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Deyan Georgiev
Deyan Georgiev

Updated · Aug 03, 2022

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Companies who need to create terms of service and privacy laws for their business pages no longer have to rely on attorneys with the introduction of Iubenda. Having used and tested the software, we’ve put together this Iubenda review. 

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What is Iubenda?

Iubenda is a compliance software used by businesses for their websites and apps. It helps you create terms of use and privacy policy for websites and ensure they are complying with the required General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws. 

The available Iubenda options help you quickly generate privacy policies, cookie policies, terms and conditions, and manage cookie consent to comply with the applicable legislation. You can customize the features however you need. The services offered by Iubenda are available in several languages. 

The best part - it’s all extremely easy to do. You don’t even have to know the basics of drafting a legal document.  Just keep reading this Iubenda review to find out. We’ve put together several key features to show you the best way to handle the software. 


Having a firm grasp of the Iubenda features will help you appreciate what it can do for your website terms and conditions and other legal agreements. Here are the key features:

Attorney-Level Compliance Solutions 

The Iubenda privacy policy can match what you can get from an attorney. Not only does it meet the compliance solutions you will get from a legal practitioner, but it also comes at a cheaper fee. 

You don’t have to worry about complying with GDPR, the Online Privacy Protection Act of your country, and other data protection directive. Iubenda has got you covered. The company has a team of international lawyers who ensure that your compliance solutions match the country where you carry out business. You can rely on them for continuous and up-to-date monitoring of the applicable laws. It avoids infringements, violations, and unnecessary legal headaches for them and you. 

Privacy Policy

Most people will not use apps or visit websites they feel will compromise their confidentiality or give their information to a third-party. 

Since safety cannot be overrated, Iubenda privacy policies are created with that as the top priority. Keeping in line with the privacy laws, you get the following:

Customized Clauses

Iubenda offers you over 1700 already drafted clauses in 8 different languages. However, there’s always a chance that you might not find what you are looking for. Worry not - you can create a custom provision using the built-in platform.

If you decide not to form one, you can request it and can add a cookie in one click. Another advantage is how accessible and affordable it is. Rest assured that your terms comply with the relevant international laws like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), GDPR, and ePrivacy.

Up to Date Policies

Iubenda calls this the self-updating feature, meaning that its team of attorneys work tirelessly to ensure that you get the most recent laws in your jurisdiction. They make it a point to inform you of any changes in the data privacy policy, privacy policy statements, and internet privacy

One Dashboard for Multiple Sites

Iubenda’s privacy policy gives you access to multiple websites using one dashboard. With it, you can monitor, edit, and update all your personal policy statements for your sites, no matter your location in the world. You can easily manage all your online compliances across different jurisdictions.

App Store Compatibility

Just in case you are an app developer who is tired of seeing only references to websites, Iubenda has you covered. They optimized their policies to give you specific requirements for several significant webs and mobile app stores. Suppose you are a member of the European Union. In that case, you will have access to the Iubenda privacy shields that ensure you meet all the protection standards stipulated by the union for handling private individuals. 

If, for example, you are working on the Iubenda WP plugin cookie consent, you can do it with a simple click of the setup and integrated button. You do away with the rigorous process of setting up a cookie policy. With the integration, you use relevant already existing clauses from your privacy policy to automatically generate a new one. 

The cookie preference log records user preferences in a GDPR compliant way. The logs are displayed in a dashboard, so they can be reviewed at any time and help businesses to prove the validity of the cookie consents they collect as legally required.

Synchronization of Cookies and Privacy Policies

The software allows you to automatically sync your policies to avoid inconsistent updates or definitions between privacy and cookie policies generated with it. It does not require any additional effort.

Offline Viewing

This is one of the benefits sites using Iubenda enjoy. Your users and visitors can access your privacy policies even if they are not online. It means that if someone offline enters your site, they can still access private information, thereby staying informed always.

White Label

It is another integration function offered by the software. The white label option lets you seamlessly join your privacy policy text with your webpage through several embedding options. You can integrate by copying and pasting the Javascript or calling Iubenda’s API. The policy will then adapt to your web page’s style while allowing you to personalize the code’s custom CSS definitions. 

After testing for our Iubenda review, we can assure you that the Cookie Solution instantly integrates your privacy statement and cookie policy across your website/app, thereby helping you comply with the relevant GDPR and cookie law. Here are some of the benefits of this feature: 

Visual Configuration

With this, you can easily edit the text of your ready GDPR cookie consent banner. It allows you to twitch it to fit your site’s outlook and modify its behavior when needed. For example, you can decide whether to disable consent through scrolling or page interaction. Additionally, you get advanced customization options.

Customizable Banner

Those with sites using Iubenda get total control over their banner’s outlook, allowing them to modify dimensions, location, content, color, additional elements or checkboxes. There’s an easy-to-use wizard component that allows you to make more detailed modifications with the CSS panel.

There are different options for getting consent to maximize and optimize collection by picking the method most suitable for your user base. It meets every Iubenda EULA (End-User License Agreement) stipulations and other legal requirements. 

Fast and Effective

The tracking cookies software is fast, light, and useful. It effortlessly combines your website or app without having any adverse effect on your page performance. Reviews of Iubenda by users show that it loads quickly and allows your site users and visitors to have a seamless experience. 

Eight Languages Access

The cookie solution is available in 8 languages - English, German, Italian, Dutch, French, Russian, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. 

GDPR-Ready and Integrated Policy Generator

The software’s solution meets all requirements of GDPR, and the Iubenda terms of service generator automatically combines cookie and privacy policies for your website or app. There is no need to manually enter the details with the latter, as it takes care of itself. 

CMS Plugins for Automating Prior Blocking

Several legislations like the privacy laws of the United States allow script blocking before consent, but it is a very complicated task. With the Iubenda easy-to-install plugins, you can automate prior blockings. It offers platform-specific plugins available for Joomla!, PrestaShop, Magento, and Iubenda WordPress

The Cookie Solution works with other digital rights on Google products like Ads, Analytics, Conversion Linker, and Floodlight. It works for other Ad Tech Providers outside the TCF network, fully supporting their Consent Mode and Additional Consent Mode. 

Asynchronous Reactivation for Prior Blocking

In keeping with the Iubenda terms of service, this feature blocks several scripts until the user gives consent. Once the person clicks the accept button, the solution without reloading the page serially activates all the blocked scripts. It gives your users a smooth, consistent, and uninterrupted experience. 

This feature allows you to follow the information privacy rules and meet every legal obligation. The Cookies Solution tracks consent settings for individuals for at least twelve months. The time starts counting from the date the user last visited. It ensures a seamless user experience upon subsequent visits. 

Instant Terms and Conditions Generator

If you can’t seem to come up with inputs for your terms and conditions, have no worries as the Iubenda terms and conditions generator has you in mind. The software will guide you through every stage of the creation process using questionnaire-style prompts, hints, and when needed, explanations. 

This feature ensures you include everything needed in your terms and conditions template and offers the following benefits:

Defined Target Sites

Different Online Privacy Protection Acts apply to various organizations depending on their target audience. You get to choose from B2Bs or B2Cs within the applicable clauses with this feature. It ensures that your terms and conditions are legally binding and valid to your business type.

Template Management

The Iubenda free editor gives you control over the format and texts of the document generator. It allows you to extend clauses based on your preference, reorder the sections, and include new texts. However, note that this feature is still in its developmental stage. 

Predefined Scenarios

Iubenda took a modular approach to everyday scenarios. They used complex cases like product-comparison, age-related disclaimers, and virtual currency amid others. It allows you to use simple clicks to address different unique systems conveniently

Legislation Monitoring

The Iubenda terms and conditions generator keeps track of the ever-changing international laws regulating service agreements. Thus, your documents will always be up-to-date with the latest consumer, business, and service contract laws globally.

Customizable and Specialized Clauses

This feature gives you access to over a hundred clauses that you can customize to fit your needs. Iubenda’s international legal team handles everything from disclaimers to consumer law, thereby keeping you covered and preventing a breach.

Easily Managed User-Friendly Dashboard

The Iubenda site ground intuitive dashboard makes it easy for you to edit, customize, install, and update your terms of the service template. It does not require prior technical knowledge. 

If you’ve ever come across terms like Iubenda Drupal, Iubenda WooCommerce, and Iubenda Wix, it’s because of the software’s analytic function. It analyzes eCommerce solutions and gives pre-written clauses with accurate descriptions of sales processes. This means that as an e-commerce brand, you get to plug-and-go or customize further if you want.

The feature gives you unique user consent and privacy policy preferences in one place. You can also store different preferences for specific users, like if you have multiple newsletters opt-in. 

The solution lets you store a user’s verification with double opt-in. An example of this is the Iubenda reCAPTCHA. You also get REST HTTP API and JS SDK, letting you control how consent is stored and when it happens. 

If you own an online store, you can easily keep up with forms online with the JS widget. You’ll be able to track the legal or privacy notice the user accepted, the words that prompted consent, and have the history of each user’s consent. 

This feature also offers a user-friendly dashboard for reviewing consent records and instantly syncs Iubenda-managed documents. The company is currently working on some new benefits for this feature. They include webhooks, consent, and privacy widgets for easy opt-in form implementation certified timestamping of authorizations, and update consent preferences across third-party tools

Effective Internal Privacy Management

This Iubenda feature makes it easy for you to compile your record of the data processing activity and easily keep your organization compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation

You’ll be able to seamlessly integrate all Iubenda compliance solutions with your use of personal information. You get over 1700 premade processing activities, manage multiple projects with one account, and assign members to areas and processing activities

Iubenda Ease of Use and Interface

Iubenda reviews often highlight how easy it is to navigate the software. The time spent on the terms of use and privacy policy for websites or apps depends on what you want to create. So, whether you are a blogger, small business owner, or run a multinational company, you can create your policies with ease. 

Iubenda Pricing 

The first thing to know is that there is no Iubenda free trial on the paid plans. However, the company doesn’t charge for the Custom Multiple Sites/Apps Basic plan.

Your options include:

Basic plan


This is the only free plan from Iubenda and offers privacy and cookie policy with limitations, terms and conditions, and cookie solution covering cookie banner, prior blocking and asynchronous reactivation, and IAB TCF compatible. 

Personal bundle


With this plan, you get one pro license usable for privacy and cookie policies, and up to 25,000 pages view per month on cookie solution.

Business bundle

$9/monthly ($108 annually)

This gives you 5 license slots usable for privacy and cookie policies and terms and conditions. It offers 25,000 pages of cookie solutions monthly.

Compliance for Organizations


It offers a consent solution and internal privacy management, and you only get to pay once for all your accounts. 

Pro plan


Per Site/App and Language: You get the same benefits as the basic plan but with no limitations.

Ultra plan


Iubenda recommends this plan; it offers the same features as the basic and also has no limitations. 

Paying for Pro Licenses helps Iubenda keep their price low while giving you attorney-level services. 

You can pay for the services and legal agreements using a credit card or PayPal, and can request a refund fourteen days after you buy a service or renew it. Another good thing about Iubenda is that you can resell if you want. 

Iubenda Review - Verdict

If you want a CCPA privacy review generator or software asset management agreements, Iubenda has you covered. Whether you own several web browsers, social media apps, or just a human rights enthusiast, you can rely on Iubenda for ready-to-make policies and cookie solutions

By employing their service, you do away with finding an attorney and get the same benefits at a lower price. You get to comply with international law no matter your location and reach your audience in the language they understand.

Users are unanimous in their Iubenda reviews -  it is more profitable, and resourceful to use the tool. Join the ever-growing community of organizations and business owners relying on this 360 compliance solution software, and you’ll be glad you did.


Do I need a privacy policy and terms of use?

Although most organizations use the phrase “Terms and conditions may apply,” it is not a legal requirement. Privacy policy, on the other hand, is required by law and a must-have. However, since most companies collect personal information from users, it is vital to have the two to ensure data security and prevent abuse on mobile apps or websites.

How do I create a privacy policy?

To create a privacy policy without a legal practitioner’s help, you need a website or app privacy policy generator like Iubenda. With it, you’ll be able to write, edit, and change the applicable laws when you need to. It will be in an easy-to-read language and tailor-made to fit the jurisdiction you live in and the industry you belong to.

Do I need a lawyer to write a privacy policy?

The simple answer is no. Advancements in technology have made it possible for software like Iubenda to exist and help different business owners in other countries create their privacy policies without consulting an attorney. The one you get from the compliance solution software is a legally binding agreement.

Do I need cookies on my website?

Depending on the country you live in and the applicable laws, you may or may not need cookies on your website. For example, those living in countries under the European Union must have a cookie banner on their sites. It helps you track visitors to your website and provide targeted ads when needed.

How much does Iubenda cost?

The amount you’ll pay for using Iubenda’s services depends on whether it is for personal or business purposes and the custom price you choose. The price ranges between $9 per month for a business bundle plan and $129 for the custom ultra plan. We’ve covered it all in our Iubenda review above.


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