IceDrive Review - Is It Worth It?

Dejan Cvetnarevic
Dejan Cvetnarevic

Updated · Aug 03, 2022

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Bid goodbye to the constant fear of losing access to your important data. Icedrive gives you the chance to store it on its remote servers. What’s more, it does it for much lower fees than its competitors. So, is it worth your attention? Let’s find the answer in this Icedrive review.


Cardiff, Wales

Two-factor authentication


File syncing



Twofish protocol

Free storage


Maximum storage capacity


Mobile version

Android and iOS

Money-back guarantee

14 days


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Visit Website
Visit Website

Best for: Cloud storage space on a budget

Strengths Top-notch security
Strengths Zero-knowledge policy
Strengths Affordable pricing plans
Strengths Simple file sharing
Weaknesses Slightly slower than competitors
Weaknesses No business plans
Weaknesses Slightly awkward button positioning

What Is Icedrive?

Icedrive is a relatively new cloud storage platform that offers individuals inexpensive monthly, yearly, and lifetime plans.

This product comes from ID Cloud Services LTD out of Cardiff, Wales. It first emerged in 2019, and it’s been growing at a steady pace ever since. The service quickly expanded to Germany and the US.

Although not yet established among the best cloud storage providers, Icedrive quickly started attracting more and more users due to its affordable plans and top-notch security.

Icedrive Features

We’ve put Icedrive to the test and found it to be a comprehensive cloud storage solution. Now, let’s check out the features that make it stand out.

File Syncing

Icedrive is available on the web, PC, and mobile devices, so you can access it from anywhere you are. And the best part is it keeps all your devices synced.

The Icedrive sync feature synchronizes your data in pairs. It includes a remote folder on the cloud and a local one on your device. Then, you can choose where you want the app to execute changes. The available options are:

  • Two-way – changes take place both locally and in the cloud.
  • One-way to local – changes take place only on your device.
  • One-way to cloud – changes take place only in the cloud.

File Versioning

This is among the platform’s most noteworthy functions. Unlike the majority of other providers, Icedrive lets you view, restore, and download files in any previous version you want – regardless of how long ago you made changes to it. 

Just remember that you can’t restore an entire folder at a time, as the feature only works file by file. And you can use it only on the web and desktop apps.

File Transfer Queue

Being aware of upload status is quite neat, especially when transferring files and folders in bulk.

Once you start moving your files to the drive, you’ll get an uploading icon in the corner of the screen. It shows the percentage of the current upload, but clicking on it will also bring out the entire queue. Apart from file names, the list includes the state of each transfer and a countdown clock.

File transfer queue        

File Sharing

The Icedrive file sharing function ensures you can easily create and share public links to your files and folders. All you have to do is enter your recipient’s email address, and in a few clicks, they’ll be able to download anything you want. 

Any content you share can include passwords and expiry dates for extra security.

Backup Wizard

I’ll talk about the mobile app version of Icedrive later in this post. For now, it’s important to know that Icedrive can backup your entire device.

If you don’t need a backup of everything you have on your phone, you can simply select the file type you want Icedrive to copy to the cloud.

This feature operates independently from Auto Upload, which is also available on mobile. When you want to create a backup, the app will first have to rescan the device and identify files to be included in the process. The tool can move your documents and audio files as well.


Icedrive security is one of the service’s main selling points, and for a good reason. It’s rare for cloud storage providers to use the Twofish algorithm, a.k.a. the safest algorithm there is, but Icedrive has decided to do it. The majority of other companies go with the usual AES protocol.

Fewer hackers are familiar with the former algorithm, and its 256-bit encryption makes it invulnerable to brute force attacks.

File locking begins the very moment you start uploading data to your Icedrive encrypted folder. Once it arrives at the company’s servers, it’s re-encrypted. The process begins on the user end, meaning you’re the only one with access to the key.

Icedrive even lets you preview encrypted files – something that’s usually impossible with this kind of protection. This happens as the service sends you encrypted data, which is then temporarily downloaded and decrypted on your side. However, this functionality isn’t available on all file types.

Another important part of the company’s security is its zero-knowledge policy for paid users. It stores all user data in a separate private encrypted folder.

Mobile App     

Besides being available in two desktop versions, Icedrive also has its own Android and iOS apps

The Icedrive app is easy to use, and you can upload your files and folders in just a few taps. A large plus button lets you choose what you want to upload.

When managing your data, you can tap a file’s side menu and see all available options for that specific file or folder.

Then there’s the automatic upload feature that creates a cloud backup of everything on your phone without any help. It’s a perfect fallback in the event of losing your phone.

For paid users, it’s also possible to automatically send files to the encrypted folder directly after the app uploads them.

The preview function is available on Icedrive Android and iOS devices, so all your documents, pictures, and videos are always at the touch of a button.


Interface and Ease of Use     

With apps for the web, PC, and mobile, Icedrive offers an almost-seamless way to interact with your data no matter where you are.

When using Icedrive for Windows, you even have the option to mount virtual drives, which makes managing files and folders on the cloud easier.

The Icedrive website looks great, but more importantly, it’s easy to use. It has a clean and intuitive interface. Even if you haven’t used similar platforms, managing your Icedrive cloud storage will be effortless.

Most buttons are located on the left sidebar, and I like how the provider kept this consistent across all app versions.

Another little thing that makes a huge difference is that you can set colors for your folders. Not only does this make the entire dashboard look great, but it also helps you separate different types of data.

PC app

Based on my tests, I’d say that the web dashboard is as well-designed and responsive as those you get at Dropbox or Google Drive.

I wish Icedrive had positioned some buttons differently, but once you get used to it, it’s no longer a problem.

Upload and download times are a tiny bit behind those its competitors offer, but the difference is barely noticeable. Also, transferring files using Icedrive for Mac takes somewhat longer than on other devices.

Customer Support      

Icedrive extends support via email and live chat.

You don’t have to leave the website to use the email option. There’s also a ticket form that the company encourages you to use, as that’s the faster way to receive a response. All conversations are logged in your account, so referring back to your ticket is easy.

Another way to speak to the company’s team is through live chat. It’s available during business hours – Monday through Friday, 9 am - 6 pm BST. I tested the feature out and got a quick and accurate response. 

Before submitting a ticket or starting a chat, you can go through the website’s extensive knowledge base.

I have an overall positive opinion of the company’s support. And many user-written Icedrive reviews express the same satisfying experience.


Icedrive’s prices are significantly lower than those at larger companies like Dropbox and Amazon Drive. In a day and age when everyone could benefit from storing their data online, this is extremely important.

With that said, let’s check out the Icedrive pricing plans.

First, there’s the free deal for those who require minimal space:

  • For $0, you get 10GB/lifetime.

There’s no Icedrive trial version for any of the paid plans, but you don’t need it as there’s a free option anyone can register for. Almost everything you get in Elite, Pro, and Pro + deals is also available for free account holders. The only visible differences are the amount of storage and the 3GB daily bandwidth limit that doesn’t exist in paid plans. Free users also don’t get zero-knowledge encryption.

Then there are the monthly deals:



1TB storage

Pro +


5TB storage

*While listed under pricing options on the website, the monthly Lite deal ($1.99/month) isn’t available at the time of writing this Icedrive review.

If you want a more long-term deal, there are yearly plans available as well:



150GB storage



1TB storage

Pro +


5TB storage

No one knows where the world will be in a decade or two, especially with the way tech has been advancing. However, picking up an Icedrive lifetime plan is a good idea. Even if the amount of space you get becomes obsolete one day, you’ll still have access to all the data you want to save. 

Lifetime plans include:







Pro +



While signing up for the free deal is a great way to become familiar with the service, you can get a paid plan even if you just want to check it out. Icedrive offers a 14-day money-back guarantee for each option.

Icedrive vs pCloud 

pCloud emerged in 2013 and, over time, became one of the most popular alternatives to giants like Dropbox and Amazon Drive. With this service being quite similar to Icedrive, it’s a good idea to look at the pCloud vs Icedrive comparison.

Both platforms offer 10 GB of free storage space, but the way to obtain it isn’t the same. All Icedrive users get immediate access to their full cloud space upon registering, while pCloud users have to complete a series of steps to unlock all of it.      

In terms of security, both services offer zero-knowledge policies for paid users only. However, Icedrive takes the win because of its Twofish encryption. However, as you can see in our pCloud review, this service has also proven to be extremely safe.

pCloud has a superior media player for previews, especially when it comes to music. It operates as a mini music player that can shuffle songs and even play music in the background while you’re managing your drive.

While offering the same amount of online storage space in their packages, Icedrive prices are much better. In fact, you can get twice the space for the same amount of money. For example, pCloud’s yearly 500GB plan is available for $49.99. At Icedrive, you get 1TB at the same cost.

It’s important to mention, however, that there are no Icedrive business packages at this point, but they’re available at pCloud.

So, which one should you get, Icedrive or pCloud?

I have to say I’d go for Icedrive, simply because you get similar service for much less. It’s also a better option for free users as they don’t have to bother with steps like inviting their friends.


Everything I saw in my tests and the info from various user-written Icedrive reviews suggest that the company offers top-notch service.

It’s one of the cheapest cloud storage options on the market to offer that kind of security and extra features. On top of this, the user interface looks great, making the entire process of managing your data a breeze.

Plus, you can always get the Icedrive free plan and enjoy 10GB of cloud storage space without any fees involved.

It’s a great way to become more familiar with the program before picking up a paid plan.


Can we trust Icedrive?

You can entrust Icedrive with your sensitive data due to its strong security system. Just keep in mind that the IceDrive free version doesn’t include the zero-knowledge policy you get with Lite, Pro, and Pro+ plans.

Where is Icedrive based?

Icedrive is based in Cardiff, Wales. The company also owns servers in Germany and the US.

How secure is Icedrive?

Ice drive is among the safest cloud storage solutions you can get. Not only is there an Icedrive zero-knowledge policy, but the provider is one of the very few to use Twofish encryption. With all data locking taking place on the user’s end, you become the only person with access to the key.

How much storage space does Icedrive offer?

If you want to use the free version of the service, you get 10GB of cloud storage space. Paid users can choose between 150GB, 1TB, and 5TB. You can find more information on the pricing plans in my Icedrive review.


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3 months ago
For Windows users IceDrive can be a good option. Though there are also quite some complaints about loss of data. As a Mac user, one cannot do anything with IceDrive but manually upload and trash files on the server. There is no app that automates backups or syncing. Mac users should stay away from IceDrive until it is a grown-up service.