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Keelan Balderson
Keelan Balderson

Updated · Nov 27, 2022

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If you want to engage customers in a meaningful way, you need to do more than share your email address. JotForm lets you build lists, gather invaluable data, and sell products and services. Read this JotForm review to see how you can take your web business to the next level.

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What Is JotForm?

JotForm is a versatile online form creator that lets you capture all kinds of data via highly customizable templates. It caters to both small and large businesses and can handle everything from a basic contact form to accepting payment for goods and services.

Forms can also be used internally to manage approval requests. The PDF format is ideal for contracts or invoices that need to be emailed or printed

JotForm email notifications and mobile alerts keep you informed about submissions, while visual reporting provides important insights.

The best part - you don’t have to be a tech guru to make it work for you. The huge template library and simple drag-and-drop editor do all the heavy lifting. 

It supports 100 integrations, so there’s no need to change the way you currently run your website and business.

JotForm Features


Forms are easily customizable with JotForm, but most of the work is done for you if you use a template as a starting point.

Standard Forms

JotForm templates come free with your plan and you can choose from over 10,000, covering all form types. No other form builder offers such a variety.

The only downside is that it’s sometimes hard to make a choice. The template search function is not that helpful.

Form types include:

  • Events, Bookings, and Registrations
  • Orders and Payments
  • Application Forms
  • Feedback and Evaluations
  • Requests
  • Signups and Memberships
  • Surveys and Questionnaires
  • File Uploads and Attachments 

Designs are also grouped by industry and use relevant color schemes and graphics. Some, however, look good in any scenario.

Popular industries include:

  • Education
  • Business
  • Healthcare
  • Human Resources
  • Sports
  • Real Estate
  • Advertising
  • E-commerce
  • Marketing


Cards are an alternative to standard forms. Every question appears on a single page. With a card, the user clicks through each step like they’re going through a series of slides. 

It begins with a small graphic and text explaining what the form is about. Then you click ‘Start’ to open the first field. 

There’s a card option for every standard form, so there’s no shortage of choices

Approval Templates

Approval templates are perfect if you have a chain of people who make decisions. For example, if your budget plan needs to go to the finance department for a review, before reaching the upper management for final approval. 

JotForm handles the entire flow from the initial form through each step of the process. Add as many approvers as you need, and they will be emailed accordingly. 

Common approval templates include: 

  • budgeting
  • employee leave requests
  • approving new hires 
  • travel expenses reimbursement
  • timesheets. 

Approval templates can also be used externally for processes like restaurant table reservations or order refund requests. 


There are nearly 300 table templates -  a good alternative to a spreadsheet or database. From a simple task list to budget and inventory management, JotForm allows everyone in your team to collaborate.


Sometimes your business needs a form that bridges the gap between your online and offline activities. This is where the JotForm PDF editor comes into play. With a selection of over 850 PDF templates, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to contracts, invoices, etc. 

Mobile Forms

JotForm Mobile Forms is available for Android and iOS. It gives you full control of your forms when not on a desktop. Push notifications are particularly helpful if you like to stay on top of every submission.

JotForm Offline

Where the apps really stand out is with the offline data collection feature. If you find yourself without Wi-Fi or mobile data, you can still generate new forms and enter data into them. Everything syncs up with your account as soon as you’re back online.

This is further expanded with Kiosk Mode, which is designed for conferences and trade shows. While you can always take down someone’s information verbally or on paper, this mode freezes a form onscreen. Respondents can enter their details themselves.

All you need is a tablet and the JotForm mobile app, and you’ve got yourself a professional survey station!

Alternatively, if you prefer web browsers, the admin dashboard is optimized for mobile as well.


The versatility of the forms is greatly increased by the JotForm widgets. These are embeddables and extra features that add functionality. 

You can use widgets to create a drop-down list, multi-selection, grouped fields, data tables, and allow users to add extra text fields themselves. Things quickly get more advanced with inventory management, a date or reservations selector, Take Photo widget, and digital signatures.

You can also embed third-party content from social media and other sources. Perhaps you wish to include an image slideshow, video explainer from YouTube, or a Facebook like box to encourage engagement?

The possibilities with JotForm are endless – almost overwhelming if you don’t plan out what you need beforehand.

JotForm File Upload Forms

Accepting user attachments and file uploads in your forms is a basic element you can add in seconds. Settings let you limit the type of file and the size, so you don’t create a security concern or eat up all your storage space.

There are also many widgets and integrations that allow users to upload content, which can be sent straight to third-party cloud storage accounts. 

JotForm Payment Gateways

JotForm supports over 30 payment gateways, so you can receive payments from customers with whatever method you are most familiar with. If you receive a lot of payments, you will need to upgrade to either the Silver or Gold plan. The latter provides unlimited payment submissions.

HIPAA Compliance

If your business or organization handles sensitive medical records, it must adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Fortunately, the Silver and Gold JotForm plans are compliant.

You can effortlessly create HIPAA forms with all the required fields in a few clicks. The software automatically encrypts all data to keep patient information secure.

Consent forms inform patients of risks and their right to refuse treatment. You can collect electronic signatures to keep things legal. Both appointments and payments are easily arranged with the likes of Google Calendar and PayPal integrations. 


As well as HIPAA, JotForm is PCI compliant. This means it’s certified as having the highest level of security when it comes to financial data.

If your business adheres to California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), you can handle online and offline data from California residents.

GDPR compliance allows you to collect data from Europe while adhering to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.


JotForm deserves praise for its focus on team collaboration. More than one person can edit a form at the same time - ideal if employees oversee different aspects of form creation.

Team members do not even need their own JotForm accounts. You can simply generate a unique sharable link that opens things up for editing on the fly.

Integrations with Slack, Skype, Zoom, GotoWebinar, and Discord, benefit both customers and your team.


It’s one thing having workable forms on the front end, but you also need to store and analyze the data that’s collected. The JotForm Report Builder is a data visualization feature that does an excellent job of transforming submissions into visual reports that are easily digestible.

Whether you’re collecting feedback, conducting surveys, or looking at sales, all data can be fed straight into custom reports that contain your internal branding. You can then share them among your team, embed, or even download as PDF.

The charts and graphs are perfect for touting successes and recognizing areas of improvement. 

JotForm Export to Excel

If you use Excel to analyze data or to integrate with another database, you can export submission data in the right format at the click of a button. Just go to the My Forms page. 

Alternatively, you can set up a dedicated Excel report that updates whenever new submissions are made.

Jotform Integrations

Most JotForm user reviews show that it surpasses other form builders when it comes to supporting third-party tools. No matter how you operate your online business and website, it will fit right in at every level. Some of the most popular JotForm integrations include: 

  • PayPal – Sell products and services and accept multiple payment options via PayPal. PCI and PSD2 compliance mean your customer data is secure.
  • Google Sheets – Automatically sync form submissions to your Google Sheet spreadsheets for superior data management. Naturally, you can always just use JotForm Tables as well.
  • Zoom – Lets you create meeting and event registration forms that sync up with your Zoom scheduler.
  • Adobe Sign – Embed Adobe Sign into your forms so you can accept signatures. This lets you create legally binding agreements, contracts, waivers, and more.
  • HubSpot – Customer Relationship Management is made easy with JotForm HubSpot integration. Collect new leads and sync contacts with your HubSpot lists.
  • Slack – Collaborate with your team via Slack by automatically sending new form submissions to channels or via direct messages.
  • MailChimp – Create a JotForm newsletter and add users to your email list by automatically syncing form submissions with your MailChimp account.
  • Google Drive JotForm Google Drive integration lets you accept file attachments via your forms and also helps you save storage space
  • Google Calendar – Capture appointment and event dates and automatically add them to your Google Calendar so you’re never blindsided. 
  • WordPress – Running websites on WP? JotForm has various WordPress plugin options.
  • JotMap – If your forms collect addresses or other location data, you can view it visually on a map. This can aid everything from food deliveries to understanding demographic surveys.
  • Salesforce – The JotForm Salesforce integration lets you sync leads with the powerful CRM tool

Ease of Use and Interface

If you’re wondering how to use JotForm, don’t let its endless features put you off. It’s one of the most user-friendly form builders we’ve tried. You can see it in most JotForm user reviews too. Whether you’re on desktop or mobile, the dashboard easily lets you create new forms or edit existing ones.

Your starting point is to choose a template or build one from scratch. You can also choose between a one-page form or separate slides of questions.

Either way, you’ll love the drag-and-drop editor. Just click and slide everything where you want it to go and use the settings box on the right to toggle different options. Adding field titles or questions is as simple as clicking and typing. 

If it’s your first go around and you’re not sure what some settings mean, useful links in blue take you to corresponding help pages.


On the left, you’ll find a button to add new form elements, such as additional fields, widgets, and payment options. Clicking it opens a full sidebar that’s laid out in a self-explanatory way. All the essentials are here, like single fields, multiple-choice options, a date picker, and more. 

The header option allows you to add your own custom branding. Meanwhile, a button at the top right lets you list collaborators from your team.

You can preview what your finished form will look like thanks to the slider. Just slide it on at any stage to popup a preview and drag it off to go right back to editing.

When you’re happy with your form, it’s time to share it. You can use a direct link that takes you to a JotForm landing page with your form. Or you can generate QR codes, emails, and social media posts to drive users there.

Alternatively, there are several ways to embed the form on your own web pages. This includes HTML source code, JavaScript, or an iFrame. You can also have it open from a ‘Feedback button’ or lightbox into a popup over your content or on its own dedicated page. 

JotForm has options for WordPress, Weebly, Joomla, Wix, Squarespace, and other CMSs. You can seamlessly embed forms via their own post and page editors. 

Even from scratch, the whole form creation process takes just a few minutes.

JotForm Support

JotForm provides several support options. To contact the team directly, you can use the email form where you can share links and screenshots, along with an explanation of the issue. The current average response time is displayed on the left, giving you an idea of how long things will take. 

During the test for this JotForm review, our question was answered in just over one hour.

A lot of the time you can find the answers yourself in the extensive FAQ section and User Guide. The accompanying videos are a nice touch. Most of the time you can even find answers by just Googling the issue.

The community of users is also a big help. There’s always someone on hand in the forum to answer your queries.

The JotForm blog covers more general tips and information. It also informs you about webinars and other company news.

All these options combine to provide more than ample support, though it falls a star short for not offering live webchat or a phone number.

JotForm Pricing

There are several JotForm pricing plans. All plans come with unlimited reports and fields per form.



It includes five different forms and allows your visitors to make 100 submissions per month, 10 of which can include payments. You get 100MB of space and can store 500 submissions at any given time.  The trade-off is that there’s JotForm branding on the forms, which might not be the most attractive for growing businesses. It’s also not HIPAA-compliant.

Bronze Annual


Comes with 25 forms, 1,000 monthly and 100 payment submissions, unlimited storage for them, 10Gb of space, and 10,000 views.

Silver Annual


100 forms, 10,000 monthly and 1,000 payment submissions, 100GB of space and unlimited storage for submissions, unlimited views – HIPAA compliance.

Gold Annual


Unlimited forms, views, payment submissions, and submission storage – 100,000 monthly submissions, 1TB of space – HIPAA compliance. 

Large businesses can benefit from an enterprise solution, which expands the form builder into a full-blown digital workplace productivity tool. We were unable to test it directly for this JotForm review because it is a tailored solution.

Pricing depends on the size of your business and the options you need. To learn more, contact the sales team directly.

JotForm Review – Verdict

JotForm is one of the most powerful yet easy-to-use form builders available. It’s impressive how much is packed behind a beginner-friendly drag-and-drop editor. 

The free plan provides easy entry for individuals and professionals who may just need a couple of basic forms. Larger businesses can make use of countless options and integrations. 

Comparatively, pricing is quite high, but we cannot stress enough how much bang you get for your buck.  

The platform’s compliance with HIPAA, PCI, CCPA, and GDPR, solves headaches you might not have even anticipated. From collecting financial and medical records to keeping regulators happy in California and Europe – you’re assured user data is safe and everything is being done in the correct manner.

Furthermore, the JotForm themes library is the largest we’ve ever come across. 

But don’t let us spoil all the fun. Try the free version now - you won’t regret it.


Is JotForm safe?

So, is JotForm secure? Yes - all forms you create are hosted by the platform, rather than your own server or web host. This means you don’t have to worry about encryption or backend JotForm security.

There is built-in protection against spammers and several additional features to ensure submitted data is safe:

  • IP Blacklist: JotForm maintains a blacklist of known spammer IP addresses, blocking them before they can do harm.
  • CAPTCHAS: Adding this feature requires users to enter a code, which trips up auto-submission bots that cannot read it. You can also integrate Google reCaptcha, which is particularly effective.
  • Unique Submissions: Users are prevented from making more than one submission. 
  • Email Verification: Require users to verify their email address before submissions can be made.

Is JotForm really free?

Not all JotForm features are, but the company provides an attractive free plan to help small businesses get started. This limits you to five forms in total and 100 form submissions per month. Space and views are also limited, and your forms will carry the JotForm branding.

The free plan does not expire.

How much does JotForm cost?

It depends on the number of forms you need and how much activity they get. Premium plans start at $24/mo, billed annually ($288). This gets you 25 total forms and 1,000 submissions a month.

There is then a $29/mo, Silver plan and a $79/mo, Gold plan for those that require more.

*Note that these are billed annually.

Does JotForm have an app?

Yes, the JotForm app is available for both iOS and Android. This lets you easily manage your online forms when on the go. 


You can gather data without internet access, to be uploaded when you do, and turn on Kiosk Mode to collect leads at events. Plus, you can receive push notifications when you receive new form submissions. For more information, take a look at our JotFrom review above.


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