hype.

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Native Integrations


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Best for: Twitter-dependent content creators and influencers

Strengths Seamless Twitter thread creation
Strengths Decent interoperability
Strengths Free version
Strengths Chat and email support
Weaknesses No auto-follow feature
Weaknesses No un-retweet functionality
Weaknesses No non-Twitter engagement capability

What Is Hypefury?

Hypefury is a freemium Twitter growth tool that’s integratable with various platforms. It has a kick-ass web-based app packed with great features for automating your processes and engaging with your followers. 

Hypefury is perfect for marketing professionals who want to gain an edge in social media. If you’re an aspiring influencer or content creator, you’ll find it super useful too.

Not only could you manage dozens of social accounts, but also add other users to collaborate with.

Founded in 2019, the company operates out of Delaware, USA. Considering its short history, it’s only managed to gather about 30 Hypefury reviews across G2 and Capterra. Still, its average rating of 4.6–4.9 stars proves that its most vocal users have had very few complaints.


Let’s have a look at the gist of this app’s functionality:

Tweets and Threads

Using the Hypefury Composer, you can craft individual tweets with text, media, GIFs, and/or emojis from scratch.


When you’re on Full-screen or Focus mode, you can preview your content in action.

full screen or focus mode

Once you’re done, you can:

  • Add your post to the queue.
  • Save it as a draft.
  • Post it right away.

I’ll discuss how you can schedule threads in a bit.


These interactive tweets are engagement magnets, allowing you to put your finger on the pulse of your community.

By default, every Hypefury poll has two choices, but you can add two more. In terms of duration, you can set the timer from five minutes to seven hours.


With this app, you’d post screenshots of your tweets on Instagram Business Accounts, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, and OnlyFans. However, its inability to post on LinkedIn Company Pages is a common complaint among Hypefury reviews.

You can also run Gumroad sales on autopilot and configure the details of your promotions without leaving the app.

In addition, you can download the Black Magic Chrome extension to access Hypefury Inspiration more easily.

Since you can instantly generate API keys, you can connect Hypefury to external apps as you see fit.

Hypefury Inspiration

If you experience writer’s block, Hypefury can help get your creative juices flowing.

It has a library of templates and can show you viral tweets from 14 niches and thread hooks. It can also give you thousands of sample questions you can ask and remind you of your best-performing posts.

With the Quote Generator, you can steal wise words from famous historical figures. You can tweet a quote as it is or edit one to make it your own.

quote generator


The app lets you post your tweets, threads, retweets, and replies on schedule. As a paying subscriber, you’ll enable Hypefury to publish content for Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

Advanced scheduling matters to keep your followers engaged 24/7. It can effectively grow your community, especially when reaching out to audiences in different time zones.

Hypefury’s default social media calendar has round times, but you can tweak it as you please.

posting schedule


These are follow-up promotional tweets you can set to automatically post upon crossing your specified engagement threshold. Minimum number of likes is the usual trigger.

Global autoplugs apply to your chosen percentage of tweets, regardless of how you post them. For tweets published outside of Hypefury, the autoplugs may take 10–20 minutes to post. 

Tweet-specific autoplugs, on the other hand, apply only to tweets you pair them with.

So, how does Hypefury Autoplugs work?

When it comes to configuration, you can write the text and create as many follow-up tweets as you like. If you have more than one on file, Hypefury will randomly select which one to post.

You can also choose to fire autoplugs only to tweets you haven’t manually responded to and give priority to global autoplugs over tweet-specific ones.

Tweet Booster

This booster will retweet all your posts, powered by Hypefury or not, or individual ones you pick. This way, your popular content can get more visibility.

Like autoplugs, you can trigger automatic retweets upon reaching a certain number of likes. Plus, you can delay their posting by 1–48 hours and select multiple intervals.

Each retweet will occupy a time slot in your queue, giving you an idea of when Hypefury will post it. If the retweet doesn’t satisfy your criteria, it will disappear from the list.

Recurrent Posts

These are old tweets Hypefury reposts on Twitter in addition to the items in your main queue.

Unlike retweets, recurrent posts are new tweets based on old content. They help keep your social accounts active without the pressure of crafting fresh material.

Your recurrent post schedule relies on categories. So, you need to assign one to every existing tweet you wish to repost.

Hypefury prioritizes saved recurrent posts over the ones published through other means. Once all tweets in a category have been sent, the app will choose the oldest from the list.

To avoid spam, Hypefury waits at least seven days before reposting an old tweet in a category.

Evergreen Posts

These are highly engaging tweets you can regularly retweet to get more mileage out of them.

Evergreen posts have dedicated slots in the main queue.


If you have nothing to tweet at a particular time, Hypefury will post any of your evergreens instead.

You can label all your best tweets as evergreen. Also, you can curate your list using the Set as an Evergreen Post button in the Composer or your post history.

Hypefury Auto DM

Using this feature, you can automatically send a custom DM when someone replies and/or retweets your post.

This major time-saver works for a week after you’ve made the tweet. Hypefury limits auto DMs to 1,000 a day, which is consistent with Twitter’s policy.

Tweet Import

You can also upload old tweets in bulk through CSV files. Alternatively, you can import your Twitter archive and immediately fill empty time slots in your queue.

Either way, you can give your old content a new lease on life.

Engagement Builder

This feature lets you follow between 2 and 20 Twitter users, so you can interact with their posts more easily. It’s an effective way to improve your engagement with select accounts.

If you want to concentrate on other Twitter handles, you can always change your feed settings.

My Mentions

Hypefury can track Twitter mentions of your account or the ones you manage. And you can view such tweets at a glance.

This way, you can reply to every single one of them and ensure no engagement opportunity goes to waste.


As a ghostwriter, you can use Hypefury to post tweets on behalf of other users. Ghostwriting mode is perfect for social media managers.


Hypefury can track and display key stats, including: 

  • Tweets per day
  • Impressions per tweet
  • Engagement per tweet
  • Follower growth

By gleaning insight from your numbers, you can decide which strategies work and which don’t.

Ease of Use and Interface

There’s no need to download anything to get started with Hypefury and integrate it with Instagram and other platforms.

During sign-in, all you need is Twitter credentials. This means you can begin posting and adding content to your queue in a minute.

Hypefury’s Composer can pop up like a new email draft, which you can minimize or adjust to different views. The Compose button never leaves the screen, no matter where you are in the app.

The software neatly hides features in drop-down menus on the left. And some of the essential options appear as icons on the right.

You can choose from four themes: Dark, Light, Pink, and Sync with System.

So, how does the Hypefury thread creator work?

There are three simple methods to craft threads:

  1. Clicking the Add Tweet button.
  2. Copy-pasting a large chunk of text and letting Hypefury split it into a series of tweets.
  3. Hitting Enter three times to create a new tweet when on Full-screen or Focus mode.


Twitter post

If you don’t want to publish your entire thread at once, you can post each threaded tweet separately.

You also have the option to set a delay between posts. You get preset and custom time delay options for full control over the process.

Plus, you can use Thread Finisher to retweet your first post as a quote at the end of the thread. It comes with a canned message, but it’s editable to make it more engaging.

thread finisher

Twitter post wrap

Hypefury Pricing

Have a look at what you can get from Hypefury plans.



One connected social account, unlimited tweet and thread scheduling for two days, writer’s block alleviation, thread preview, and limited statistics. It includes live chat and premium email support too.



Everything is Free, but with no scheduling limit. It supports Instagram, Facebook, and OnlyFans integrations, so you can have 12 social accounts max. It unlocks all stats, automation capabilities, delayed threaded tweets, data import, and limited Hypefury Auto DM.



Everything in Standard, except it permits up to 30 social accounts and has unlimited Auto DMs. It features analytics, hourly tweet import, LinkedIn and Gumroad integrations, premium community, weekend support, and more.

Standard and Premium have monthly and annual subscriptions. Either plan offers a seven-day free trial, which becomes the Free version if you don’t upgrade before it ends.

If you want to continue, you can place your order with a credit card.

Hypefury Alternatives

Hypefury isn’t the only game in town. Keep reading to see how it stacks up against Zlappo and Buffer.

Hypefury vs Zlappo

Both apps have capable schedulers with no tweeting limit.

Zlappo has an answer to Hypefury’s tweet booster, time-intervaled threads, auto DMs, quoted tweets, and mentions-based engagement.

However, the former can’t match the latter’s recurrent posts, writer’s block alleviation options, integration count, and data analytics richness.

But unlike Zlappo, Hypefury can’t un-retweet posts and automatically follow back verified accounts or key influencers.

Although Zlappo isn’t as interoperable as Hypefury, it lets you connect an unlimited number of Twitter accounts.

In terms of collaboration, Zlappo permits the creation of up to 10 sub-accounts, whereas Hypefury lets you assign an account manager only.

As of pricing, Hypefury’s most expensive subscription is about 50% cheaper than its Zlappo counterpart. But the Delaware-based company doesn’t offer lifetime licenses yet.

Both software vendors have a seven-day free trial. Despite offering no free version like Hypefury does, Zlappo pledges its subscriptions to be refundable within 30 days.

As far as customer support goes, Hypefury offers more channels and greater availability.

Hypefury vs Buffer

Besides having post scheduling features, editable time slots, and savable drafts, Hypefury and Buffer have little in common.

The former is mainly Twitter-based, whereas the latter is optimized for more channels. So naturally, Buffer has more native integrations and more diverse engagement capabilities.

Hypefury isn’t the collaboration tool that Buffer is either.

With Buffer, you could invite countless users whose access is subject to custom permissions. Plus, it produces superior analytics and generates branded exportable reports. Its toolset also includes a landing page builder and a bunch of link shorteners.

Thread scheduling is in Hypefury’s wheelhouse, but Buffer promises to have this capability soon.

Either app has a free version. But Buffer’s free trials are twice as long as Hypefury’s seven-day test-drive period.

Buffer’s decision to bill you by social-account count can hurt your pocket, though. Hypefury, on the other hand, charges a flat rate. Unless you need to link more social accounts than its maximum limit of 30, you don’t have to pay extra.

Buffer’s help desk is reachable through email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Conversely, Hypefury has live chat and email reps, offers weekend support, and premium community perks like monetization tips.

Hypefury Review – Verdict

There’s so much to love about Hypefury.

Its thread creation and posting capability is incredibly intuitive. And it arguably offers the best customer support options in its class.

But honestly, its functionality is far from perfect at this point.

Auto-following and un-retweeting are desirable features the company should strongly consider adding.

Hypefury does have decent interoperability. But being able to directly interact with followers on social channels other than Twitter is certainly missing from its arsenal.

The good news is that the platform is actively evolving. I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes more versatile sooner rather than later.

This Hypefury review is proof that even in its current form, even when free, it’s already a highly useful app. I seriously doubt you’ll hate it if you give it a try.


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