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Updated · Feb 27, 2023

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If you’re looking for a secure and stress-free tool to send information virtually, iFax claims to be the ideal solution. There are tons of iFax reviews out there, but I wanted to see for myself.



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Minimum Price $9.99/month

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Best for: Healthcare, insurance, real estate, legal, and financial services

Strengths Military-grade encryption
Strengths Real-time notifications
Strengths Affordable
Strengths Easy-to-use dashboard
Weaknesses Lengthy free trial request
Weaknesses Payment details for trial
Weaknesses No two-factor authentication

What Is iFax?

iFax is a faxing service that offers an effortless way to send and receive faxes securely over the internet. Amplify Ventures introduced it into the market in 2008. It has since become a go-to choice for businesses and individuals alike.

It has a customer base of 5 million from 20K companies. To date, clients have sent 20M faxes using it. 

iFax has served some of the biggest names globally, and boy, the list is long! Examples of corporations that trust iFax are Citibank, PWC, Washington State Department of Labor & Industries, BMI Healthcare, Lyft, Harvard University, and the University of California.


Come with me as I give you my first-hand experience with this tool in this iFax review.

iFax Features

The service offers a lot of neat features:

Document management 

iFax keeps all your documents in one location for easy access. So you will no longer need physical files to store your information or pay for additional document management software.

Note that iFax encrypts your information during storage

You’ll also love this:

If you ever lose your account, contact the organization’s support. It will help you to delete your data remotely.


iFax online comes with an inbuilt scanner. You can use it to brighten or darken foregrounds, backgrounds, or texts. 

There’s more:

You can also tailor the tool’s cover page templates to suit your preference. That means adding a signature, company logo, and notes. 

You can also personalize the subject line to appear exactly as you want it. Additionally, if your fax is urgent, you can check the box at the bottom to indicate that.

iFax also lets you add attachments in major file formats such as Photoshop's native format, PDF, etc.

Fax Numbers

While trying out the solution to compile this iFax review, I was delighted to find out that it allows users to pick fax numbers. Most of the services I’d come across prior system-generated numbers.

But, I’ll be honest.

The process of selecting each might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

The good news is that you can contact the company for vanity or toll-free numbers. This feature is absolutely free! 

256-bit SSL End-to-End Encryption

The iFax app is insanely secure.

For starters, it offers 256-bit SSL encryption. It’s at the top of the hierarchy when it comes to cryptography. 

Don’t let the big words scare you. That just means that it scrambles data so that it becomes unreadable to third parties

Not only that:

It also uses a Secure Socket Layer (SSL), a protocol that safeguards your data as it travels through the internet. 

HIPAA, GLBA, and GDPR Compliant 

You must have seen in various iFax reviews that the tool is suitable for sending private documents, especially in healthcare.

That’s all true because it’s HIPAA compliant. HIPAA is an acronym for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Businesses that follow its guidelines exempt themselves from penalties and liabilities should cybercriminals access information.

iFax sends documents in real-time, which makes it less susceptible to hacking.

That’s not all:

I also discovered during my iFax trial that it’s also GLBA and GDPR compliant. 

GLBA stands for Gramm-Leach Bliley Act.

Quite a mouthful, but it’s incredibly vital for financial institutions. It requires them to disclose to their customers how they intend to use the information they fax them. 

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is also paramount when sending faxes. It governs the collection, storage, and processing of data by organizations. Its rules seek to protect personally identifiable information for people in the European Union.

Mobile Apps

Aside from iFax for Windows and Mac, the company has also optimized the tool for mobile. You can send and receive virtual fax at any time and from anywhere. 

It also eliminates the need for a faxing machine which can be cumulatively costly in terms of repairs. Not only that, but you won’t need a separate phone line to send your data.

Back to my point:

You’ll be able to enjoy this service on iOS and Android devices. I discovered while writing this iFax app review that it does not only work on smartphones and tablets. You can also use it with your smartwatch.


It’s vital to know when your recipient receives your fax. That way, you can resend it in case they didn’t get it. iFax has real-time email and in-app notifications to keep you in the loop. 

On top of that, the entire process is paperless, unlike in the olden days when users had to print out confirmations.

Developer API

Want more productivity

You can link your iFax for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS with other applications and software. 

This is what you’ll get with this feature:

  • The necessary documentation integration and implementation
  • Considerable help from support

Note that some apps might cause a burden on the servers. So, iFax might not allow them, and understandably so. So, it would be best to contact customer service to be sure about some of them.

Here are examples of what the company allows:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive 
  • Box

Ease of Use and Interface

Signing up for iFax online might be a little time-consuming, especially if you want to book a demo, trial, or get a quote. It requires you to fill a form and book appointments via a calendar.

But after that, everything is hunky-dory.

Sending faxes is super easy and takes just a matter of minutes. 

The dashboard is minimalistic, hence no clutter

It neatly displays functions like Fax Number, Downloads, Contact Support, and a few others on the left-hand side of your screen. Additionally, you can find your contacts, lists, and documents you’ve recently accessed at the center of the page.

iFax Pricing

iFax doesn’t have a money-back guarantee. It does, however, offer a 7-day trial

iFax prices are as follows:



Send up to 200 pages per month.



Allows you to send up to 500 pages and receive 500 pages per month.


Custom quote

You can send over 1000 pages and receive more than 1000 pages.

iFax Review - Verdict

Like with any service, iFax is not perfect.

For example, requesting a free trial, demo or quote takes an eternity.

The iFax app also doesn’t have native two-factor authentication, which is essential for identity verification. Users can sign in via Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Google, however, which have the function.

Many iFax reviews from previous users say that the organization still charged them after canceling the trial. 


Is iFax free?

No, it doesn't have a free version. Fortunately, iFax has a free trial that you can use to experiment and see if it suits your needs.

Is iFax secure?

So, is iFax safe?


It uses 256-bit encryption, which is military grade. That means that it turns text into gibberish, making it harder for hackers to know what the communication is all about. On top of that, you can request the company to help you delete your data if you lose your device. 

It, however, lacks a two-factor authentication.

Is iFax legit?

Yes, iFax is legit. 

The different user-written iFax reviews show that most of its clients are happy with it. I also used it to send a few faxes, and it worked, so this is definitely a reputable business.

How much does iFax cost?

You can choose from three plans:

  • Basic - $9.99/month (20% Discount on annual subscription)
  • Plus - $19.99/month (20% Discount on annual subscription)
  • Professional - Custom quote (20% Discount on annual subscription)




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