Jungle Scout Review

Chioma Ugwu
Chioma Ugwu

Updated · Nov 27, 2022

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If you’re a beginner or seasoned Amazon seller, chances are you’ve heard of Jungle Scout. This product research tool has attracted a lot of positive user feedback, so we’ll be exploring the software’s features, pricing, and main competitor in this Jungle Scout review.



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What Is Jungle Scout?

Research has shown that most Amazon sellers rake in between $26,000 to $810,000 per year in profits. As attractive as that looks, it is common knowledge that Amazon is a very competitive place to sell. Conducting the correct type of research before launching your ecommerce store is essential. This is where Jungle Scout comes in.

Jungle Scout is an Amazon research tool that helps you find high-ranking products to sell. It also estimates your sales, enables you to build better listings, and provides you with access to global suppliers.

Judge Scout stands out from other Amazon product research tools. The extensive features ensure that sellers build and grow successful businesses on Amazon.

Jungle Scout Features

Some of the main Jungle Scout features include:

Product Tracker

Using the Jungle Scout product tracker, you can easily find “high demand, low competition products” to sell on Amazon.

This feature allows you to see the entire sales history of any product listed on Amazon. The product tracker shows you metrics like average sales, revenue, and Best Seller Rank. You can also view information on inventory, units sold, rank, and Buy Box price.

These metrics are conveniently displayed on a graph, allowing you to understand the product’s competitive landscape better. This information gives you valuable insight into the Amazon market space, ensuring that you make an informed decision when choosing what products to sell.

Opportunity Finder

The Jungle Scout software also comes with a tool called opportunity finder. This feature helps you discover new niche opportunities based on the top one million searches on Amazon each month.

The opportunity finder allows you to search for trending Amazon keywords. In return, you can use its preset categories and filters to discover promising product niches associated with the chosen keywords.

Once you select a niche, the tool provides you with a detailed overview of the suitable products. It shows you details like historical average units sold, average price, search volume, seasonal trends, reviews, and supplier details.

In addition to that, the opportunity finder works alongside Jungle Scout’s proprietary algorithm known as Niche Score. The Niche Score allows you to make decisions backed by data that measures product demand, competition, and listing quality to predict a keyword’s success.

Product Database

One of the features we have to mention in this Jungle Scout review is the extensive product database. The Jungle Scout product database is a searchable catalog of more than 475 million products that have been pulled directly from Amazon.

The tool is easy to use for both beginners and seasoned sellers. You can find products that match your exact search criteria or use advanced filters and sort your search by categories, estimated sales, sales rank, and revenue.

This feature also enables you to track overhead costs and Amazon seller fees using its FBA profit calculator. These calculations ensure that you are fully aware of all the expenses that come with investing in a product.

Supplier Database

According to their Jungle Scout reviews, users can’t seem to get enough of the supplier database. This feature places Jungle Scout miles ahead of other Amazon product research tools.

Using the tool, you can get instant access to confirmed and high-quality manufacturers used by some of the world’s best brands. The supplier database is searchable by product, supplier, and Amazon ASIN. You can also validate known suppliers by viewing their confirmed shipments and customer volume.

If you’re looking to sell niche products, this database can show you factories that manufacture similar products, as well as those willing to fulfill small order quantities.

The database also features a supplier tracker that lets you:

  • Save lists of suppliers
  • Compare quotes
  • Organize samples
  • Manage purchase orders
  • Track contact information

Once you’ve decided on a supplier and agreed on your order’s details, you can keep records of your financial transactions by generating purchase orders within the supplier tracker.

Keyword Scout

The Jungle Scout keyword scout helps you discover high-converting keywords for your listings. It also provides you with insight into your competitors’ keyword strategy.

This feature allows you to see what shoppers are searching for on Amazon. It works by pulling millions of data points to give you exact keyword search volumes. You can sort through thousands of keywords using advanced filters, including organic and sponsored data.

Doing this can help you pinpoint the keywords that significantly impact your listings and PPC advertising. This way, you’ll be able to develop a more refined SEO strategy.

Keyword Scout also allows you to reverse search multiple ASINs to discover keywords that competing products are using. You can see the keywords that drive the most traffic to your competitors.

Rank Tracker

The Rank Tracker is a Jungle Scout ranking analysis tool used for monitoring keyword rankings over time.

The rank tracker helps you maximize your keyword power and lets you:

  • Reverse-search competitors’ ASINs to identify their high-traffic keywords to add to your listings.
  • View keyword rank history for multiple keywords in one graph.
  • Track and add keywords from keyword lists and keyword scout to rank tracker.

Listing Builder

It takes more than knowing what products to sell and having access to a list of suppliers to run a successful Amazon business. With the tech giant accounting for more than 47% of the US ecommerce retail market, it's easy to get lost in the big sea of AMZ sellers.

That’s why your product listing plays an essential role that influences the number of sales you attract. Thankfully, the Jungle Scout sales estimator comes with a listing builder.

The builder helps you create better Amazon listings that guarantee higher rankings. It connects directly to your seller central account and allows you to pull your listings directly into Jungle Scout. Once you’ve uploaded your listing, it analyzes it and recommends keywords for you to include based on data collected from Amazon

It also features an AI-driven Listing Optimization Score that measures and grades your product title, description, key features, keywords, and images. It then provides you with instant feedback to help you adjust your listing.

Review Automation

Many Amazon sellers face the issue is having to request reviews from their customers manually. The good news is that the Jungle Scout estimator puts this problem in the past.

This software comes with a solution that automates the review request process. It saves time and effort by automatically sending out review requests to all eligible orders on your behalf.

You can view and monitor the status of your orders and review requests in an organized table. It also shows you how many hours you’ve saved, allowing you to focus on the activities that boost your sales.

Sales Analytics

This Amazon product finder software comes with sales analytics that tracks all your Amazon sales in real-time. This financial command center lets you view your sales and profit data from a company perspective or a multi-product dashboard. 

You can also compare sales over time with custom date ranges or measure the difference in units sold, net margin, refunds, ROI, or revenue.

More than that, the analytics feature lets you:

  • Create professional profit and loss statements.
  • View critical metrics, including revenue, hidden fees, costs of goods sold, and operating expenses.
  • View specific product performance using the product name, ASIN, or SKU to explore sales and revenue details, PPC campaign performance, and supplier and shipping costs.
  • Track your inbound FBA shipments.
  • Track your Amazon fees.
  • Measure your PPC-related sales and expenses to inform your future campaigns.
  • Document expenses, including advertising, salaries, shipping and inventory costs, and other fees.

Jungle Scout Extension

Apart from the Jungle Scout web app, the platform has a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. The web app uses all the features, like product tracking, keyword scouting, and sales analysis. The extension is a plugin that draws product data directly from Amazon.

When you set up the extension, you can click the icon in your browser when browsing Amazon to research a product quickly. You can add products for the extension to track its data, including:

  • Price
  • Category
  • Rank
  • Historical price
  • Historical rank
  • Monthly and daily sales
  • Revenue
  • Number of reviews
  • Rating
  • Type of seller (FBA, FBM, AMZ)
  •  Opportunity score
  • Profit calculator
  • BSR

The extension gives you an immediate and real-time view of a product’s most important data, saving you hours of research time. On the other hand, the web app is a more robust and complex program with several additional features to achieve a more detailed and general Amazon research. With it, you can search for suppliers, scout for keywords, automate reviews, build listings, and hunt for niches.

Many users have reported using the browser extension more than the web app in their Jungle Scout reviews, as they find it convenient and like that it can provide instant data.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch

Jungle Scout and Viral Launch are commonly compared, as both programs focus on Amazon product research and sales estimation.

The platforms are similar in their offerings, and over the years, they have become more and more identical. Both Jungle Scout and Viral Launch feature product tracking, keyword searching, listing optimizing, and competitor intelligence tools. There is a browser extension that performs quick product analysis for both.

That said, when it comes to product research for Amazon, Jungle Scout is the more superior program. It offers a more extensive selection of tools, including the rank tracker, supplier database, and opportunity finder. These extra tools put Jungle Scout users at an advantage.

Jungle Scout’s review automation tool can save users a lot of time, and it’s a shame that Viral Launch lacks a similar feature.

There is one Viral Launch feature that the Jungle Scout software doesn’t include: Listing Dojo. This Amazon listing split testing platform allows users to test up to seven variations of each listing's price, title, images, and description. The reports from these tests help optimize listings for sessions, sales, and profit.

On the price front, Jungle Scout is the more affordable option. Its pricing plans start at $49/month or $29/month when signing up for a year. Viral Launch cheapest plan is $69/month or $58/month charged annually.

Jungle Scout Pricing

There are currently three available Jungle Scout pricing plans:


$49.00/Month or $349.00/Year

Includes single-user license, full access to the Chrome & Firefox browser extension, sales analytics, track 20 products, Jungle Scout Academy training, 10 Amazon marketplaces, 500 sales estimates per month, and 24/7 multilingual support.


$69.00/Month or $589.00/Year

Includes all Basic features, review automation, ability to add more users ($49/month/user), access in-depth historical product and keyword data, track 150 products and 3,500 keywords, and 1,000 sales estimates per month.


$129.00/Month or $999.00/Ye

Includes all Suite features, tracks 1,000 products, 5,000 keywords, and 1,000 ASINs, six users (add more for $49/month/user), six months of historical data in Product Tracker, two years of historical keyword data, and priority onboarding.

The Jungle Scout Amazon sales estimator also offers packages:

Start-up Suite

$189 three months, then $69 per month

Includes everything in the Suite plan, academy seller training courses, weekly live Q&As, priority onboarding, get started checklist, 90 days of historical Product Tracking data, and one year of historical Keyword Search data.

Freedom Builder Bootcamp

$999 / one year

Includes everything in Professional plan, live coaching in Freedom Builder Bootcamp course sessions, a one-year subscription to Jungle Scout Professional, bonus content, resources & support, and regularly updated courses.

Entrepreneur Suite

$349 six months, then $69 per month

Includes everything in the Start-up Suite plan.

It’s possible to raise the limits on the Jungle Scout standard plans and packages. You can do so by contacting the Jungle Scout customer service.

Unfortunately, there is no Jungle Scout free trial. However, the company offers a 14-day money-back guarantee for users who are not satisfied with the software.

Jungle Scout Review - Verdict

Jungle Scout is the best software to invest in if you’re an Amazon seller looking to maximize your sales and profits. This Amazon sales estimator comes with a wide selection of tools that help you optimize your product search, find reliable suppliers, build a high-ranking SEO listing, and maximize your profits.

Asides from the features listed in this Jungle Scout review, this program has a clean interface, tutorials, a rich knowledge base, and quick responding customer support.

However, Jungle Scout isn’t perfect. For one, the fact that it lacks a free trial is rather disappointing. Many users would appreciate being able to test out the program before making any financial commitments. Luckily, it does offer a money-back guarantee.

More so, if you’re a Basic plan subscriber, you are limited to only one user. While this might work for entrepreneurs and small businesses, bigger businesses would need to upgrade plans if they want access to more seats. 

Even if you’re able to add more users, you can only do so at the additional costs of $49/month/user, which is quite expensive.

While we hope the platform will add an option to use Jungle Scout for free with a trial period and a cheaper option to add additional users, we still think it’s a fantastic and essential tool for any Amazon seller.


Is Jungle Scout any good?

Yes, Jungle Scout is a must-have tool for Amazon sellers. This program ensures that you maximize your sales by providing you with a wide range of features, including its product tracker, supplier database, and list builder.

Is Jungle Scout owned by Amazon?

No, Jungle Scout is not owned by Amazon. However, it does provide users with powerful data and resources to help them grow successful businesses on Amazon.

How much does Jungle Scout cost?

The platform has three standard pricing plans. The Basic plan costs $49/month or $349/year, the Suite subscription costs $69/month or $589/year, and the Professional plan costs $129/month or $999/year. The program also offers package plans. To find out what is included, check out our Jungle Scout review.


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